Rock Hard: Trouble In Paradise

Continues from here.

Given that our belongings were in separate rooms we had to split up before getting on the bus. Although our relationship was getting harder to keep secret from the band and crew neither of us were ready to flaunt it in front of them. I knew that Dean knew something was going on but in true brotherly form he said nothing about it and seemed to give us space. I wasn’t sure if boys being boys meant there was some sort of ‘bro’ code between Dean and Adam, especially give they’d been friends for so long, or after all our years being related Dean could just read me well enough to know something was going on, but either way he seemed to know something.

The rest of the guys and girls in the touring group were different, the majority of what was said between them was just gossip and hearsay, the kind of shit that goes through any group. It was fairly harmless talk and providing it didn’t get any worse I wasn’t overly worried about it. After all I wanted a relationship with Adam, I wanted us to be together and I’m sure he did to, so if that was the case the crew was going to find out about us at some point anyway.

Even with all that in mind the two of us both got on the bus separately and we both sat in different seats. We weren’t deliberately ignoring each other but we also weren’t going out of our way to make idle chit chat either. Looking at it from the outside it probably looked like we’d had a lovers tiff over breakfast but that definitely wasn’t the case. We’d been on the road about an hour when Dean came up and sat beside me, I pulled out my ear phones and greeted him politely.

“Hey sis. Hows things?” he asked.

Brother and sister chats happened every week or so, whether on the bus on in our motel rooms so it wasn’t unusual that we chatted for nearly half an hour and I doubt any of the guys on the bus took any notice of it. Even if they did I wouldn’t have cared the whole band was like a family at times but Dean I were family all the time and there was no escaping that. We talked about home, Mum and Dad, the usual stuff family talks about when they get together. However all through the conversation I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that Dean had something else to say. I didn’t bother pushing him figuring that he’d get to what was bothering him in his own time, besides we had another few hours on the bus and I had nothing but time and I liked talking to my brother.

“So is there something going on between you and Adam?” he asked eventually.

“Yeah, we work together, just like you and him do. He’s also our business partner, you do remember that don’t you?” I replied innocently wondering just how far he wanted to go with the conversation.

“Well I hope he doesn’t expect to sleep in my room tonight!”

“Why not? It’s not like you get any other sort of action in there.” I lightly punched him in the arm and smiled as I said it.

He sighed, “I would if Sarah could get time off work!” he then stopped, I guess he was thinking about his girl friend Sarah. “But this isn’t about me.”

“It’s not?” I asked.

He obviously knew about Adam and I so I decided I’d let him steer the conversation in the direction he chose and I would just rib him and make things a little more difficult where ever the opportunity came up.

“Are you two fucking?”

That deserved and got more than a light punch, I actually hit his upper arm with enough force that pain resonated through my fist. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just ask that question, you smart ass.”

“And I’ll pretend you didn’t hit me.” He said removing his hand from the sore spot I’d just created.

“I suppose you’ll pretend not to cry as well?” I hit back almost instantly.

“So I’m guessing by your reaction the two of you are sleeping together.”

Since he’d changed his tact I decided there was no point hiding anything from him. If he wanted details, and I’m sure he didn’t, he wasn’t going to get them but I decided there was no point in keeping any secrets from him.

For the next hour we had a brotherly sisterly chat, it wasn’t all about Adam and me but the two of us did come up more than a few times. Dean was obviously concerned about the potential trouble that the two of us getting together then breaking up could cause. I told him how I’d felt about Adam and for how long. He made good points and I countered them with points of my own. I also reminded him that Adam and I were still in the very early stages of a relationship and that neither of us had even discussed the “R” word let alone discussed our future. He questioned how the rest of the band and crew might take it, I told him I didn’t care. In the end I had Dean’s blessing to do what my heart wanted, it wasn’t that I needed his blessing and he knew that, but offering them was his way of telling me that he didn’t have any issues with the two of us getting together.

Just after my chat with Dean the bus stopped for lunch and we all got off for a quick feed from a truck stop, it wasn’t the best feed but we all ate, we all stretched our legs and we all got back on the bus. I had noticed that Adam and Dean shared a booth at the truck stop and that no one else ate with them but it wasn’t something I was overly concerned with until we got back on the bus and Adam sat down in the seat next to me. Almost instantly the bus was filled with the sound of the band HammerFall as it pumped through the speakers and everyone went about doing whatever they do on the tour bus

I guess I was a bit on edge having seen the two of them talking over lunch because as soon as the music started I said. “What did he tell you?”

“Who? Dean? Nothing, why? Is something wrong?”

