Rock Hard: Christie goes for a drive

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After my brain posed the question about Adam and I being forever doomed to the friend’s zone I could have punched it because I knew it was a thought that was just not going to go away easy. Having set the alarm early I knew I had enough time for a shower before Dean showed up for the early morning chat I had requested. Despite the way he left my room in the early hours of the morning I was sure he wasn’t going to forget my request, my only doubt was whether or not he’d remember to set his alarm because he would surely sleep late if he wasn’t woken up.

I dawdled my way to the bathroom to get the shower out of the way, usually I’d take a long, warm, steamy shower to kick myself into gear for the coming day but with Dean’s impeding arrival I decided to make the shower quick. I was in an out in less than twenty minutes, I told you I was quick. Given that we would be spending the day on the road I only did the bare essentials in the make up department and as I walked out to the main part of the room dressed only in a towel I had already decided on my attire for the day. Thanks to my pre-planning I was dressed and waiting for Dean in less than ten minutes.

I was packing up the last of my things and organizing my bags when I heard the rumble of a large engine outside my room. I wasn’t that up on cars but to me it sounded like 5.2 liter 526 horsepower V8 housed in a 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 shell, but I could have been wrong. I decided to look out the window and see how close I was. Pulling back the blinds so I could see the car park it was hard not to notice the dark, metallic silver beast with two blue stripes running up and over the top of it.

The car was beautiful, the sleek lines, the genuine, tough, muscle car look and the word Shelby written across the bottom front spoiler just confirmed that, however the biggest surprise about seeing the beautiful beast park at my door was that Dean was sitting behind the wheel. Letting the curtains drop I walked to the door and opened it, Dean was getting out of the car.

Leaning on the roof and the open door as I stepped out he said, “Chuck all your gear in the bus, you are I are going on a road trip today!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Just get in the car,” he ordered.

Ten minutes later we were both sitting in the Mustang and cruising down the open road, we’d left the band behind, we’d left the tour bus behind and we’d left Adam behind and I was not feeling the least bit of guilt. The Mustang was a beautiful ride and if Dean didn’t let me drive it before the day was out I would seriously have to consider how much I wanted him as my brother. Since getting in the car we’d barely spoken, we were both enjoying the ride too much.

Because I knew our destination for the night was Pensacola I had no idea why Dean was headed for Blountstown and not out along Highway 10 which I would have thought was the most direct route, but he obviously had something planned and we had plenty of time so I asked nothing about the trip. I did however start a conversation, partly to see where his head was at and partly because if I didn’t take my mind off wanting to drive the Mustang I was going to go crazy.

“So have you had a chance to think about what we said last night? ‘Specially the fact that sacking Adam is not as easy as you seemed to suggest?”

“Yeah I know what you’re saying.” he was definitely in a better mood than last night. “I still don’t regret slugging him for what he did, but you were right there is more to it than that.”

Part of the problem I was having was that I couldn’t argue about what Adam deserved. I’m not a violent person but less than twelve hours before I’d caught him in the bathroom with two girls on their knees, he’d been doing all but admitting his undying love for me. From whoa to go so quickly, I almost felt like hitting him myself.

“So apart from renting a muscle car, I presume you rented it and didn’t do something as stupid as buying it?” He nodded, “what else did you come up with.” I asked.

“Not much.”

He went on to explain that he didn’t want to get rid of Adam, that Adam had hurt him as well and that Adam probably deserved to explain things in his own words.

“I need to let him explain what was going on?” I asked in confusion.

“No, that’s not quite what I was saying. Don’t get me wrong there is no reasonable excuse for what he did but to resolve whatever issue is around us I think we all need to talk and that means he gets a chance to explain things as well.”

I knew he was right. I didn’t want to get rid of Adam either, he was a good sound engineer and when we were firing all of us together made Magnhild shine, not that the other guys and girls in the band and crew didn’t help but it was our band. I decided to change topic and go back to the most important one.

“So when are you going to let me drive this beast?”

