CopyCat Cafe: Home Visitation

Continues from here.

So after another week of procrastinating, a week of Sonya telling me to go for it, and a week of my mind telling me things I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear I was preparing to head off to Simon’s place. In some ways I was feeling better about going than I did the previous time, I guess it had something to do with Simon’s ex going away for the weekend and leaving us to an empty house.

At the same time I was feeling nervous, nervous that things were actually going to go the way I wanted them to. It was a strange feeling to have, I wasn’t trying to stop things between Simon and I but I was still very hesitant to let things go where I knew my mind wanted them to go while SHE was still around.

Just like the last weekend I went to his house I deliberately didn’t dress sexy, in fact I think I chose exactly the same outfit down to the underwear. I had no intention of pushing things in the direction my heart and mind was telling me I wanted to go. Again on the walk to Simon’s place my mind flip flopped between thoughts, but unlike the last visit when I knocked on the front door and expected his ex-wife to answer I knew it was going to be Simon who answered.

“Hello Kat, so glad you came!” he stated as he opened the door and stepped back to let me in.

“Hi Simon, hows things? How’s your week been?” It was small talk I know but I needed something to calm the nerves.

As I walked past the open door I couldn’t help but look into the main (HER) bedroom to make sure she wasn’t there. The room was empty, I breathed a sigh of relief and kept walking towards the kitchen.

Coffee went well, and after Simon confirmed that his ex was definitely away for the weekend I did begin to relax a little bit. We talked about our week, his kids, my daughter, Sonya the brave and things we’d watched on TV but it wasn’t until he decided to tell me that his separation was moving ahead well that I again felt uncomfortable.

I hadn’t gotten over the fact that I was in the house he shared with his ex wife but until he brought it up I was doing my best not to think about it. Unfortunately that task was made all the harder by the fact that the seat at the dinning room table I had chosen looked directly at the wall of happy family snaps. Don’t get me wrong I’d been with other guys who had history, who had families and exes just like I had men in my house who’d seen pictures of my ex-husband, but never had I faced such things in a house where the ex still lived. This whole ‘EX’ thing was really doing my head in.

It took me a little while to cleanse my thoughts but by the time Simon invited me for dinner, which if I was being honest I was expecting, I was ready agree to it. Obviously he was prepared too because dinner was all but ready, he made a big effort to look like he was making it from scratch while he had his back to me in the kitchen, but as a cook, chef, cafe owner for too many years he wasn’t fooling me. Still it was a nice gesture.

Dinner was great, wine was great and desert was great and by the time we’d finished it was nearly 9:30pm.

“Shall we do the dishes?” I offered thinking it was a nice gesture before leaving.

“No don’t worry, they’ll wait till tomorrow. Why don’t we sit on the couch and watch some TV and have a night cap, then I’ll drive you home.”

I agreed but we didn’t make it to the night cap or the couch. Even before we made it out of the dinning room I found myself kissing him. I don’t really know how it happened it just did and there was no way I was stopping it.

He pushed me up against the dining room table, kissing passionately and holding me tight. I felt his hands gently moving up my blouse and edging closer to my breast. I broke the kiss.

“Not here.” I said, “Not here!”

Weeks of built up sexual tension was coming to a head and there was no way I was going to stop myself this time, but I also wasn’t going to do it on his dinning room table. With us sex on tables seemed like a common thing but there was no way I as doing it on a table with pictures of his ex-wife looking at us.

“Take me to the bedroom.”

I’m not sure if it was force of habit or what it was but his first action was directing me towards the main bedroom, thankfully though that action was short lived and he turned us around and headed toward the back of the house.

In the bedroom we wasted no time, his sexual tension obliviously as built up as mine and by the time we were in his bedroom items of clothing we hitting the floor. There was no foreplay, no teasing, no playing around, as soon as I was on my back on the bed he was on top of me his rigid dick pushing into me. He thrust, he kissed, he rubbed his hands up and down my body. At the same time my pussy twitched, spasmed and held him inside me. We both moaned in ecstasy and we both groaned as we released.

It may not have lasted long but it was some of the best sex I’d ever had, I came twice before he was orgasming and screaming my name and when he finished I just held him inside me as long as I could.

The second time was a little slower and involved a little more personal attention, a little more fondling, a little more teasing and even and extended session of fellatio. The taste of his stiff dick in my mouth as it twitched and edged closer to orgasm turned me on nearly as much as his tongue flicking against my swollen clit.

While Simon and I had shared a bed, a dinning table and the table out the back of my cafe, previously it was nothing compared to the time we spent in that bed and by the time we were both falling asleep we had both reached a level of happiness that could not be matched by any drug.

When I woke up the next morning Simon was still asleep and I was busting to go to the toilet. With the house empty I decided not to worry with waking Simon and headed straight for the toilet. As a precaution I poked my head out the door just to make sure no one was looking before I darted naked to the toilet. The house was of course empty and off I went.

After going to the toilet I returned to the bedroom, Simon was still asleep so instead of waking him I just slipped on my blouse and my underwear and made my way out to the kitchen to get the coffee machine ready. However I didn’t make it all the way to the kitchen before I was stopped dead in my tracks. For some reason she didn’t scare me but I was shocked to see her sitting at the dinning room table. Our eyes locked. I thought about saying good morning but quickly decided against it in favor of silence. But even that didn’t last long as SHE spoke.

I don’t know if her return was deliberate, and therefore she had thought about what she was going to say but whatever had happened her words slammed in my head an nearly bowled me over.

“You know we aren’t divorced?” She said in a quiet volume as she slid a piece of paper across the table which I refused to pick up. “He never signed the paperwork!”


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