Happy Birthday!

I have to admit he did look just a little ostentatious standing there in front of me.

I wouldn’t say he was dressed to impress, because there wasn’t enough dress to be impressed by, yet I was impressed.

He stood before me, I was sitting on the couch, lounging back with my eyes glued forward taking in what I could see.

Six foot three inches, long wavy brown hair falling past his shoulders, thick enough to bellow out behind him as he walked. Deep blue eyes, smooth freshly shaved face, chiseled jaw and sweet luscious lips.

Broad shoulders, toned but not overly muscled arms, inked but not overly inked, a chest that you could just grab and hold against you and not a bit of manscaping in sight.

Legs, powerful yet not just two chunks of meat in place to hold him up and if he turned around I could see that sweet, sweet ass just made for grabbing.

Now when I said he wasn’t dressed to impress, maybe I was wrong because what he was wearing definitely only had one purpose, to impress me.

Tied to that large rigid protrusion that was standing to attention and pointing at me was a large red silk ribbon, and a tag that simply read Happy Birthday.

Now I had to figure out how to unwrap it and what to do with it.



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