At the cinema

“That will be 9 dollars thank you Miss.”

I handed over correct change and thanked the man at the ticket counter for my ticket. I don’t really know why I was going to see Zootopia especially since I don’t have kids but I had a few hours to kill before my date and I didn’t get into the big Multiplex very often. I would have preferred a decent action movie or maybe that comedy movie Paragon but out of all the films they were playing either the times didn’t fit for me or they didn’t appeal to me. So Zootopia it was.

The cinema wasn’t that full when I walked in but the lights were off and there was some cinema ads playing so I knew the movie wasn’t far from starting. While there weren’t that many people present they did all appear to be in the middle section so I chose the third row down on the right. I chose well because there was no one near me and the closest child was at least 15 seats away.

I know it’s kind of the expected thing to do at the movies but I wasn’t a fan of popcorn so I only had a drink and choosing the seat so far away from others meant I also got to chose which cup holder I wanted to use. I chose the one on my left and it was kind of lucky I did because no sooner had the movie started than someone stepped into my row and I had to move my feet so they could get past, not only that they sat in the chair next to me. With all the seats available I don’t know why the man sat next to me but I wasn’t the person to make a scene in a theatre so I sat back and tried to enjoy the movie.

Somewhere around the 10 minute mark of the movie I realized the man’s arm was using the shared arm rest, again I wasn’t interested in making a scene but I was considering moving seat. Just as I was about to stand up, I had my left hand clasped around my drink cup, I felt the man’s hand touch my knee. Almost instantly he began to move his hands up my thigh and I froze in my seat, I didn’t even release my grip on my drinking cup.

I felt the man’s hand pushing my skirt up my legs, his whole hand was touching me like he was cupping my inner thigh. I sat in my seat still frozen and staring at the huge screen as the man’s smooth hand inched up my leg, I wanted to move, I wanted to get up and leave, but I couldn’t do it. When the strangers hand touched the soft silky material of my panties I suddenly went from couldn’t move to didn’t want to move. I know it’s all kinds of wrong to be letting a stranger do what he was doing but I suddenly didn’t care. I opened my legs.

I felt two fingers ever so gently touch my pussy, my silk panties were between my moistening lips and his fingers but that didn’t stop him as he began to slide his fingers up and down. He pushed the silky fabric softly against me parting my lips, my wetness obviously penetrating the thin fabric and seeping onto his fingers. I slid my backside closer to the end of the seat to give the man better access and allow myself to open my legs just a little bit more.

The fingers tracked their way from my entrance to my clitoris and when they got there they started to make little circles around my clit, gently pushing and rolling my love button. I could feel my breathing increasing just a little bit. When his fingers were again circling my wet entrance I could feel him gently pushing and probing against me, the only thing stopping him was the wet silky panties.

It was a little bit of effort but with both hands and some small movements I was able to shuffle out of my wet panties and before they hit the floor at my feet the stranger’s hand was again between my legs, this time however there was nothing between us. His fingers felt so smooth and his nails well manicured as the slipped up and down my wetness.

With no panties to hamper his work he set up rubbing my clit, rolling it softly between his fore finger and thumb, then placing his finger on it and gently pushing against it as he made tiny circles. Despite the size of the screen in front of me I couldn’t have told you what was on it because my eyes were closed and I was enjoying something so much better.

His fingers travelled south again, tiny little circles traced down my wet lips, I don’t think anyone has every paid so much attention to my pussy before. This time when his fingers circled my entrance I felt him pushing the very tips in, gently but they were there. I wanted to drive my hips towards those fingers and have them slide into me as far as they would go but I didn’t dare. He repeated the move gently pushing the very tips of his two fingers into me then removing them, again, and again, and again, and again. It took so much not to beg him to push them in further but I still knew where I was.

When he finally did push his two fingers all the way inside me my pussy twitched and encased them like they were always suppose to be there. When his thumb touched my clitoris and gently rubbed little circles the twitching became spasming and was moving from my crotch all the way down my legs.

I felt him drive his fingers into me, varying depths, varying speeds and varying force. Without trying to give away what was happening in case someone was watching I kept my hip movements and my moans down to a minimum but I really didn’t want to.

When his finger tips began pushing against my g-spot I wasn’t just surprised I was shocked, again it was something so few men knew, or at least considered and I couldn’t believe he was doing it. He started out applying just a little bit of pressure, almost as if he was hunting for the right spot. After a few seconds the upward pressure increased and he began alternating which finger tip did the work. I was actually biting my tongue to stop myself from moaning and losing control but I knew if he kept up what he was doing I was going to orgasm, and I did.

When I felt his fingers slowly slide out of me I felt a pang of sadness and loss, I was trying hard to keep my breathing low and inaudible but it was difficult.

My breath still hadn’t come back when I felt the man next o me shuffle and stand up, he was apparently leaving. As he turned, back to the screen and trying to side step his way past my feet I saw him leaning in towards me. As his face got closer to mine I couldn’t really see any features but I wished I could. It was at that time I heard him whisper.

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it.”

It wasn’t the words the shocked me, it was the fact that they were spoken by a female.

Before I had a chance to do or say anything the woman was out of the row and making her way up the aisle. I reached down to the floor to grab my wet and discarded underwear, it was easier to move my feet and free them than it was to pull them back on so I did that and placed them in my hand bag. I then grabbed my drink, stood up and chased the women out of the cinema.

When I stepped into the foyer I looked around and while there was a number of people milling around they were mostly teenagers. I couldn’t even see some one walking away as if there was fleeing something. I made a bee line for the doors and stepped out on the side walk, looked left, look right and although I could see plenty of people none appeared to be the girl I was looking for.

Saddened I couldn’t find her I cancelled my date, but I have since been back to the cinema five times and waited nervously


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  1. The fact that it turned out to be a woman in the end made the story 10x better for me. Oh the possibilities had this been in a luxury theater with reclining seats! Still, she did enjoy a good butter finger. 😉

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  2. Great ending! I’ve only been to the theatre twice by myself. I watched the movie both times. One of them was ‘Barbarella’. I had to go and see that, when I was a teen, I wasn’t allowed to watch the laser disc version!

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          1. Huh, you should see how many fans there are humming away in this office. And yes – the heating is still on too – hence why we have to leave the windows open. Mad Dogs and Englishmen! 🙂

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      1. Did you read my ‘Pretty lady on a train the ending’, You liked ‘she let me………..’ so I was really hoping you’d read ❤ and OH yes we all do!

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