Rock Hard: Playing Games

Continues from here.

Just like ever other night the band put in 110%, no qualms about it. Without the fans we wouldn’t be there and not giving them our all just means we are short changing them, we were all tired but the band always came first. For me the gig was a lot better than I thought it was going to be only a few hours earlier. The nap no doubt helped me recover but the fact that the nap was with Adam probably meant that the nap was a lot better than it could have been.

We copped a few dirty looks and smart ass comments from the band as we walked into the band room together with only fifteen minutes to spare but none of them knew we’d spent the time sleeping in the same bed. Seeing us pig out on the band rider which was delivered only a few minute before we arrived might have hinted to some that we hadn’t eaten but again nothing was said. I was just wondering if maybe Dean had told them all to back off when Dean spoke up. He had to talk loudly because although the band room was behind the stage, and therefore the bulk of the sound system, the music from the support act who I couldn’t even remember was quiet loud.

“Cutting it a bit fine with the time aren’t we guys?”

“We’re here aren’t we?” I turned and said to Dean.

“Obviously the way you are hoeing into all that food you didn’t spend you time eating.” Pete piped up after swallowing his mouthful of beer.

“Maybe we did and we just wanted to stop you eating all our food you fat bastard.” I hit back at him without really thinking.

After that comment things just settled down by themselves. Dean gave me a look, those with siblings will know it, it’s the look where they think they know you so well they know what you’ve been up to, and I let him.

After the gig we did the usual sit down, cool down routine, the band hit the closed bar and relaxed with drinks while the crew loaded out. Adam like usual helped with the load out and I waited for him in the bar, when he eventually joined us I was on my second drink and happily relaxed. He sat down beside me but instead of ordering his own drink he asked me if I wanted to retreat back to his room for a night cap. I didn’t need any time to think about the answer to that, I agreed wholeheartedly.

As we started walking towards the doors I heard Pete make a comment from behind us, it was a comment which he didn’t fully get out before I heard a thumping noise. I turned around looked just in time to see Dean’s arm, horizontal in mid air and Pete laying on his back on the floor still in his chair.

“Shut the fuck up Pete!”

In defense of his little sister and best friend Dean had obviously swung his forearm at Pete’s chest, and his clothesline manoeuvre had obviously been effective because Pete was quiet.

Standing at the door to Adam’s room he looked at me and said, “I kind of lied, I haven’t got anything in my room for a night cap, I was just interested in getting you back to my room.”

“What like some bet, you get me back here, sleep with me and you win?”

“Well of course the idea was to win, but I don’t have to record the act to win big!”

“Oh and what is the grand prize?” I asked.

“A six pack and a plaque saying I won, to hang on my wall.” He said with a grin on his face.

I already knew Adam was being cheeky, honestly the guy is not stupid enough to make such a stupid bet, his grin just re-assured me of that. I however was being serious and my plan was that he wasn’t going to get away with his little game.

I turned right and walked off, saying nothing. I headed straight for my room and leaving him staring at my ass as I went. If my plan worked, and I was fairly sure it would, he wouldn’t be standing there long before chasing me. I went straight for my room which was five doors down and entered the room making sure the door shut quickly behind me. Sure enough less than ten seconds later there was a knock at the door.

“Christie! I’m sorry. I was joking. Honestly it was just a silly joke.” Adam called from the other side of the door before knocking. At first I said nothing which prompted him to continue. He wasn’t talking too loud, as a heavy metal band we were always warned about noise around motels waking other occupants, but he was loud enough to be heard from over on the bed where I sat. “Christie, I’m telling you it was all a joke, please believe me.”

Sitting on the bed gave me the few precious moments to do what I wanted to do and when I’d finished I stood up and made my way over to the door. I heard my name from the other side of the door in a very sullen tone once more, then spoke.

“I’m not some scoreboard on the wall Adam.”

“I know, I was joking,” came the voice from the other side.

“Seems like a bit of a sick joke Adam.”

“I know that now, come on Christie please let me in so I can apologize.”

As much as I still had a good collection of smart comments I could throw at him through the door I also didn’t really want him to be spotted out there by any of the crew or the band apologizing to a closed door. Playing on his stress a little bit was fun but making the others think we’d have some sort of fight before we were even together was not what I wanted.

“So what do you get if you get me to open the door and accept your apology Adam? Two beers and a print out from Bob’s computer saying you nearly got lucky?” OK I wasn’t entirely finished.

Adam again pleaded at which time I quietly unsnibbed the lock of the door, turned the handle so that the door just opened past it’s latch and stepped back. I’m not sure if Adam realized the door was opening and pushed it or if a breeze did the job for him but either way the slow speed of the opening door gave me ample time to get back to the bed. As the door opened and Adam filled the empty space where the door had been he got his first look as what I’d set up and knew he’d been taken for a ride. Standing in a cliched rock star pose, without guitar and left foot up on the bed as if it was a fold back speaker, I stood completely naked waiting for Adam’s reaction. Well to say his reaction wasn’t quite what I expected would be an understatement, I couldn’t have picked his reaction in a million guesses.

“Haha, you smart ass,” he said as he stepped inside and shut the door, that was where it all went pear shaped.

Once he turned away from the closed door and took his first step he put his foot down awkwardly on one of my leather boots that I had thrown there before the gig. From there he tipped sideways, fell against the small two seater table and collapsed on the floor.

“Oh shit!” I said, “are you ok Adam?”

Now I know what your thinking, you’re thinking that a shocked and stunned Christie went straight down to save her stunning hunk from injury and death and after several attempts to wake him up he woke up and started to kiss me hot and passionately. Well that didn’t happen. What actually happened was that I broke out in laughter, not uncontrollable roll of the floor laughter but laughter none the less.

Thankfully Adam wasn’t hurt and within a few seconds also started laughing, a few seconds after that he was up on his knees, still laughing and holding on to the table.

When my laughter stopped, nearly a full minute later, I asked him if he was ok, he was, his worse injury was to his ego but I had a way of fixing that.

Leaning forward I put out my right hand to offer him help up, he grabbed it. I then yanked him hard onto the bed and on top of me.

“What will the plaque say?” I whispered in his ear as I began kissing his neck!


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