Ride Hard: Bedroom Invite

Continues from here.

After inviting Jack to my bedroom, having had him politely knock back a similar offer the previous night after such a lovely date night, I was extremely hesitant to ask him again but the words kind of just fell out. I must have been feeling too relaxed or something because for the entire afternoon as I thought about dinner with Jack I honestly had no intention of asking him to stay. But then as the night went on, I relaxed more, then the rain came and next thing I knew I had invited Jack to my bedroom, not just to stay the night but to my bedroom.

As soon as I asked the question his eyes dropped to the floor as if embarrassed by the question and I honestly thought I had gone too far and offended him. But then he lifted his eyes and responded to me. It wasn’t a verbal response it was one with his eyes only.

As you might have figured out by now I didn’t have that much experience with men. I wasn’t totally naive I’d been on plenty of dates but bringing them home was not something that happened very often. So when Jack gave me just a look I wasn’t entirely sure what to do but the fact that he wasn’t getting up to leave had me thinking I might have been heading down the right track.

I stood up from the couch and offered Jack my hand figuring that if I had gone too far he wouldn’t take it, but he did. As I took the first step from the couch Jack moved to get up, by the second step I could feet a slight pull on my arm as Jack’s rising weight gently tugged on it. Jack rose quickly so the tugging on my arm was nothing more than a feeling and when it eased I knew he was on his feet and following me.

I led him around the end of the sofa and between the chairs saying nothing, not even looking at him just slowly walking towards the bedroom. The distance to the bedroom was only about twenty feet but I made the best of it, slowly taking each step with my arm draped backwards and my hand wrapped around Jack’s. When we got to the bedroom door I turned to my right and led him towards the bed where I stopped, turned around and looking him directly in the eyes. There was still no verbal communication between us but even with my lack of knowledge about men I could tell he wasn’t saying no.

Since I had been making the moves up to that point I saw no reason not to continue doing so. Without letting his hand go I stepped up to him, face to face, pressed my lips on his and began to kiss him. The kiss started gently and slow, our lips moving together, I could feel and sense the passion. As the kiss got deeper I released Jack’s hand and let it fall to his side. I then put both my hands on his waist and gently began pulling his shirt out from under his belt. With his shirt free I began to release the buttons, after the second button I broke the kiss.

“Let me take this off.” I said as another button opened.

Jack looked me directly in the eyes as each button opened, but said nothing. I thought he was getting ready to kiss me but instead he just gazed at me. Once all the buttons were undone I put each hand on his chest and gently skimmed them over this shoulders pushing his shirt off as I went. Seconds later his shirt was falling to the floor and Jack was standing topless before me.

For the first time I was looking at Jack without a shirt on and without sounding like a desperate housewife I must say I was impressed. His well built body suddenly took on a new form in my mind, the six pack abs, the chest, which I could now see had a tattoo on it just over his left nipple and a naturally tanned torso that was now driving me wild. Honestly I knew Jack was well toned but I didn’t realise just how well.

Jack immediately began to remove my blouse, had I been wearing a shirt without buttons the sensuality of the situation would not have been as high but Jack obviously knew what he was doing. Expertly his fingers slowly undid each button, when I undid his buttons I moved slow but as Jack undid mine he moved even slower. By the time he was undoing the buttons over my breasts both of my nipples were erect and pushing through the fabric of my bra.

Jack preformed the same move with my shirt as I did with this only minutes before however instead of dropping his hands once my shirt was on the floor he let them slide down my back. At the same time as he began unlatching my bra his lips finally touched mine again and we kissed. It was another deep and passionate kiss and although I knew it was happening I barely felt my bra straps fall off my shoulders. Our bodies were so close as we kissed that my bra didn’t hit the floor immediately. Jack’s hands gently slid around my rib cage until his right hand skimmed the underside of my left breast, at that moment he pulled his hand away and broke the kiss.

“No, don’t stop!” I said grasping his hand and placing it on my breast.

When I let go of Jack’s hand he took over, gently caressing my breast. Our lips met again and as he rolled my erect nipple between his thumb and finger I felt his tongue gently moving around my mouth. I moaned quietly into his mouth as our tongues moved together. When his other hand touched my breast and repeated the movements of the first I couldn’t believe the feelings that were running through me.

My erect nipples have always been sensitive, but it had been a long time since I’d had anyone pay them attention and Jack’s touch was like electricity surging through my body running from my chest all the way to my finger tips and toes. When I thought I couldn’t take it any more I moved my hand to Jack’s pants, unbuttoned them and pushed them to the floor. I hoped I wasn’t moving things too fast, I was aware of Jack’s feelings about moving fast but I was on a path that was going to be hard to turn back from and I felt sure Jack was following me.

When I pushed my hand past the waist band of his boxers and wrapped my hand around his thick shaft he flinched, but only slightly. It was the first time I’d actually felt his dick touch my bare skin and I don’t mind admitting that it felt good. I moved my hand backwards and forwards, the constraints of his boxers not giving me the freedom I wanted and I wasted no time in pulling them down and leaving him standing in front of me wearing only a pair of socks.

By the time Jack’s hand moved between my legs I was well beyond turning back, when his fingers touched my wet clitoris it was too much. I broke the kiss, pushed my pants and underwear down, stepped out of them and then dragged him to the bed.

“Take me now Jack.” I moaned through panted breath…..and he did.

He started slow and as we moved in rhythm, our bodies thrusting and driving together Jack kissed my neck, kissed my ear lobes and kissed my cheek. As he picked up pace driving hard and deeper our moans filled the room and as we both moved closer to release we both tried to drag things out as long as possible. When the final thrust came we both screamed together. We were both out of breath and panting as I held him against me, held him inside me and felt his sweaty body together with mine.

I know it sounds a little bit insensitive and romance novels and movies constantly say a true that a gentleman doesn’t fall asleep first but honestly there was no way I was going to fall asleep before Jack after the wonderful time he’d shown me. I lay there with my head on Jack’s chest, his arm around me, listening to him breath and too happy to sleep.

I lay like that for at least an hour before dropping off, how I survived I don’t know.


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