Ride Hard: Working for the man!

Continues from here.

“Geez look at the smile on your face, that can only mean one thing!”

Dammit, Bill was worse than my father. My father, actually both my parents, and I have always had a fairly open and honest relationship. Sure there was some little secrets but the majority of our lives were open books and my father joked when I was a teenager that he would be able to tell if I ever had sex because my facial expression would give me away. Thankfully as close as we are Dad never really proved himself right or wrong, but that didn’t stop Bill doing it.

My first revelation was to ask him what such a smile meant, but that was immediately replaced with the thought that maybe I didn’t want to hear his answer in case he was right, so instead I decided avoiding the topic was a better option.

“I think it means that you’re going to give me a raise and tell me to take the rest of the month off with double pay. Thanks Bill.”

“And just how would I cope not having your beautiful, I just got laid, smile around the place for a month?”

“Bill!” I replied, not overly shocked but feigning it as best as I could.

“I’m right aren’t I?”

“I’m not having this discussion with you Bill, now since you didn’t bring coffee with you this morning get in your office and pretend to do some work!”

For once the guy took me seriously and without saying another word he made his way into his office and sat at his desk. He didn’t even make an effort to get his morning coffee, which could only mean one of two things, either he’d had coffee on the way to work without me, or he knew he’d stepped over the line. I wasn’t overly worried which one it was but the one thing I did know was that Bill didn’t mean offence by his comment, he was just one of those fun, down to earth, jokers who sometimes hit the wrong mark.

He’d only been in his office for about three minutes before I heard him grumble something along the lines of “wha the fa.” it was at that moment I remembered swapping his mouse buttons around before leaving work the day before. I sat looking at my monitor and pretending to work. There was another outburst, a little bit louder and with words a little more distinguishable than the previous one, again I stared at my computer but this time I tried hard not to laugh.

“What the hell is wrong with this fu..” he cut himself off before swearing, even though I was akin to such words we always tried to keep it professional in the office. “…this damn computer?”

Although I knew he was talking to me as much as just venting to himself I remained in my chair and waited for a direct invitation to come in and fix his computer. There was one more audible outburst before that request came.

“Dianne can you please come and have a look at this, something is wrong with my computer.”

“Okay Bill, hang on a second!” I wasn’t doing anything that needed the time to finish I needed the time to gain my composure and hopefully not walk into his office laughing.

Pushing my chair away from my desk I concentrated on keeping my face straight, giving away nothing and definitely not laughing as I walked the five steps it took me to reach Bill’s office. I stepped through the door and was working up the strength to speak without a smirk when Bill spoke.

“This damn mouse is stuffed, it wont do anything I tell it to do.”

“Maybe you’re not paying it enough!” I replied but my silly comment was too much for me and I started to giggle.

“What have you done to my computer?” Bill asked.

“Me? Done? What do you mean?” I was still giggling.

Despite trying hard not to I’d given myself away by giggling and I knew it, but I had to defend myself, had to give myself a chance to get away with my mouse button trick. Unfortunately for me Bill wasn’t falling for it and within a minute I decided it was better to give myself up and just fix his computer rather than try to keep the game going. It was a quick fix and Bill was back at his computer literate best within minutes.

“That’s one payback I owe you William Campbell.” I said as I got out of his chair and headed back to my desk.

Always happy to play the game Bill smiled, congratulated me on winning and promised he’d get payback on the payback. I laughed and kept walking.

By morning tea time I was over Bill’s question and comment and he was over my little mouse trick. He’d come out of his office a few times to discuss work matters and we were again on our usual level of communication, so much so that I offered to make him coffee when I got up to make mine.

“There you go sire!” I said as I placed his coffee mug on the desk next to his keyboard.

“So may I ask how your evening was?” He asked as I turned to leave his office.

Since he was being polite I decided to answer his question and told him we’d had a very enjoyable night of dinner and conversation.

“He’s a good bloke and you two seem to have hit it off well. I m happy for you, for both of you.” Bill said when I’d finished my little speech. See, he really is a nice guy when he tries. “When are you going out with him again?”

“We haven’t organized anything yet, when he left this morning we were both in a little bit of a rush.” I realized exactly what I said as soon as the words were out of my mouth and it was too late to take them back.

Bill was back in gentleman mode and instead of making a point of the words I’d inadvertently dropped he said. “Well Dianne I’m rooting for you, I really hope he’s Mr Right because you do deserve it.”

I went back to my desk not just happy with myself but happy for a good boss like Bill, he might be a little rough around the edges at times but a boss like him is not something everyone can have these days.

I was in the middle of lunch when my cell phone rang in my hand bag. By the time I put my burger down on the plate, a perk of Bill being in a good mood, and retrieved the phone from my bag I was fumbling with it trying to make sure I answered it before it stopped ringing. I had a fair idea who it would be and didn’t want to miss the call.

“Hello, Dianne speaking.” I said as I put the phone to my ear.

It was Jack of course. We talked for a few minutes, both of us telling each other how much we enjoyed the previous night. Then he got on to the reason for his call. He was ringing to tell me he wouldn’t be able to see me after work. It wasn’t anything sinister, silly or bad he just had a business associate flying into town and they’d be caught up talking shop all night, but it still made my heart sink a little bit. But that was made better by him inviting me to his place for dinner the following night.

When I got off the phone Bill of course wasn’t far away and because my cell phone rang so rarely he didn’t need to think too hard to figure out who was on the other end.

“Another hot date?” he asked.

I saw no reason not to tell Bill the truth. “Nope, he’s busy tonight. I’m going to have to put up with myself tonight. The guy rang up just to tell me he had a business thing on and couldn’t see me tonight.”

“Awe, he’s so sweet.” Bill replied in his best girlie voice.

“Yes it was, and stop being so cheeky!” I hit back with ending the conversation.

During the afternoon I found myself thinking of my earlier thoughts about how similar my father and Bill could be with their ability to see through my facial expressions and realized it had been nearly two weeks since I’d spoken to my parents face to face. While that wasn’t entire unusual and we did talk on the phone, I did think it was time to pay them a visit.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be alone, I’d been alone for years, but I quickly decided it to ring Mom and see what they were doing for dinner. A few minutes later I had myself a dinner invite and my evening was suddenly planned.


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