Dreaming Of You

I lay on my back totally naked, thoughts adrift, looking down I could see the top of his bald head between my legs. As his tongue moved it’s way around my wet crotch with vigor I watched his head move up and down, glancing up at me with lust in his eyes each time his tongue rose to my clitoris.

He concentrated his tongue on my swollen peanut, circling it, lapping it and gently flicking it as he sucked and nibbled. When his fingers touched the entrance to my pussy a shiver went up my spine all the way to my neck. I wanted him to enter me, wanted it badly, but my mouth refused let any sounds other than groans escape it.

I gently pushed my hips against his fingers feeling the tips of two of them enter me. I moaned. I wanted more, I wanted them deeper inside me. I got my wish and as he gently pushed them inside me. My pussy accommodated his two fingers, surrounding them, desperately trying to hold them where they were.

He wriggled those fingers, I felt each movement against the inner walls of my pussy as his tongue worked it’s magic around my clit. My moans turned into screams but I still couldn’t use words.

When the tips of his fingers moved against my g-spot I contracted my muscles trying to hold them inside me. The more he moved his fingers the closer he brought me to orgasm. The more he moved that hot tongue across my clit the closer he brought me to orgasm. Everything he did was bringing me closer to orgasm.

I reached down, put my hand on that smooth bald head and pushed it against me. I finally found my voice.

“Oh my god! Yes, Yes!” I said as held his head against me and thrust my hips at him. I knew I was only seconds from losing it.

He kept working, fingering, thrusting, licking, nibbling, sucking. The next thing I knew my entire body was writhing and shuddering and I was screaming at the top of my voice.

As the sensation between my legs faded and I woke up I so wished what I had just experienced was not a dream.

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