Under the Christmas Tree

I walked into the room and there she was standing on her tip toes reaching up to put the star on the Christmas tree. At one point during the trip home from work I was a little annoyed that Danny was putting up the tree without me, it was a task we had shared since our first Christmas together, but that thought didn’t last long when I saw her trying to put that star on the top of the tree.

Darn she looked good, all 5 foot 3 of her reaching upward, her slender body stretching, those arms reaching and those beautiful legs like pins. I didn’t care that she was wearing her ‘around the house’ clothes she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and she just radiated sex appeal no matter what she wore.

Without making a noise I walked up behind her, I knew I had to move quickly. Just as Danny dropped slowly back onto flat feet I put my hands on her waist, my lips on her neck and began kissing the sensitive part of her neck. She placed her right hand on my head as held my lips against her neck.

“Oh you better be quick my husband will be home soon!” she whispered into the air.

“As long as he’s not bigger than me I’ll risk it.” I said breaking my kiss.

Next thing I felt was her hand leave my head and move between our bodies. Through the fabric on my pants she grabbed my crotch.

“Awe, it’s sweet that you think size matters and not the way it used.”

“Maybe I can show you how I use it before your husband gets home.”

No sooner had the words come out of my mouth than Danny was turning around to face me. Her right hand was still on my crotch, she put her left hand on my shoulder and pushed me backwards towards the sofa bed which had been laying open for the past three days when we’d last got sweaty in front of the TV.

“Quit talking and start acting, he’ll be home soon and I’ll need to explain why I put the Christmas tree up without him.”

I was naked before I hit the futon mattress, Danny for some reason kept her green g-string on, I had no idea why but they were as hot as hell and I definitely didn’t mind seeing her in them.

Some people say the ‘69’ is way out of fashion and no one does it any more, to them I say screw that, Danny and I love a good ‘69’ before sex and when I lay myself down on the mattress and she climbed over my face there was no way I was going to knock back the offer for a co-operative head job.

Working my way around the string of her underwear I began to lick, nibble and taste her, at the same time Danny bent over and began working my rigid shaft as it poked upward. Feeling her hand move up and down my shaft was a turn on at the best of times, I’d never been with anyone who had hands like Danny, but feeling her lips follow her hand was like heaven.

With two fingers inside her and her inner muscles gently working themselves against my fingers I kept my mouth and tongue moving around her clit. At the same time she moved her tongue around the head of my dick liking the pre-cum as it dribbled out and rubbing furiously with a wonderfully tight grip.

We lasted that way for nearly ten minutes before Danny climbed off, turned around and planted herself on my rigid dick. We started slow, Danny sitting upright and moving her hips backwards and forwards. Then when Danny lowered her face to mine and we started kissing deeply the thrusts became more powerful. Pulling my legs up, I lifted my ass of the bed, and began thrusting hard and fast. Moans filled the room as I move my lips to her neck and began nibbling on the sensitive parts of her neck.

Panting and short of breath I eventually had to drop my legs at which time Danny took over. She sat bolt up right on my waist, made my cock vanish and gently rode me, moving her hips back and forth, up and down until we both reached orgasm at almost the exact same time.

Several minutes later with Danny still laying on my chest and me gently stroking her back I heard her low voice.

“Sorry I put up the tree without you but if I didn’t there would be no time for the second innings before dinner!”

“Batter up!!” I said.


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