Ride Hard: Dianne Goes Home

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I rocked up to Mom and Dad’s just after 5pm, I hadn’t gone home first, there was no need Mom and Dad definitely weren’t the formal type. When I pulled into the driveway I saw Dad coming out of the garage, since he retired it’s like his outdoor living space, he waved and walked towards the car. I switched off the engine, grabbed my hand bag and exited the car and before I was completely out I could hear Dad’s voice.

“Sounds like she needs a service!”

He was of course talking about the car and not his daughter and it was a comment he made nearly every time I saw him whether the car had been serviced a day before or a month before. I think he did it because it was the most polite way he could think of to remind me that a car needed servicing, he’d no doubt say the same think to Mom if she drove was well.

“Thanks for the reminder Dad. How have you been?”

I hugged Dad and gave him a kiss on the cheek before heading inside to say hello to Mom. Once inside coffee was brewed, despite it being so close to dinner time, and we all sat down at the kitchen table for our semi regular catch up. Mom told me all about my cousins, aunties, uncles, her best friends, their children, their children’s children and just about everyone else on the planet, like most Mom’s can do. While Dad told me about some of his latest projects in the shed which included building a new book shelf for the family room and repairing the outdoor setting which Mom had been asking him to repair for twelve months. But still he was proud of his efforts.

Although she wasn’t being rude during Dad’s news catch up Mom got up and started to organized dinner, she’d been preparing it since I invited myself earlier in the afternoon. It wasn’t a lavish affair but Mom always loved to put on a bit of a feast when she had visitors and she swore to me that the roast pork was actually what she ‘d been planning for dinner even before I rang. When Dad joked about her mysterious trip down to the shops just after she got off the phone to me Mom told him to be quiet. It was light hearted banter that years of marriage and a willingness to understand your partner created.

Like most of Mom’s meals dinner was lovely, it had all the trimmings and of course there was way to much for the three of us to eat. Although we did talk while we ate the conversation was light and only required short answers but wasn’t until we were clearing the plates that I realized through all the news and chit chat I hadn’t been asked the details of my life.

If I was being honest with myself part of the reason I invited myself to Mom and Dad’s was so I could tell them about Jack, not every intimate detail, but at least tell them I was dating someone. It wasn’t that I had a desire to share my personal life or that I was boasting about having a personal life it was just that I thought the news was better coming from me rather than one of the many people Mom and Dad knew who might see me out with Jack.

By the time dessert was finished and Mom was again brewing coffee I decided I would just come out with the news, no beating around the bush, no spinning long stories just straight out with it.

As Mom placed the tray of coffee mugs on the table in front of us I just blurted it out. “I met someone!”

“Congratulations darling.” Dad said but was drowned out by Mom’s voice.

“What? Who is he? Do I know him? Where did you meet him? Is he nice? What does he do?”

“Rose, settle down, I’m sure Dianne will tell us all about him if you give her a chance!” Dad said with a smile on his face.

Of course I expected nothing less from Mom, she’s not a true gossip in that she doesn’t share all her wonderful stories with the whole world but she does love getting that information from people in the first place.

“His name is Jack. He’s cute.”

“Oh I’m glad we got to the important stuff first.” Dad interrupted.

“There’s more.” I replied with a smile before continuing. “He’s tall, he’s funny, he rides a motorbike.”

“What? Oh Dianne, you can’t be dating one of those hoodlums!”

Of course it was Mom’s over reaction, but I think getting that reaction was part of the reason I said what I said, the way I said it.

“Relax Rose, I’m sure she will be happy with the Sons!”

Dad’s reference to the Sons was of course a reference to the hit series Sons Of Anarchy which he’d recently binge watched. Mum hated the bikes, the swearing, the violence and the death and she refused to watch it, but that didn’t mean she didn’t occasionally see what was going on on the screen.

“Dad! I said his name was Jack, not Jaxx, I haven’t joined Sons, I joined Hells Angels.” I said with a smirk knowing that I shouldn’t really be baiting my mother like I was.

As expected my mother took the comment seriously and as she immediately started to express her dislike of my choice in men I couldn’t stand it any more I burst out laughing, so did Dad.

“Mom, please, relax. I haven’t joined any motorcycle gang. Jack isn’t an outlaw biker and your little girl couldn’t be happier with the choices she’s made.”

“But he still has a motorbike.”

“Well actually he about 100 of them.” I heard Mom gasp quietly before Dad interrupted.

“I think you better give your mother the full story before she has a fit. She’s not like us she can’t joke and be silly when she thinks her daughter’s well being is at stake.”

“Oh so you can laugh at my life choices can you Dad?” I said with a grin.

“Of course I can. Besides once you’re a full blown bikers mole, you can get me discounts on all my drugs!”

“We prefer the term ‘Old Lady.’ Dad!” I said throwing up some air quotes for the fun of it.

We laughed for a few moments before Mom broke the laughter and told us to stop kidding around and tell the full story or she was going to walk out

“I’m sorry Mom,” I said genuinely meaning it. “Jack isn’t part of any gang, he owns RichCraft Custom Cycles, he creates creates bikes.”

“That big place down near the freeway on ramp?” Dad asked.

“Yes, that’s that place.”

“Damn, that’s huge. I hear he’s a whiz with custom bikes.”

“What would you know about bikes, Nick?” Mom asked as if Dad was telling fib.

If I hadn’t stepped in between them at that point it would have ended in one of those marital bliss type arguments where Mom claimed one thing, Dad claimed the opposite and thirty minutes later no one knew what they were arguing about. So instead I defused the situation by giving them a run down on my new boyfriend and instead of a thirty minute argument we had twenty minute chat about Jack Richards. Which was handy since he was my new favorite topic.

“So when do we get to meet him?” Dad asked when the conversation came to a natural close.

“Yes, how about you invite him for dinner on the weekend?” Mom replied quickly.

“Whoa, back the horse up people!” I said. “It’s not that I don’t love the two of you but I’m not sure we are ready for a meet the family type dinner date yet.”

While Dad was less disagreeable with such a concept Mom of course could not see any reason why Jack wouldn’t want to have dinner with them. But after a few minutes I was able to talk her down and even if we weren’t in agreement she at least accepted my choice.

“I promise we’ll both come soon, just let me get to know him a bit better myself before I subject him to my wonderful parents.”

The wonderful comment worked a treat and Mom calmed down almost instantly.

It’s rarely a late night at Mom and Dad’s and once the conversation about Jack wound up there wasn’t much else to catch up with which meant I was on my way home by 9:45pm after a great night catching up.


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