Ride Hard: Good Morning Sunshine

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I did eventually drop off to sleep and it was a peaceful and restful sleep even if it did only last three hours before Jack shuffled in his sleep. Thinking that I was probably making him uncomfortable I made a move to roll away but his arm, which had fallen to the bed but was still around me raised and wrapped around my upper body pulling me back to him.

“Stay where you are!”

It wasn’t an order, in fact I wasn’t even convinced he was awake as he said it but with the words and his arm movements I wasn’t going to ignore him asleep or not.

I awoke next at 6:30 am to the feeling of fingers gently moving up and down my bare back and I was suddenly thrown straight back into memories of the previous night. I lay there with my head on Jack’s chest and my arm draped over him enjoying the memories and his gentle touch without moving. I wanted just a minute or so of the happy sensations before having to get up and head back to reality.

Well I think I lasted about thirty seconds before I changed my mind and instead of laying there pretending to be asleep I lifted my head, shuffled slightly, said good morning and kissed him on the lips. Forget morning breath, anything can be overcome with the right person! Before the kiss was over I moved my hand onto his stomach and gently inched it towards his groin. I don’t know what he’d been thinking before I made the move but it was obviously a happy thought because while he wasn’t standing to attention he was definitely on his way.

I wrapped my hand around him and stroked gently up and down, I felt him rising to full attention. His fingers were still caressing my back, tracing lines from my shoulder blades down to my lower back, each stroke sending little vibrations through me. I knew we didn’t have unlimited time to mess around given that we both had jobs to get to so I wasted no time.

Without removing my hand I climbed over Jack’s naked body, taking the sheets and blanket with me but not caring, and with one leg each side I slowly slid down his stiff shaft. I lowered myself until I could feel my hand squashed between our bodies. Jack moaned quietly as he adjusted to my weight and I moved my hand.

Sitting bolt upright I looked down at him and with a cheeky smile again said good morning. Jack said nothing in reply he just smiled and shuffled his hips. I felt him move inside me and my cheeky grin turned into a smile of pleasure. I then lowered myself down to him, first our stomachs touched, then my breasts and erect nipples touched him sending little shocks through me, then our lips met for a second time.

As we kissed I gently moved my hips backward and forwards feeling him inside me rubbing against me. I moaned into his mouth, our tongues moved together. His arms came up beside me and both his hands, open wide, softly landed on my shoulder blades. I began moving my hips faster. Jack moved his hands slowly up and down my back.

I broke the kiss long enough for a breath and to tell him to kiss my neck, he obeyed and as I felt his lips move along my neck once again waking sensual feelings long waiting to be woken I felt his hands grip my backside. I then felt him slide his feet up the bed lifting his legs and raising his hips, he then took over the thrusting.

With his hands on my butt pulling me towards him, his every thrust aided by the angle of his hips, drove him deep inside. I moaned, he moaned, we moaned together until he lifted his head and our lips once again met. A deep passionate kiss followed, lips pressed hard against each other, tongues dancing together, the right amount of suction and heat beyond belief as our bodies rocked and thrust together.

It may not have lasted for that long but I don’t think I could have survived if it did. By the time we both climaxed I was out of breath, panting and worn out and although Jack’s breathing was not as labored as mine he too was out of breath.

I lay on top of him, he was still inside me and holding me against him. I’m not entirely sure why I did it but I found myself trying to match his breathing as we lay there in silence. I wanted to lie there forever, lie there with our two bodies pressed together but I not only knew we both had to get to work I also had another pressing issue, one that required me to be in another room.

I gave him one more long and lingering kiss then whispered, “I have go,” not the most romantic thing but sometimes there is more important needs than romance.

It wasn’t very elaborate but I managed to scrape together some eggs and bacon for breakfast. Jack did suggest we go out for breakfast since he didn’t take me out for dinner the previous night but after our little good morning call we were both going to be pushing for time. Even though Jack was his own boss unlike Bill he always tried to be one of the first people at the workshop, for me I always tried to be at the office by 8am, even though Bill wasn’t often there to check, and probably wouldn’t complain if I was a few minutes late. So breakfast out was definitely better as a rain check for both of us.

As Jack was about to leave he told me he enjoyed our evening and would like to repeat it at some stage, it was a relief to hear such words. Given that we’d had sex twice and that he’d stayed the night such a comment may not have been required by some people but for me it was reassurance given that two nights earlier he’d made a point of saying he didn’t want to rush things.

We stood before the closed front door of my house and again shared another deep and passionate kiss before Jack bid me farewell. Once he was outside I shut the door, leaned my back against it and sighed deeply. As the sound of his Mustang rumbled through my house and he backed out to the road my heart began longing for him.

Because I was dressed only in a silk robe I didn’t feel comfortable standing outside to say good by but with the feeling in my heart as I listened to the rumble of the engine fade into the distantance I was kind of glad I was behind closed doors.

As I got dressed, as I drove to work, as I opened the office and as I sat down to begin work feelings and thoughts of Jack and our time together filled my head. Every thought was pleasant and every thought left me wanting more and it wasn’t until I saw Bill’s car roll past the windows twenty minutes later, early for Bill, that I snapped out of my haze and suddenly found myself wondering if Bill would pick my happy mood, and if so how much did I want him to know?


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