“I wasn’t planning on letting you get behind the wheel.” He said with a smarmy grin on his face.

“And when I got up this morning I wasn’t planning to rip your head off, but things can change!”

Dean laughed and told me to relax back in the seat and enjoy the ride, he then told me I could drive later in the trip. I did hear him mutter the words “if you behave” under his breath but decided to let the comment fly.

A little over two hours later we pulled into the small coastal town of Rosemary Beach, I still had no idea why we’d taken the scenic route but I had to admit whatever Dean had paid to give us a road trip for the day was money well spent. It wasn’t until Dean pulled the car up out the front of a house on Paradise by the Sea Boulevard that I started to get a feeling of deja-vu but I couldn’t figure out why.

“Do you remember this place?” he asked me as he looked out the window towards the sea.

“Something is ringing bells but I just can’t place it.” I responded.

“Perhaps you’d remember it without that house being there?” He was pointing to a house to our left.

It looked like two separate houses with a pool between them. Neither place looked very memorable, well not to me anyway, but I couldn’t shake the idea that something was triggering a memory or two. Dean had obviously realized the look on my face meant I was drawing blanks.

“Try imagining it without either building there and instead a large tan concrete…”

That was as far as he needed to go before my brain kicked in. “Oh. My. God!” I said.

“That’s right, this is the place we stayed in when we were kids, our first real holiday. The house was fully furnished and we found those instruments.”

“Damn, we couldn’t have been more than five years old.” I said as memories flooded back.

“You were five, I was seven. Mum and dad went batshit crazy when we found those guitars and started playing with them, but we wouldn’t listen.”

“We must have played those things solid for the three weeks we were here.” I said.

“Yep, and barely put one down since then.” he added.

We sat in the car day dreaming about the origins of our band, our music and where it all began for more than thirty minutes. Whoever lived in the houses, if they knew we were there, must have wondered what they hell we were doing just sitting there but we didn’t care.

I got to drive the Mustang for the afternoon leg of our journey and I have to say I was not let down by the experience. The car was not only a pleasure to drive it was a beast. It handled beautifully, responded quickly and clung to the road like it was stuck there. More than once I told Dean how good it was of him to hire such a great car.

When we arrived in Pensacola the band and crew had already arrived, which was fair enough given they’d taken the direct route and not stopped for lunch and a walk down memory lane. We drove straight to the motel where the band was staying, we stopped at the tour bus to talk to our manager, and to show off the car. The rooms had already been allotted and our gear had been unloaded for our over night stay into those rooms. After a little bit of bragging with the boys and showing the car off I parked it out the front of my room.

“I’ll take the car back in an hour or so.” Dean said to me as we got out of the car and headed to our rooms. I just wanted to lay down and have a rest before sound check so I agreed with a nod of the head.

I stepped into my room, and walked over to the bed. On the bed was my two overnight bags and the suit bag I kept Hella’s costume in. On top of one of the bags was a piece of paper. I didn’t need to open the Paper to read what was written on it, the writing was clear to see.

My dearest Christie,
I am so sorry for all of this.
We need to talk.
There was more to the situation than what you saw.
Please babe come and talk to me
Love Adam.♥♥♥♥

At first I didn’t want to even touch the note, but after a few seconds I realized that was just a stupid reaction to a stupid situation. My day of reminiscing had shown me that the band, the music and those involved were my life and nothing Adam did was going to change that.

I grabbed the note, screwed it up and threw it to the bin that was sitting on the floor near the bathroom. I missed but I wasn’t worried. If running along memory lane did anything for me it was reassure me that I was not going to let the band down, and the first step in doing that was having a little nap before sound check. I’d deal with Adam if and when I had to but a bit of shut eye was the priority.


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  1. I loved this chapter. I have always, and continue to take drives when I need to clear my head. It is similar to running, without all the heavy breathing. Good chapter. : )

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    1. I’ve never considered driving and running to be similar and if it’s all the same to you I wont start now. I don’t think I want to run down the high way to work everyday 🙂

      And thanks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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