Hot For Teacher

“Ms Anderson, to my office right now!”

Damn it had been a long time since I’d been reprimanded by a teacher, it’s 15 years since I was last at school, but here I was being told by my son’s teacher to get into her office. I figured it was because I inadvertently let the ‘F’ bomb drop whilst helping in the class room, not that it was my fault, Sam, the little shit who’s been picking on my son Dylan, put his chair leg down on my right foot. Don’t get me wrong I don’t condone swearing in front of kids but FUCK it hurt!!

I’d been in Miss Davidson’s office for about ten minutes when I head the bell chime indicating that the kids would be going out to play in the yard. I wasn’t is a hurry to leave so I sat in the office and read one of the gossip rags I found on the desk. Several minutes later Miss Davidson walked in.

“I’m sorry,” I stated before she had a chance to say anything. “I know it shouldn’t have happened, it was a slip of the tongue.”

“Maybe you should put that tongue to better use,” Miss Davidson said as she walked up to me and planted her lips on mine.

Obeying orders I pushed my tongue into her mouth and began kissing her deeply. When her right hand slid up my skirt and rubbed it’s way up my inner thigh I dropped the gossip rag on the floor and lifted my hand to her blouse. Careful not to pop any buttons on the beautiful white silk blouse but in a hurry to get where I was going I pulled the shirt free of the waist band of her skirt and slid my hand up to her breast. As her fingers gently and sensually reached my crotch and began rubbing through the fabric of my panties my hand caressed her left breast through the fabric of her bra. I could feel her nipple rising as I gently traced around it, and I’m sure she could feel my wetness as her fingers explored me through the crotch of my panties.

When she broke from the kiss and began pushing stuff across her desk I knew what was coming next. As Miss Davidson lifted her skirt and sat on her desk she said. “That tongue needs to redeem itself, I think you know where to start.”

You bet I did and I went for it.

I started by removing her panties, then wheeling her office chair closer I leaned in between her legs and began kissing my way down her right inner thigh. She lifted her legs up and placed her feet on the back of the chair behind me, then placed her hand on my head and pushed me against her crotch.

Miss Davidson was already wet when I got there and I didn’t mind one bit. While I focused my tongue and lip movements around her already swollen clit I let my fingers explore and rub her wetness below. As my fingers touched the entrance to her pussy I felt her body shudder slightly.

“Oh god! Put them inside me.” I heard her say as I teased her entrance knowing exactly what she wanted but not giving it to her.

I held off lunging my fingers into her as long as I could but I knew we didn’t have that long before the kids would be returning from their play time.

When I inserted two fingers inside her she moaned quietly and moved her hips against me. Knowing what I liked I set to doing the same to Miss Davidson. I let my fingers explore her, wriggling them inside her pussy and thrusting in and out at the same time.

Miss Davidson’s thrusts became more violent, her moans louder and her breathing more rapid. When I started to rub her g-spot I knew she wasn’t far from losing it, what I didn’t know was just how far losing it would take her.

As you may have guessed this wasn’t our first dance, Miss Davidson and I had managed a few secret lessons in her office since the school semester started (I just hadn’t been sent there for being naughty before). The other thing I hadn’t learned in our other dance classes was that Miss Davidson was a squirter and when she went off it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

I’ve had women cum on my face before but when Miss Davidson let go it was like heaven, a wet heaven but heaven none the less. Then twenty seconds later as her stream stopped her orgasm took over and rocked her entire body. As her body rocked, she clamped my head between her legs and thrust against my fingers and tongue, then all too quickly it was over because we both knew we had a deadline.

Less than 5 minutes later Miss Davidson was back in front of the classroom of students and I was still cleaning up in the office. I might not have been sent to a teacher office in a long time but I was definitely going to have to try to do it more often. I could martyr this woman after the fun we’d just had


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