CopyCat Cafe: Kat helps herself.

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When I said I last time that I had to close the door quickly, shutting Simon from my vision before I gave into my sexual desires I wasn’t kidding. In all honestly I hadn’t planned on letting him kiss me I also hadn’t planned on kissing him back and I definitely hadn’t planned to kiss him with such vigor and passion that I was turned on and fighting not to drag him inside and have my way with him.

From where I stood with my back to the front door breathing heavily and wishing for more I could see the clock in the living room and it was telling me it was five minutes to 6PM. It was nearly dinner time, even though I’d had coffee and cake at Simon’s I was still hungry enough that my stomach was telling me I needed to search for dinner. The problem was my mind was telling me something different and my mind was going to win.

Walking into the bedroom I stepped around the bed and up to the beside table, I opened the drawer and pulled out my little five inch friend. I didn’t own a great collection of vibrators, only three, and none of them were overly natty, none of them overly large and none of them shaped in any special way that they reminded me of something real or imagined, but they did the job.

The vibrator I pulled out of the bedside drawer was bright red, five inches long and very plain in shape with no ribs, ridges or bulbous knobs. It only had once speed and it quietly vibrated away until I turned it off by twisting the base. It may not have been much but it worked and in the state I was in I knew I wouldn’t need much anyway.

I slipped out of my blouse, technically I didn’t need to remove my top and bra but I liked the feeling of sitting on the bed naked while I did what I was about to do. I often played with my own nipples while using the vibrator it didn’t seem to do much for me with my own touch but I often found myself doing it anyway and having no bra on made that easier.

Next I slipped out of my shoes and kicked them towards the end of the bed. I then unbuttoned my jeans and slipped both my pants and my underpants down my legs together. I immediately noticed little goosebumps on my legs as if the temperature in the room had suddenly dropped twenty degrees. The anticipation of driving myself to orgasm with a vibrating toy had never been as high as it was at that time

I twisted onto the bed and sat with my legs spread and my knees up in the air. A low buzzing noise filled my head, it was louder in my head than it was in the room, not that anyone could hear it anyway. I was already excited from the kiss and from standing at the closed door thinking about Simon, the walk into the bedroom and the preparation as I sat down to take matters into my own hands had changed none of that if anything it had made it worse.

When the vibrator first touched my skin I moaned quietly. I pushed the rounded tip against my clit, nudging the swelling nub left to right letting it feel the vibrations as the toy moved. With my left hand I gently pinched my left nipple feeling it become erect. I rubbed the skin around my nipple hoping for that sensual feeling I got when others did the same thing, it was there but only faintly.

Moving the vibrating tip away from my clit I pushed it down, passing through my lips, rubbing and vibrating against my labia. I stroked my pussy up and down with that vibrating red toy, the moisture between my legs was increasing with every stroke. Every upward stroke I made sure pay attention to my swollen clit, it was desperate for attention but it was not the only part desperately wanting.

When I slid the vibrator into my waiting pussy I moaned again, a little louder than the first moans. The feeling wasn’t the same as having Tom inside me but when I closed my eyes and imagined it was him I felt slightly better. I lifted my knees up as high as I could, pushed my arm around my legs and began to move the vibrator in and out of my wetness.

It started slowly, pushing in as far as I dared then dragging it out until only the tip vibrated against my entrance, then repeating the movement. Every muscle between my legs was twitching as I picked up the pace and began to thrusting my hips against every inward thrust. When I lifted my backside off the bed and began thrusting harder onto the plastic toy my breathing increased, as did my moaning. I thrust and pushed, pushed and thrust until I didn’t think I could take it any more.

It was at that moment I did something that took me to a new and higher level than I’d ever been. I rolled over onto my side, closed my legs on my hand and held the vibrator inside of me with only my muscles. I dragged two fingers up to my clitoris and rubbed the swollen nub furiously moaning as I did so. But it wasn’t either of those movements that sent me screaming into orgasm it was my head hitting the pillow and the sudden waft of Simon’s scent still on the unwashed pillow case rising up and hitting my nasal senses that drove me to it.

I’ve never felt an orgasm so powerful from my own vibrator assisted hand, it rocked my body sending shock waves through every muscle and nerve. It made my body shake, shudder and writhe across the sheets. My pussy muscles contracted, my leg muscles spasmed and my torso shook and I moaned myself to the peak of ecstasy and over the edge.

I laid with my head in that pillow for what seemed like ages, the scent of Simon still in my nostrils, a damp wetness still lubricating my hot crotch and my legs feeling like jelly. I don’t think I could have walked anywhere even if I wanted to, but at that moment I didn’t want to.


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  1. Sometimes you just need to create the magic all by yourself. Giving your body needed attention and love helps out a lot when you don’t have another person around to do that for you. It provides immense relief and satisfaction for any women and, why would anyone want to deny themselves pleasure or say no to that? Everything feels different when you are all alone, because you are doing this for no one but yourself.

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