The concern on Adam’s face was obvious and I felt like a bit of a fool asking what I did. Dean and I had been brother and sister a long time, all our lives apparently, and we’d both known Adam for nearly as long. I knew Dean wouldn’t have done anything silly, but for some reason my brain wasn’t so sure. I had to stop my brain, maybe it was time to stop dying my hair blonde and let my brain recover!

“Sorry Adam. No nothing’s wrong, I just nervous seeing you and Dean talking before.”

“But that’s nothing unusual we always talk.” He replied looking like he had no idea where my unfounded concern was coming from. Are men really that clueless?

“Look, it’s really nothing. It was just a bunch of silly emotions. Dean and I were talking for ages before lunch, then you and him talking at lunch, now you are here. My female brain just went silly and told me he was giving you the ‘big brother’ warn off.”

Adam laughed, “It was nothing like that.”

“It better not have been or I’ll string you both up by the balls.” I replied smartly.

“Oh I didn’t realize you liked it kinky.” I smacked him in the arm for that comment.

Not that he had to, and not that I requested it but Adam went on to reassure me that the lunch conversation had been about the band and a few things Dean was considering trying but wanted Adam’s opinion on. In Adam’s words, and I believed him, Dean didn’t say anything about the two of them or a relationship.

“So it is a relationship we are in?” Adam asked.

I thought about it for a few seconds then replied with. “Of course it is moron, it’s been that way for more than twenty years. Don’t you remember you used to sit on the floor of our lounge room and cry because you pissed your nappy and Dean and I just laughed at you.” Before he got a chance to come back I added, “Your 14th birthday was such a fun day!”

Adam laughed and I heard the word bitch in low under tones. “You can be an evil girl at times Christie, you know that don’t you?”

Of course I knew it, it was a nervous reaction most of the time and to be honest the thought that we were going to have the “relationship” discussion was enough to get my nerves racing.

“So what was Dean’s idea?” I asked no game to start the conversation.

Adam wasn’t to forthcoming with Dean’s ideas but he gave me a basic run down and told me Dean was going to think about his options. When we did finally start talking about ”us” we were both a little more relaxed. There was no mention of exclusivity (even if I was thinking it), no mention of undying love an devotion (even if I thought it) and no mention of the 10 kids we were going have (I didn’t want to scare him off completely). We did however agree that we were in a relationship and that we were both excited to see where it was going, no pressure, no demands and the band would always come first. First in every aspect except when it came to discussing our relationship, on that topic we agreed on a few things. The band did not get intimate details, and they would be told from the outset that rumors and stories would not be tolerated. Shit fights between band members started easy enough, especially on the road, our relationship was not going to be one of those shit fights. The only thing we didn’t decide on definitely was when we would tell the band and crew, but that wasn’t a huge concern, they would find out when they needed to,

When we rolled into Tallahassee it was mid afternoon, the crew truck had arrived about two hours before us and were already making good inroads into getting the gear on stage but they’d still be working their little (and not so little) butts off to get everything ready for sound check at 5pm. Despite the pressure the crew was under everything still went off quite well. Sound check was amazing, the hall was better than we all expected and the rushed set up didn’t show at all. Dinner and warm up went well and we were all really primed from another great show and then it happened, my world collapsed.

I was just about the head back to my room and get changed into my stage persona, Hella, I had an hour or so until the support act was due to start and about 30 minutes after that before I needed to really prep myself for the gig, but first port of call before heading back was the ladies room. The venue was relatively busy with staff, a few reviewers from magazines and radio stations and the general riff raff a place like that gets before any show but there was no paying punters so the halls weren’t full.

I’m not sure why I went to the public toilets and not the ones back stage but for some reason that’s the choice I made at the time and a choice I would regret because when I pushed the door open I was greeted with the sight of Jason, the guitar tech leaning against the long bench with a young girl kneeling in front of him giving him head.

As much as the scene was a little confronting it happened from time to time, some of the crew played the groupie scene for all it was worth and in most cases when any of us saw it we just turned around and ignored it. However this time I couldn’t ignore it because leaning on the bench on the far side of Jason was Adam and two blonde bimbos in tight leather skirts and skimpy lace tops. Unlike Jason’s girl the ones next to Adam were standing upright and staring straight at me, the girl who’s just burst into the female toilets and interrupted them.

Well they didn’t have to deal with the interruption for long as I immediately forgot about the need to pee as my brain nearly detonated and I bolted from the toilets and straight back to my room.


16 thoughts on “Rock Hard: Trouble In Paradise

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  1. I have three questions s’il vous plait.

