Hi Babe, it’s me!

“So how good was last night?” The voice on the other end of the phone asked as I answered it. I couldn’t believe the bastard was fishing for a compliment. Well I didn’t think he was going to find one here.

“A lady never kisses and tells.” Let him respond to that and stay in my good books I thought.

To be fair Justin wasn’t a prick and I didn’t expect him to make any such derisive about me being a lady, but he also wasn’t a true gentleman, as proven by the start of the call, and I expected him to continue the conversation in some way.

“I guess the fact that you left with a smile on your face says it all without words.” he came back with.

Ok so it wasn’t a reference to being a lady but he I decided he wasn’t going to get away with it.

“Yeah I guess so, but if I’d stayed the night it would have said even more!”

We both knew that I had my reasons for leaving when I did but that didn’t mean he didn’t take the bait as it was dangled in front of him.

“Maybe it was so good that you’d run out of words to describe it.”

“Maybe if it had lasted longer I could have thought of a few.”

“It lasted that long you could have read a novel”

“Maybe the word novel!”

The problem I was facing was that I knew we could both go on forever with this sort of conversation, both getting sillier and neither getting offended.

“I faked every orgasm.” He said bringing out the silly early.

“I barely had time to fake one let alone more than one.”

“Well I did start before you came into the room.”

“Wait a second, before I turned up you were
polishing it yourself? So you’re saying you’re a wanker?”

Although it was far from my best finishing move the wanker comment seemed to slow him down and the conversation changed direction, well his did at least.

“How about another date tonight to let me prove myself?”

“I might be busy.”

“Cancel what you are doing, we will start the night out with dinner and a few drinks like we did last night.”

That was my cue to throw the closing shot.

“Wait a second, is this Justin?” I said before hanging up the phone.


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