Ride Hard: Jack Comes For Dinner

Continues from here.

When I rang Jack to return his call from earlier in the morning one of the girls in the office answered, although I’d had a brief introduction too most of his staff I barely remembered their names and couldn’t pick them on the phone so I just asked for Jack.

“Who can I say is calling?” the polite girl on the other end of the phone asked.

“Tell him it’s Dianne from Campbell’s Steel Recycling.”

“Oh it’s you Dianne. How is it going? This is Sarah, I was here the first day you came in. Jack told me he was expecting your call,”

“Ah, hi Sarah,” I said vaguely remembering who was in the place the first day I was there concentrating on Jack more than anything else. “I’m great.”

“Good to hear, I’ll put you through to Jack.”

I thanked Sarah but was put on hold before the words came out and then a few seconds later Jack answered the phone.

“Hello Dianne, how are you today?”

“I’m great Jack, how about you?”

We talked for a few minutes, we both expressed gratitude to each other for such a pleasant evening and made a little bit of small talk before Jack asked the question I was dying to hear.

“Will you marry me?”

No I am only kidding.

“So before you get told off for spending too much time on the phone at work how about I get to the reason I rang this morning.” I agreed. “Would tonight be too soon to ask you out for another dinner?”

“Well, we all have to eat,” Then I decided to change the offer a bit. “How about instead of dinner out you come to my place and I’ll cook?”

“Oh that sounds inviting.”

“You say that now but you might not be saying that once you have tasted my cooking.” I replied.

“The worse you can do is poison me, but hey there has to be worse ways to go out that going out killed by a lovely women.”

“Jack, you say the nicest things. How about 6:30 tonight?”

“Let’s call it a date,”

“Call it what you will, I’ll be there waiting for you with food!”

We made a little bit more small talk about the usual things people talk about then bid each other farewell. I’d just placed the phone receiver back in it’s cradle when I heard Bills voice from behind me.

“What’s with using work time to organize your dates?” I knew he was joking, “I don’t pay you to have a social life.”

“You’re damn right you don’t that’s why I’m thirty-ish and still single. If you paid me to do it maybe I could have been married by now!”

“And if you were married you wouldn’t be able to date Mr. Motorcycle would you!”

The conversation was only going to get sillier if I continued it so I decided to change the topic. “So Bill was there something I can do for you,” I thought for a moment before adding, “besides talk about my social life?”

“Nope, not at all. I was only sticking my nose in to catch up on your latest gossip with Biker Boy.”

At least he was honest I thought before saying, “You are worse than any female I know Bill Campbell.”

I told Bill my plans. I honestly didn’t mind the intrusion in my love life, it wasn’t like I had a queue of other people asking the same questions and talking to someone is better than talking to no one. He made a few jokes about inviting Jack to my house just to poison him but I laughed it up and said nothing knowing that I still had a few paybacks I owed him.

Went it came time to leave for Bill, only forty five minutes before knock off time for me, he made another wise crack about me poisoning Jack, and I decided then and there that it was time for some payback. After saying goodbye, watching his car drive out the driveway and then waiting five full minutes just for good measure I got up from my desk and headed into his office. I wasn’t the most knowledgeable person when it came to computers and I probably couldn’t build one from scratch but I knew a bit about them and that’s why I was the office computer guru, well that and the fact Bill barely knew how to turn his on.

At his desk I pushed the button and kicked his computer back into life. Once it was booted, we didn’t bother with passwords in our small office, I went into the settings and did one of the few annoying little tricks I knew. I changed his mouse buttons around. It was an annoying trick played on an unsuspecting person but it was even more annoying when it was played on someone as computer illiterate as Bill who would think it was his fault and would have zero ability to control his mouse and even less chance to fix it. Once changed I turned off his computer and returned to my desk to finish off a few jobs before heading home myself

First thing I did when I got home was go hunting for something that might pass as dinner, I’d thought about it a few times during the afternoon and while I hadn’t come up with anything solid, (except everything in the freezer!), I did have a few ideas. At some point in one of our ‘getting to know you’ conversations Jack mentioned he had a fondness for Chinese food and we’d been to the Chinese restaurant as out first date. Now I wasn’t any sort of gourmet chef and I definitely didn’t have any training in cooking but I hadn’t heard too many complaints about my Soy and Garlic Chicken. Sure enough most of the time I cooked it I was eating alone but I still didn’t have any complaints so I decided that was dinner.

I set about cooking my signature dish and I was fully prepared, with rice cooking, when I heard a knock at the door. Surprised that was the only sound I walked to the front door and looked through the peep hole, sure enough it was Jack, but where was the sound of the motorbike?

I opened the door and greeted him. “Hello Jack, I didn’t hear you arrive.” I stepped aside for him to enter the house.

“I’m in stealth mode!” he said walking into the lounge before adding, “I told you the other day when you start riding a motorbike regularly you check the weather reports and there is rain coming tonight so I brought the Mustang.”


“Yes dear it’s a car.” He said grinning at me as I walked past him and motioned him towards the kitchen.

Of course I knew what a Mustang was but it hadn’t come up in conversation. “I still didn’t hear the engine of a muscle car in the driveway.”

“I know how to enter without raising the eyebrows of neighbors.” Jack said with a smile as we entered the kitchen.

After offering Jack a drink I told him what we were having for dinner, it wasn’t too late to change a few ingredients if he didn’t like it but I didn’t have to he was happy with the option he was given. He was also happy with the meal itself once it was cooked and eaten.

“That was amazing!” Jack said as he helped me dump the dishes in the dishwasher.

“Well you sir, can come back again if you are going to be that nice about my cooking.”

We took our drinks, juice only because Jack refused anything alcoholic for the evening and for that reason I decided I would too, to the living room. I asked him if there was anything he wanted to watch on TV, he didn’t have a preference so I switched the TV over to a music channel and just let it play softly in the background as we talked.

By 11pm I knew it was getting towards the time the Jack would be wanting to head home. It was raining outside, the storm Jack had said was coming had arrived, and I knew he wouldn’t have to wait for the rain to stop if he wanted to leave because he had planned well and brought the car.

Having Jack there and thinking about him leaving was killing me and while such a state doesn’t happen that often, I can’t remember the last time it did, like all nervous situation sometimes my mouth works before my brain.

“Well I don’t have to invite you inside tonight, you’re already here.” Jack looked me in the eye. “Maybe I need to invite you into the bedroom?”

Jack’s eyes dropped to the floor immediately, for a second I actually thought I’d offended him but then he lifted his head and responded.

This was no Farce


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