CopyCat Cafe: Simon Comes To Visit

Continues from here.

So I had myself a bit of a conundrum and I had to think fast, well I didn’t have to but I was standing with the front door of the house open and there was a man standing on my door step presumably expecting an answer. For those of you that have not caught up (why aren’t you reading my story you rude people? 🙂 ) Simon had arrived on my doorstep, it was Sunday night, dinner time and he was saying things had changed.

Was I interested in what had changed? You bet! Although I was extremely hesitant as well.

Was I hoping for for a change that could see us spend time together? Of course.

Was I willing to listen to him? Maybe. I guess even I knew I was actually willing to listen and that I was just wasting time pretending to make up my mind.

What if what he considered ‘changed’ wasn’t enough? Could I handle that? Could I even risk having to make the decision?

To be honest I had no definitive answer, but then if I did I wouldn’t have needed all that thinking time but since Simon was standing at my door I finally decided I better let him in. I really did want to listen to him and I figured I knew him well enough to know that if I asked him to leave he would.

“Come in Simon.” I opened the door wide enough and motioned him inside. “No promises, but sit down, I’ll get you a beer and you can start talking.”

“Thank you.” he said as he stepped towards the lounge suite.

When I returned to the living room I noticed Simon was sitting in one of the reclining chairs and had removed his shoes, either he was getting comfortable or he had a long story to tell. I handed Simon an open bottle of beer, sat down in my usual chair and flipped off my fluffy slippers. I said nothing leaving the floor open for him to start talking.

He took a swing of beer and began. “Kat, I am so sorry for everything. Timing has always been my worst friend, nothing every seems to happen at the right time.” I must have looked confused because he quickly changed tone. “Awe shit, I’m hopeless at apologies too.”

“Simon, just relax, think about what you want to say and tell me what’s on your mind. There is no pressure and no time limit.” I said meaning every word of it.

“The split is official. We’ve signed the paperwork for the divorce and the marriage is over.”

“She’s left you?” I asked hopefully?


“You left her? Did you take the kids?” I was still hopeful.

Simon was quiet as if he was thinking of an answer, then when he spoke I realized just why he’d remained quiet. “Not exactly.”

Well that definitely wasn’t the answer I wanted but I told myself that I had invited him in willing to hear him out not matter what he said so I owed it to myself to remain silent and let him continue.

“We’ve separated the house. It cost me a fortune but I’ve had the house refitted. We now live at separate ends of the house, me down the end with the kids and she’s,” even he was refusing to use her name, “got the main bedroom. We were lucky with the design of the house that it made such a split easier but essentially we are apart under the same roof.”

“Sounds complicated.” I said.

“Well it is, but she refuses to leave, she thinks she’s entitled to the house and she is using the kids as a bargaining chip so it’s really the best option for our situation.”

‘Keep telling yourself that buddy!’ I thought but said nothing.

Simon went on to explain his living situation in further detail. The fact that they were separated on paper but he was still paying all the household bills, the way that SHE refused to get work and that unless he promised to buy a new house for her and the kids there was no way she was going anywhere didn’t seem to be ringing alarm bells with him.

He also explained how difficult it had been to get her to sign the divorce papers because she was not only convinced that divorce and when it happened had to be her choice and hers alone she was convinced that as soon as the divorce was official he was going to be hooking up with women every night.

It was the weirdest divorce I had ever heard about, how the hell Simon was convinced that in separation he was required to pay all the household bills and essentially still keep the woman in the luxury she expected was beyond me. Simon’s lawyer must have been a first class prat to allow him to sign such a document.

It might be somewhat unfair but at that point in time I wasn’t interested in all of Simon’s story. I didn’t care what SHE was up to, I only cared about Simon and not being the other woman.

“So what are you thinking?” Simon asked when he finished his story.

“Simon I really do like you, six weeks away from you hasn’t changed that, but you’re still living with her.”

”But we aren’t married.”

“Married is only a piece of paper, you’ve proven that. Living under the same roof is a lot different.”

I know I was getting slightly ahead of the situation but what came to my mind next was going to come up eventually anyway.

“How do you expect me, or any woman, to go back to you place while SHE is there? It will be like living in a share house, never knowing who is listening through the walls.”

“She wouldn’t…”

“You don’t know that,” I interrupted, “but what about your kids, you said you were down their end of the house, what if they hear something they shouldn’t.”

The look on his face was one of surprise, it was almost as if he hadn’t thought of such a scenario.

“We could always use.”

I stopped him before he went on to tell me that we could use my place for sex, as much as I had thought that more than once I wasn’t going to voice it.

“So where does this leave us?” Simon asked.

I don’t mind telling you if I had let my mind do the talking for me things would be completely different. My mind was turned on just sitting close to Simon, there was a tingling between my legs which longed to have attention paid to it but over and above everything else there was a thumping in my heart that I knew was because my heart wanted something I just wasn’t sure of. We sat in silence and we both drained out beers. It was an uncomfortable silence and one I was fairly sure was up to me to break.

“Simon.” I started……


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