By the swimming pool

It started out in the swimming pool, his name was Gerry Blossom. Tanned muscular body, 6 pack abs that rippled his skin, pecks big enough to fill my hand, a 3 day growth, luscious lips and shoulder length blonde hair and that was just the top half. Below the belt, not that he had one on, was a pair of wonderfully toned legs that could wrap around you like a boa constrictor and a dick that seemed have a mind of it’s own, at least that’s the way it felt inside me.

Standing against the edge of the pool we were looking stupidly into each others eyes, we both knew was was going to happen, it always did when we were alone in the pool. As soon as our lips met his hands worked at removing my two piece bathing suit. By the time he had my top untied and in his hands I decided to do the same thing and remove his shorts but when I pushed my hands down to his waist I realized there was no waist band, he was already naked. I had no idea when he removed his shorts but I took advantage of his nakedness and wrapped my hand around his thick cock.

Our deep and passionate kiss lasted until we were both out of breath by which time his dick was rock hard in my hand and his hand was gently caressing the increasing wetness between my legs. His fingers rubbed my clit as I stood there surrounded in water and moaning quietly into his ear.

I moved my hand the full length of his shaft, from the base all the way to onto the silky smooth head when I let my long thumb nail flick the very tip sending little shock waves into his groin. At the same time as my hand worked his length his fingers slid up and down my lips, rubbing through the folds of skin, caressing the wetness and rolling my clit between them.

When I pulled away from him I used my hand and arms on the edge of the pool and pushed myself upward. Once my ass was out of the water I twisted my torso and sat on the edge of the pool.

“Come here!” I whispered as I put my hand on the back of his head persuaded him towards me.

He didn’t need any further instruction when it came to licking my pussy he was the best I’d had. His attention to detail, his concentration and his staying power as his tongue worked it’s magic was unparalleled. The way he nibbled my clit and the way he made sure to let his thumb do the work in the same spot when he finally inserted that tongue inside me was something I’d never found in any other lover.

After nearly ten minutes of his tongue and lips doing there work I was grasping the edge of the pool with both hands, I’m sure my knuckles would have been white the grip was that tight, and I was lifting my hips from the tiled edging, but Gerry wasn’t stopping. By the time I came I wasn’t only moaning loudly my body was shaking and I was clamping his head between my legs.

Although the pool often started our sex sessions it rarely finished them, sex in the pool just didn’t do it for me, sex in the spa did for some reason though. Standing up I walked towards the spa, Gerry knew exactly what I was doing and swam in the same direction.

I allowed Gerry to get into the spa first watching as the water dripped off his naked body, watching as his thick erect dick bounced with every step. As soon as he sat down on the spa’s seat I climbed in, my legs either side of his.

I lowered myself onto his thick tool and began kissing him, I felt every wonderful inch of him slide inside me, my pussy muscles surrounding him and encouraging him all the way. As the water bubbled and steamed around us he thrust his hips to mine ramming himself inside my wet hole. We kissed, moaned and writhed against each other.

I’m not entirety sure why sex in the spa was such a turn on because more often than not we didn’t finished in then same spot as we started and this time was no different.

I stood up, turned, grabbed the hand rail next to the steps and stood up on the first step leaving my bare ass exposed to Gerry. He didn’t need an invite and before I had a chance to grab another breath Gerry was behind me and sliding himself in from behind. There is something about a big throbbing cock ramming into me from behind that makes finishing off quick and within minutes the two of us were orgasming loudly and releasing.

Damn I hate swimming pools!!


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