Rock Hard: Christie Steps In

Continues from here.

“You didn’t need to punch him in the face!” I called to Dean and I stepped up behind him.

Last time we were on tour and came through Tallahassee we stayed at this same motel and a fight broke out in the car park due to roadies not being able to hold their liquor. It took some very fancy talking from our management, convincing them that we had our own security and the solemn promise that no fights and arguments would break out to get us back into these rooms and I didn’t want another fight ruining that. Over and above that Dean and Adam were friends, we all were, I didn’t want to see them fighting either.

“The bastard deserved it.” Dean repeated as Adam stood upright in front of him rubbing his chin.

Dean leaned in a second time, this time the punch hit Adam on the nose. Blood instantly dribbled down Adam’s face and over his top lip. He lifted his hand to his nose and felt the blood, but did not react. Dean was obviously still seeing red and moved in for another go, this time he was aiming for Adam’s unguarded stomach. In the years we’d known each other I’d never seen Dean and Adam sort things out with their fists, there had been the odd times where play fighting got a little out of hand but never had either of them showed the venom Dean was showing.

I guess there was some part of my mind that was telling me this is why Adam and I should never have gotten involved in the first place. What we had as friends was always solvable and rarely did it escalate past words, the first disagreement we have as a couple, only a few days into us getting serious and my brother and his best mater were punching each other.

I stepped up towards the two of them and tried my best to get Dean to stop but I wasn’t strong enough and while I know he didn’t mean to shove me away as rough as he did I was a little annoyed that it happened. I didn’t loose my balance but I wasn’t about to get between them again.

Although I don’t think the boys were making too much noise obviously it was enough to tweak the ears of our security who were on edge given the warnings we’d had and two of them appeared at the open door. Within seconds both of the boys were dragged off each other. It took some effort to remove Dean who was still angry and resisting security but Adam surrendered easily and was being led to the door without resistance. It was at that time I realized that throughout the short lived fight Adam had never retaliated against Dean, he’s stood still blocking punches and defending himself.

As Adam was led out the door, still not resisting I heard him say in a low calm voice. “Christie, we need to talk!” But I didn’t want to talk and there was no way security was going to let him back into that room. A few seconds after Adam was out of sight the security guard, who’s name I didn’t know, let Dean go and asked him if he was going to calm down. Dean agreed and sat on the bed. The security guard didn’t lecture Dean he simply said he’d be standing near the door all night and that such antics better not happen again. I assured him that Dean would behave himself and although he may not have fully believed it, I did.

“What the hell were you thinking?” I said as soon as the door was closed.

“Christie! What he did was inexcusable, you don’t go around letting groupies suck your dick when you’re in a relationship. He goddamn deserved it, he’s lucky I didn’t rip his head off.”

“Oh bullshit Dean. I know you’re upset, I know your protecting me, but that was seriously over the top.”

“So he should just get away with it?”

I didn’t have to think about that answer. “No Dean, but you are still his friend and friends don’t try to kill each other, or puncture each other’s lungs.”

“Friends don’t do that to their partner, Chris!”

I knew I was fighting a loosing battle and of course I agreed with what he was saying, I just didn’t agree with his actions. In the end we had to agree to disagree, I wanted sleep, even if it was going to be difficult to get and I wanted Dean to do the same.

“Seriously Dean, you need to let this go. You need to sleep on this. There is no point reacting to anything Adam has done tonight. We both need to sleep on it and think with clear heads in the morning.”

“I don’t need to sleep on it, he’s gone. First thing tomorrow he’s being kicked off the tour.” He replied obviously without thinking too much.

“And that is why we need to sleep on it. You know it’s not as simple as sacking him and if you think about it clearly you’ll remember why. Now please just go back to your room and come and see me tomorrow before we leave.”

If Dean had been thinking straight he’d have known that getting rid of Adam was not as simple as sacking another member of the road crew. Not that it was impossible, all contracts can be wiped, but Adam was an equal partner in the business that was Magnhild, he’d been with us since day one, he’d chosen to do our sound, and in the early days our lights, and we’d chosen to do the music, but he’d been there since day one and we were a team.

It wasn’t naivety that saw us never discussing the possibility of one of us leaving, or being pushed out, it was the fact that we never actually saw I coming. I’m sure privately we’ve all thought about the possibility that one of us would leave eventually, I myself had been convinced Dean would leave once he realized how much settling down with a woman he loved and some kids would satisfy him, so I’m sure the others had at least had the thought, we just hadn’t spoken about it.

While I didn’t sleep overly well for the next five hours I did manage to nod off a few times in between thoughts of how I was going to handle things. I really didn’t want to get rid of Adam, and I hoped that by the time we spoke again Dean wouldn’t either. Sure I was pissed off with him but he was good at his job and on the road he was hard to beat for organizing crew and the stage.

Between yawns I couldn’t help but think that without the messiness of a relationship between us Adam and I, and maybe even Dean could get along, we’d been doing it for years. Did that mean Adam and I were doomed to be friends only? The guy I’d been lusting after for years, a lust that grew so badly in the last few years that I nearly exploded every time we got close?

The following morning my last little nap went all the way up to the alarm, something I couldn’t remember doing for a long time. As I rolled over and looked at the clock I rubbed my eyes and began moving into the land of the living.

My first thought as I pushed myself into a sitting position was “Are we doomed to be friends forever?”

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