    You mentioned; “two blonde bimbos in tight leather skirts and skimpy lace tops”
    #1: Were either of them braless?
    #2: Did either of them have tiny boobies?
    #3: Did either of them have pierced nipples?

    I was just curious, since my blog postings inspired by The Daily Post are usually
    related to boobies!


    1. #1: Neither Adam or Jason were wearing a bra. Jason too much of a manly man to wear one and Adam keeps his for special occasions.
      #2: I stopped calling them boobies when I was three, but if it helps Adam does have a manly chest.
      #3: I know Adam’s clean but Jason is anyone’s guess, for all I know he could have a Prince Albert.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Did not realize the blonde bimbos were men, but that’s cool.

        A Prince Albert? Wouldn’t that hurt like hell?

        I don’t know, and can’t imagine what it’s like, to have a dick, but the thought of someone piercing it in that way, makes my nipples and my clit hurt… just the thought of it! Yikes!


        1. The bimbos weren’t but since they had nothing to do with the story I figured like all avid readers you wouldn’t be interested in two nothing characters in favor of the main character and his friend.

          I have no idea what a PA feels like, maybe you should ask around? Find some of the male authors and ask them how it would feel to have a needle stuck in their wee wee.


          1. I was trying to inspire the “writer” to give a more thorough description of the characters you describe as “nothing.” After all, in a movie scene, they would have a certain “look,” and a certain “hairstyle,” and someone from wardrobe would pick out the perfect bimbo outfit(s).

            Sorry to have disturbed your creative writing process with a question about an insignificant character or two.

            Also, I don’t really care about PAs, unless you’re talking about the electronics of a Public Address system. Was just being conversational on Memorial Day.

            Have a Great Day!


          2. No you were trying to create traffic to your own site by constantly referencing the things most women have on their chest as boobies. Exactly as you have done on every other site you’ve commented on. You’re not about appreciating another persons post you’re about baby talk and trying to increase your followers by following other people.

            Sheesh at first I thought you were being humorous with your baby talk and I figured I’d respond in kind but then I realized it’s not humor, you actually talk like a three year old on every site.

            As for the PA you don’t care about, remember it was you that asked the question, not I. I was simply polite enough to answer you, if the answer was not what you were expecting I can’t help that.

            You too have a really great day, your comments are as usual appreciated.


          3. Don’t worry you won’t derive anything or anyone from anywhere, people don’t read advertising on blogs anyway.

            But hey I’m all about freedom of speech, you’re free to say what you want and I’m free to reply in kind, seems to only be one person offended by that.


          4. I am not offended, you are the one with the problem. Because I inserted the letters “ie” into the more common word; boobs… you accuse me of being a baby, or speaking in “baby talk.”

            Maybe you’re just a miserable person and hate your life, and I wish I never bumped into you. Please just delete the comments. The ridiculousness of our comment thread just makes you look like a bitch.


          5. I have a problem with people who use comments on other peoples sites for their own benefit and from what I have seen your comments fit that bill on every site you’ve commented on. That my friend is an opinion I am allowed to have and voice it doesn’t mean anyone should be upset by it, damn they don’t even have to believe it.

            As for the baby talk well obviously that’s a matter of opinion as well and since this is my blog I am actually free to suggest that the word boobies is not something I have heard out of anyone over the age of three. If you take offense at that again I can’t help that, although maybe if you are offended there is some truth in the statement. (note I did use the word MAYBE there is no need to be upset.)

            Wow insulting a person for having a different opinion to you is not a very polite way to go through life. Still I suppose if that sort of thing gets you through the day then that’s fine I wont stop you being you.


          6. I have a problem with bloggers who think they’re better, and smarter, than everyone else. You are a rude, condescending, miserable bitch
            and your writing will never get you anywhere. I am not going to continue this “pissing contest.” You started all this by accusing me of being like a three year old. And you wasted your precious time reading all the comments I’ve left for others? O-kay! YOU are the one who is troubled, not me.


          7. Where have I suggested I am smarter or better than everyone else?

            Five insults in one sentence with fifteen words, that’s not a bad effort. I’d grade the effort but I wouldn’t want to offend.

            Please do remember my comments about being three years old were not meant to be offensive, they were an opinion but only because the authors I read generally use words for adults but there is a market for writing kids books and I would never discourage anyone who wants to write such things, all authors are equal in my mind.

            I haven’t wasted my time doing anything, I do read peoples blogs and I do read comments on said blogs, but it’s definitely not a waste of time. I’m sorry for anyone who thinks that reading other peoples blogs is a waste of time.

            And again you finish on an insult. Honestly your disguised flattery really is lovely.


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