What’s Behind The Chair?

My boyfriend had this annoying little habit, he’d begin foreplay by tickling me. Under the arms got me every time, made me squirm and thrash around. The second he started doing it I would jump in shock, then I’d get used to it just a little bit but if he didn’t stop after about thirty seconds I was completely lost. I have to admit it was the perfect lead in to him rubbing his stubbled face against my neck which drove me FUCKING insane as I approached orgasm, but if it lasted much more than thirty seconds I couldn’t be held responsible for what happened.

We had the house to ourselves, Kirk’s brother was at Uni and the two of us were enjoying a day off work. We’d been lazing away all day in the basement where Kirk kept his video game collection and a large screen TV as well as the usual laundry items like the washer and dryer. I know when I describe it like that it kind of sounds like Kirk is 16 years old and still lives at home with his parents, he hates it when I do it too, but that’s not the case. His parents have retired to Florida and Kirk and Jack who didn’t want to move out took over the house from them.

We’d not long ago turned the Xbox off and Kirk was returning to the lounge suite after a trip to the bathroom. I was lounged back with my head leaning on my arm and crooked elbow and my feet up on the couch. I don’t really know what possessed him to do it but he came back into the room with his zipper open swirling his semi hard cock around in circles.

“I found you a present babe!” He said as he approached the lounge.

“Looks like it’s a size or two too small, maybe you should take it back.” I replied cheekily.

“Wow you really know how to deflate a guy’s ego.”

So much for deflating his ego he didn’t stop approaching me and with only inches between my face and his dick I could easily tell it was still growing.

“Doesn’t looked deflated to me. Did you pump it up in the bathroom?”

It was at that moment he jumped on top of me. Actually when I say jumped I don’t me he leaped from a standing start and crashed on top of me, he gave me enough of a chance to roll onto my back and it was more of a flop.

”Got you now” he said.

”And what are you going to do with me.” I asked.

“Have my way with you.”

“Which way is that? Over and done with before my knickers even get warm.”

Sometimes our foreplay was more words than it was anything else, however it was at that time Kirk decided it was time to tickle me. As I suggested I like it, but I don’t, but I do, but he does it anyway, although he hasn’t done it since that afternoon because the instant he stuck his fingers down into my arm pits I flinched, lifted my knee and inadvertently rammed my rising knee into his balls. Now I promise you I didn’t laugh, well not much anyway, but I did apologize and try to be sympathetic as he rubbed his balls.

Even without him telling me that he deserved sex for such an act and that he needed to test everything to make sure his bits worked I still felt a little bit guilty. I was going to have sex with him before the incident but there was no way that I could refuse him once he recovered and stopped rubbing himself.

Clothes on the floor and my laying on my back on the couch Kirk climbed on top of me, I could feel him regaining his stiffness. He rubbed his dick against my clit, pushing it downward rubbing my moistening lips as it went. I was surprised how wet I was given the hilarious nature of our foreplay, perhaps I really, really felt sorry for him.

Kirk teased my pussy with his dick rubbing my lips, pushing it against my clitoris, teasing my waiting hole. When he finally entered me I was almost begging for it. I put my arms around his neck and dragged his lips to mine, we kissed hard and passionate, his tongue circling my mouth and dancing with mine.

He broke the kiss and moved his lips to my neck, the instant I felt his stubble scratch against my neck I moaned, lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. I began to use my legs to meet Kirk’s thrust pulling him hard and fast back into me each time he slid outward. We fucked like that until we were both panting in each others ears.

“Cum with me,” I panted into his ear, “Cum now.”

Kirk didn’t need encouragement and within several thrust the two of us were orgasming together.

“What the fuck.” a shocked Kirk said lifting his head and looking towards the stairs after hearing a quiet thump upstairs. “It’s Jack, what the hell is he doing home so early?”

I didn’t even have time to long for the loss when he pulled himself out of me and before I knew what was going on he was up and gathering his clothes. So I did the same thing, holding my legs together I rolled off the couch onto all fours and began to pick up my own clothes. Since Kirk was busying himself with getting dressed my plan was going to be to grab my clothes and crawl quickly to the bathroom but that didn’t work.

“Oh shit! He’s coming down stairs!” I heard Kirk say as we heard the door at the top of the stairs open.

I knew I couldn’t Commit to the trip to the bathroom, the only choice I had was to dart around the back of the chair in the corner, clothes in hand and hide behind it.

Now the women folk out there who are reading this can probably guess what the problem with my situation was but for the guys who haven’t figured it out think about this. After you’d had your fun and ‘left your mark’ so to speak what do you think happens to that?

Still working it out?

Well let me help you. Picture this, if you can.

Me sitting naked behind the reclining chair on plush black carpet listing to my boyfriend and his brother shoot the breeze. A warm, wet gooey little mixture of lust uncontrollably dribbling from between my legs.

In eight months I still haven’t been brave enough to look behind that chair again.


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          1. You’re very welcome. Although, if you turn out to be 36 stone dustbin-man with BO and a twitch (not that I have anything against 36 stone dustbin-men with BO and twitches – they are actually the salt of the earth) then I might change my answer. 😉
            Kindness – Robert.

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