CopyCat Cafe: Kat fights back

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I stood between the kitchen and the dinning room table dumbfounded and silent. It had nothing to do with the fact that I was standing in her house barely dressed, she’d seen me half naked before. It had nothing to do with the fact that Simon and I had spent the night together in their ‘separated’ house. It didn’t even have anything to do with the fact that she was suppose to be away for the weekend. It had everything to do with those words she had just spoken about Simon not signing the divorce papers, and she knew it!

“You know we aren’t divorced? He never signed the paperwork!”

The words rang though my head as silence filled the room. Even she could tell that silence at such a point was more powerful than actually saying anything. There was no way I was going to reach for that piece of paper, I didn’t want to see what was, or was not, written on it, my mind was already running at a million miles per hour. Thoughts of coffee far from my mind I turned tail and headed back to the bedroom, I didn’t know what I was going to say to Simon but I certainly wasn’t going to say anything to her.

I wasn’t storming through the house, to some degree I think my mind expected something like this and had somewhat come to terms with it before it actually happened, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t pissed off. As I entered the room I saw Simon sitting up in the bed, his back against the headboard, he was wearing no top and a huge smile.

“Morning baby! Come back to bed, I’ve got a growing surprise for you under the sheets.”

“No Simon,” I said as calmly as I could reaching for my pants and bra which were strewn near the door.

He obviously knew something was wrong. “What wrong babe?”

I said nothing as I pulled my pants up my legs. At the same time he threw the sheets back and got out of bed. He was completely naked, he wasn’t aroused but I had to turn away as he approached so I wasn’t looking at his dangling manhood. He sat down next too me and put his arm around me, I flinched.

“Babe, what’s happened, what’s changed, did I do something wrong? Honestly I didn’t mean too.” My silence had him fishing for things to say. “If you tell me what I did I can fix it. Did I snore? Was it something else I did? Wasn’t it good? Baby please talk to me.”

As much as I found a little bit of humour in the game I couldn’t keep him languishing, besides I really did want an answer. Well actually what I really wanted was to get the hell out of there, but I wanted to give him the chance to tell me why he’d lied to me first. I know it’s more than some women would give the guy but he had been honest with me up until now and my head wanted to know why he’d lied about what was perhaps the most important thing.

“I was just handed your divorce papers Simon!” I decided to only give him that much of an explanation to see where he would go with such information

I could see the shock on his face as he replied. “What? How? Who?”

“Who do you think Simon? Although that’s not really the issue is it?”

“What? She’s home? I’ll kill her!”

I was putting my shoes on and only seconds from making my exit, yet the guy still didn’t appear to want to answer the burning question.

“Simon I don’t care about her, well I do but not right now, all I care about is why you lied to me?”

“Lied about what?”

Was he playing or was he actually unaware of what I was referring to having mentioned the divorce papers? He looked serious, didn’t look like he was hiding anything, he looked genuinely confused.

“Kat, what has she done now? ”

“Well apart from the fact that she’s home and saw me walking through the house in my underwear.”

“She’s not suppose to be home, she told me she’d be gone all weekend.” he interrupted

“Simon you are ignoring the most important part. SHE HANDED ME YOUR DIVORCE PAPERS!” I wasn’t yelling, because I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of hearing us talk, but I was stern.

“How? We haven’t got them back from the lawyer yet.”

“That’s not what she said as she slid them across the table to me.”

“Why did she do that?” He asked, the look on his face was one of genuine confusion.

“She had great pleasure in telling me YOU hadn’t signed the divorce papers.”

“What? Of course I did, we both had to sign them in front of the lawyer.”

“She showed them to me.”

“Did you actually see what was on the paper?”

It was at that moment I remembered, I deliberately hadn’t picked the papers up before walking away. I hadn’t actually seen what it was she slid towards me. I’d taken her word that it was what she said it was. What’s worse was that Simon was telling me she couldn’t have the papers she claimed and my anger was misguided.

“Well no, I refused to look, I just assumed.” I was struggling to justify my anger towards Simon.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Simon said as he stood up and walked out the door.

For the next few minutes I heard raised and angry voices. I sat on the bed fully dressed and ready to leave as soon as I could get out. Through the raised voices and arguing I heard her make reference to their house, doing as she liked and coming and going as she pleased and I heard him make reference to her rudeness and her inability to let him go. When he walked back into the bedroom he was carrying a piece of paper.

“I’m so sorry Kat.” He started. “She promised me and she broke that promise. And not that it’s any excuse but these are the papers she had.” he showed them to me. “They are the permissions slips from the kids school, nothing to do with the divorce.”

I felt like such a fool, not only had I let her get to me but I’d let her play me. She knew I wouldn’t pick up the papers and read them, she knew I wouldn’t call her out. I was so angry with myself but I tried not to let it show.

Needless to say there was no coffee and no breakfast. By the time I had calmed down, apologised to Simon for jumping to the wrong conclusion and told him I was leaving, we were back on good terms. As he walked me to the door SHE was still sitting at the dinning room table, almost as if waiting for a standing ovation for what she did. It was almost as if she was sitting and waiting to pick up any broken pieces.

I was just about to step out the door when I decided to show her that she wasn’t getting to me.

“Would you like to come around for dinner tonight?” I asked.

The look on Simon’s face was one of shock but the look on her face was priceless, she’d obviously thought she’d won whatever game she was playing and my finishing move rocked her little boat.

“Umm, OK. The kids will be home by lunch time. I’ll spend the afternoon with them and then come around about 6?”

“Sounds great! I’ll put a bottle of wine on ice.” I said and considered giving him a kiss goodbye but decided against it as I stepped out the door


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