CopyCat Cafe: Kat Agrees To Dinner

Continues from here.

I’d spent most of the week moody descending towards annoying apparently, from what Sonya told me more than once. At work she tried to send me home on more than one occasion but I refused, there was no point being moody at home with no one to share it with and I wasn’t rude to the cafe patrons I was just a bit grumpy.

Although I thought the right words would come as I spoke to Simon on Sunday night nothing came and in the end I just asked him to leave and let me think about things. I knew the silence of my own house was not going to be the best place to think about things but it was better than the alternative option which seemed to be inviting Simon to stay.

A few times after being briefed on the situation Sonya asked me what I was going to do and each time I told her I had no idea. In my own mind it felt extremely weird to think about entering Simon’s house, even with innocent intentions, while his wife was still living there. I had no problem with his kids and any future relationships he had with me or other women would be up to him to explain but being in the same house as his ex-wife, that was just all kinds of odd.

“What have you got to lose if you just go there for coffee?” Sonya asked me.

“Probably nothing until his bitch of an ex comes out and makes a scene.” I replied as I prepared another meal for a regular customer.

“You said Simon reckons they’ve sorted things out and that wont happen.”

“You’ve met the woman, what do you really think the chances of that happening are?” I asked.

“What about if the kids are there? Will she keep her mouth shut if they are in the house?

“I don’t really know, she is their mother, I’m sure they’ve felt her wrath before if what Simon tells me about her and her anger issues are true.”

“But don’t you owe yourself to find out if it’s possible?”

“I don’t owe myself anything. Do I?”

“Well think about us!” Sonya could see me thinking about a response but didn’t let me get one out. “Think about your poor staff who have to put up with you and all this built up sexual tension.”

“Fuck off!” I said quietly without any real conviction and we both laughed.

The second thing Sonya suggested was that I just invite him to my house, screw his brains out, her words not mine, and get it over and done with. If something happened after that fine but at least one good root would calm me down and stop me being so bloody moody, again her words. As much as the idea did appeal to me and technically at my house there was less chance I could feel like the ‘other woman’ I still couldn’t completely get past the idea of him still being at the very least connected to his wife.

“But you said the marriage was over.” Sonya stated.

“Yeah that what he says, and I guess I believe him, but how do I get passed the idea of going to his bedroom and closing the door like a couple of teenagers and getting it on quietly so as not to wake the house.”

“Don’t get over it, embrace it!” Sonya said with a smile. “Treat it like you’re teenagers and get you kinky on girl!”

“Easy for you to say! What about when one of his kids bangs on the door as asks what’s going on? Or comes barging in after a bad dream?”

“Hey girl, it might sound a little harsh but really that’s his problem. This sharing house with his Ex is the situation he put himself in not you, if he wants to live with it then it shouldn’t be your concern.”

“But it damn well is. I can’t get passed it even when I keep telling myself that I’m only going there for coffee.” I said sullenly.

“Girl, you gotta get over it, or find another way to get some relief.” Sonya came back with and although I didn’t always agree with her openness and boldness I did find myself laughing.

An hour later I was still in the kitchen preparing snacks and doing dishes when Sonya stuck her head through the swinging door and called out.

“Hey Kat, you got a visitor.”

It took her two goes to get my attention because I was so deep in thought but when she did I looked up and asked. “Who is it?”

“He didn’t give me a name, just came in as asked to speak to the owner.”

Dammit, I thought. I’d told all my staff that unless people actually asked for me by name and was prepared to offer their own name I didn’t want to see them. Too often such visitors were unsolicited salesmen of some sort trying to sell me something or convince me to put money into something they offer and I was never in the mood for that. Sonya should have known better.

“Tell him I’m busy.”

”He says it can’t wait.”

Ok that had me slightly intrigued, salesmen, even pushy ones didn’t usually act like that. I pulled off the rubber gloves on my hands, dropped them on the wet dishes and headed towards the door. As soon as I came through and had a clear view of the counter I knew why Sonya chose the conversation path she did because standing on the opposite side of the counter was Simon.

I gave Sonya a filthy look, which she ignored, and stepped up to Simon. “I’m kind of busy here, I haven’t got time to talk.”

“Please, I’m not here to start anything or argue I just want to talk.”

I motioned him towards the end of the counter, against the wall, where we could speak with a little bit of privacy. Once there I started.

“What’s up Simon?”

“Please come to my house for coffee on the weekend.”

“Simon, we’ve been through this. I can’t be the other woman.”

“You wont be, we are divorced and SHE knows it, she’s promised not to interfere. She’s promised to give us space. SHE knows it’s over.”

“What about the kids? I know in your mind this seems extreme but what if her jealousy pushes her to say something to the kids and they start making things difficult.” My concerns were legitimate, at least that’s what I kept telling myself.

“The kids are going to their grand parents this weekend.”

“So it will just be the three of us? How cosy!” I said, my mood definitely showing through.

“She said she’d leave us alone, she said she’s going out, and I believe her.”

Simon’s frustration was coming through in his voice but I thought my concerns outweighed his frustration.

“You might believe her but I’m not sure I can.”

“So we can never be together?” Simon asked.

“I’m not saying that, I’m saying it’s hard to get my head around being in the same house that your wife still lives in.”

”Ex-wife.” he corrected.

“Alright Ex- wife!” I stated.

“But it’s only for coffee, an hour or so of your time. And if things get too hard to handle we can leave before that.”

“And what if things don’t get too hard?”

“Well that’s a good thing isn’t it?” I didn’t answer and he continued. “What if I start out with coffee and cake at 3pm and if things turn to crap we leave, if things don’t I cook you dinner. All the time you have the option to leave, without question, at any time?

“So a cosy candle lit dinner for three?”

I know I was harping on the fact that his wife would be there to spoil everything she could, and I had no real proof to suggest she would but in my mind it was still a big deal. He was asking me to his house, the house he shared with his Ex-wife and kids, the same woman who’d refused to divorce him because she wanted to keep him to herself. How the hell was I suppose to react?

“Kat, I don’t know what else to say. My situation is what it is and I can’t see that changing in a hurry, but I really want to spend time with you, get to know you better and see what happens. I know this may not be the ideal situation but I’m doing this for my kids.”

“And I don’t think less of you for that.” The statement was true I didn’t think less of him for protecting his kids the best he could, I did however think less of his wife who put up every barrier to stop him moving on with his life. “I just feel uncomfortable.”

“Well I can only promise you that I will try to make it as comfortable as possible and that if at any time things get too much we will get out of the place. But I’m afraid if we don’t do this now we will never do this and SHE will always come between us. And I just don’t want that!”

I stood there leaning on the counter saying nothing for a few moments. Luckily it was our slow time and orders weren’t backing up. Sonya had things well under control and seemed to be encouraging our chat to continue. We didn’t really need more time to continue the conversation because I had made my decision. I wasn’t entirely sure I liked the answer I’d chosen but I was going to go along with it none the less.

“Simon, I’m not comfortable with this situation,” I started trying to convince myself I was doing the right thing. “but I am willing to take the risk once. I’ll be there at 3pm on Saturday. You control the rest and if things turn sour I’m outta there no questions asked.”

Simon agreed, as I suspected he would. A few minutes later he walked out of the cafe with a takeaway coffee and a smile on his face and I went back into the kitchen with a smile on my face. It took Sonya less than twenty seconds to meet me in the kitchen and ask for details.

I told Sonya the plan, after her putting up with my moods for the week it was only fair, then with a smile and a laugh she walked out of the kitchen and back into the cafe saying. “You go girl!!”


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