Don’t Break A Promise.

I slipped my right hand down into his shorts, I could feel a recently shaved pubic thatch it wasn’t as silky smooth as mine but it was smooth. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his shaft.

“A present for me?” I asked as I looked into his deep green eyes.

“I’ll have something bigger for you soon.” he replied.

“What do you want me to do with it?”

“Wrap it up tightly and keep it snug.”

I could tell he wanted to kiss me but each time he edged his lips forward I’d move back, teasing him, tantalizing him. True to word he was preparing something bigger for me and I began to rub it in his shorts.

“Take it out.” he whispered still desperate to kiss my lips.

“Like to give orders do you?”

He said nothing, he just looked a me lustfully with those beautiful green eyes. As I pushed the waist band of his shorts down he again tried to kiss me but I pulled away.

“Uh uh,” I said as I shook my head still only inches from his.

With his rigid member standing upright I moved my hand up and down the stiff shaft slowly. At the base of his cock I gripped tight then moved my hand gently up to the top easing my grip as I went until I was only just touching him when I got to the sensitive pink head. The more I moved my hand the more he moaned.

I wanted to kiss his luscious lips as much as he wanted to kiss mine by still I held back building his anticipation. As the speed of my hand increased I felt a small dribble of wetness rolling down the silky pink head.

“Faster.” he moaned.

This time I did obey and within seconds thanks to my hand movements the dribble of pre-cum made for a beautifully slippery shaft. I pushed my wet fingers into his mouth, from the look on his face I knew it was not only unexpected but something he’d never tried before. Moving my fingers in and out of his mouth I could tell he wasn’t entirely comfortable but kept going anyway.

When I finally pulled my fingers out I pushed my lips to his and pushed my tongue into his mouth. We kissed deep, hard and passionately, the wait worth every second of those luscious lips against mine.

With our lips still locked and our tongues entwined inside his mouth I felt his hand slide up my inner thigh, pushing my skirt as he went. When he touched my clit I let out a little gasp of breath but it was all over too quickly as he pushed his fingers downward and shoved two of them straight inside me.

Breaking the kiss, none to happy how quickly he was moving, I said, “Let’s try something different.”

I stood up, stripped naked, then sat on the carpeted floor. Still sitting where I left him he was rubbing his dick and keeping it hard.

Having only read about the position I was about to try I wasn’t sure how things were going to go, but I was willing. I moved up against the couch, my head and shoulders on the floor and my ass in the air. I moved in against the couch to give myself support and pulled my legs down to my chest leaving him a full view of my wet and waiting crotch.

I didn’t need to ask twice, presenting myself as I did even my beau knew what to do. Standing with legs either side of my body I watched as he crouched down and pushed his hard wet cock inside me. Using his knees he began sliding himself in and out of me, the thrusts were deep and long as he got into a rhythm. He thrust and pounded into me, I wanted him to go slower make every thrust count but he just didn’t seem capable.

“Turn around.” I said, he looked at me confused for a second before understanding what I meant.

With his ass facing me I watched as he repeated the crouching manoeuvre. As soon as his length was all the way inside me he took it as a sign to start thrusting, he was now moving fast. I knew he was going to finish before me if I didn’t do something so I took matters into my own hands and began thinking of Dwayne The Rock Johnson and rubbing my own clit. I rubbed and pinched my swollen clit and he pounded into me. I could her him moaning loudly, I was too.

“Hold on, not yet, don’t come yet.” I moaned as I let go myself.

“I can’t hang on any more.” he moaned as his moved upward.

At the instant he was on the top of his stroke and about to push back down I moved my hand from my clit and grabbed his balls. My touch was obviously unexpected and he jumped slightly pulling out of me and blowing his load all over his sofa.

I tried hard to hold back my laughter but I wasn’t succeeding. When he collapsed on the sofa next to a wet patch of his own creation I stood up and got dressed.

“You promised me something filthy.” he said.

“And you promised me and orgasm!” I said as I headed for the door wondering if I could find someone else to collaborate with.


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