Rock Hard: Morning Glory

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I woke up earlier than usual the following morning like a catapult firing. My usual waking time on the road was between 8 and 9am, especially on the days where we had to hit the road, but this time I woke up at 6:15am, with a smile on my face. I rolled over to my left and my heart sunk, actually it didn’t just sink it felt like it had deflated and stopped pumping. The bed beside me was empty. I turned my head and looked, as if using my eyes instead of just my senses would some how make things different, but sure enough the bed was empty. I knew that what had happened a few hours before my waking were not a dream, there was absolutely no way a dream could have been that good, but why did he leave during the few hours of sleep we would manage to get?

I might have been jumping to conclusions but my heart panged and I knew such a pang was actually the beginning of the broken heart. I just hoped I was wrong and Adam had been dragged out of the room by a herd of stampeding rhinos which I had slept through. I could feel a tear welling in the corner of my left eye when I heard a toilet flush, then water run, then a door latch open. It was at that moment I felt like a real fool.

“Good Morning Starshine.” He said as he padded across the carpeted floor towards the bed wearing only a pair of boxers.

I wanted to reach out and thump him in the middle of that beautifully toned chest for making my mind crazy but instead I reached out and greeted him.

“And a good morning to you,” I said with my arm out.

He took my hand and I gently tugged him towards the bed where he flopped down beside me and looked me in the eyes. We lay that way for nearly two minutes neither of us saying a word. I’m not exactly sure what he was thinking during the brief silence but I was hoping that I wouldn’t get nervous and blurt out something silly just to ensure there was noise. I didn’t thankfully and it was Adam who broke the silence.

“I’m not sure if I should thank you for a great night, or ask you if we can do it again.”

Pushing him gently onto his back I rolled on top of him and said, “Actions speak loud than words Romeo!”

Then just like the start of the Hot Chocolate song (and you thought I was just a metal chick!), ‘It started with a kiss,’ a long, deep, passionate kiss where our lips met and our tongues danced.

The instant I felt movement down below I slid my right hand between our bodies, past the waist band of his boxers and wrapped my fingers around his expanding muscle. The kiss lingered as I let my right hand gently caress and rub him into a full state of excitement.

“Is that for me?” I asked cheekily half expecting a smart ass answer in return.

“To do with as you please malady.” he replied in a stupid voice.

I really don’t know why such as silly voice turned me on but it did. I guess I could put it down to who I was with as opposed to exactly what he was saying but either way I was once again turned on and ready for action.

As I rolled to one side Adam slipped off his boxers, well he slipped them down to his knees then allowed his legs to do the rest which resulted in them landing on top of the boot he’d stepped on badly when he’d entered the room only hours before. But we weren’t interested where they landed at the time, only that they were no longer being worn. As Adam rolled toward me I placed my right hand on his left shoulder and gently pushed him as I had done only a few minutes prior.

“I’m paying for this ride.” I whispered to him as I lifted my right leg over his body.

I gently moved my hips feeling the tip of his hard dick rub against my wet lips. Several times I felt him gently thrust his hips upward hoping to bury himself inside, but each time I moved my hips keeping him begging.

“Oh please Chris!” he groaned knowing his was so close but so far away from what he wanted.

With one final hip movement I shifted myself until I could feel the tip of his hard tool at my waiting entrance. When I finally slid down his thick rigid shaft we both let out a moan. Sitting bolt upright with his wonderfully hard cock buried inside me I rode Adam like there was no tomorrow. I moved my hips backwards and forwards feeling him move inside me. I moved my hips up and down, riding the full length of his wonderful cock, feeling everything, savoring everything.

Giving myself a few precious second to catch my breath I lowered myself down onto his chest. The second our lips met we began kissing, hot, wet, and deep but it wasn’t until I felt his legs rise, pulling his knees up in the air and his hands grip my buttock that I knew my pause for breath was over.

With his feet on the bed and his knees in the air he used his hips to thrust himself into me. Long, hard, deep thrusts, holding my backside and pulling me down with his every upward thrust. I kissed his neck through breathless gasps and I could feel my own legs getting weaker as he drove me closer and closer to orgasm. After every powerful upward thrust, feeling his hard dick ram into my wet, hungry pussy, his hips went down and slammed into the bed, the bed was rocking against each and every thrust and our bodies were slapping against each other.

By the time it was over I was left laying on top of him, panting for breath, sweaty and nearly ready to drop off to sleep with my head on his chest. Adam was in a similar state only he was more out of breath than I was, I guess those few hours a night prancing around a stage were doing something for my stamina.

“It’s still early, we’ve got heaps of time before the bus leaves. Want to go again?” I heard him say through panted breaths.

I gave him a soft slap on the chest but said nothing. If he really was up to it I was going to let him lead the game but until then I was happy just laying on top of him spent and sated.

I’d like to say that from that moment on our life was like a fairy tale, but that’s just not life is it? It took me less than 12 hours to catch the bastard with not just one girl, but two at once!


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