Ride Hard: Morning Call

Continues from here.

I actually spent a full day without seeing Jack, if I was a paranoid sort of person I’d have started thinking the worst, I mean he’s resistant about spending the night, then as soon as he does we don’t see each other. Who wouldn’t be paranoid, it’s the sort of thing movies are made of. I guess the fact that I’m sharing such information shows I was a little bit paranoid but it definitely wasn’t riding me.

While it was a full day without visual contact we did speak on the phone, the first time, when he rang to tell me about his meeting you know about but it was the second call which was I will remember for a long time to come.

The second call came in just after 7am, not normally a time I like to answer my phone even if I am awake and thinking about getting ready for work. As usual my phone was sitting beside the bed, I use it as an alarm clock sometimes when I think I’ll need it, but it usually doesn’t ring and when I heard it start, because I don’t use assigned ring tones my first thought was that it was my alarm going off. When I grabbed it to stop the ringing I realized that it was actually the alert for an incoming call, what’s more the call was from Jack.

“Hello,” I said as I answered the phone still slightly shocked that I was receiving a call so early and not quite switched on.

“Good morning Starshine!”

Hearing his voice so early in the morning it wasn’t hard for me to imagine he was laying in the bed next to me.

“And a very good morning to you,” I tried to think of something sweet to call him in response to his Starshine comment but I just wasn’t quick enough. It’s not that I didn’t have plenty of words to use for such a situation, it was more that I was surprised by what he said and with nothing prepared nothing my head came up with in that split second sounded right.

“I just wanted to be the first to say good morning to you!” Jack said.

I nearly didn’t have a response, I was too shocked to hear the words he spoke. No man I had ever known had done such a thing and especially not after only a few dates. Was it romantic? You bet, it was so damn romantic that I found myself longing for him to be laying there with me.

“Are you still there?” I heard him ask.

“Ah, yeah, yes!” I stammered my way back into the conversation. “Yes, sorry I’m still here.”

“Are you ok? Did I wake you?”

I’d recovered enough to talk without needing to think about every word. “I’m good, better than good and no you didn’t wake me but you did take me by surprise.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, I’m the one that should be sorry, for acting so weird. You are being the most romantic person I have ever met Mr Jack Richards.” It was his turn for silence so I continued.. “No one has ever rung me to say good morning and as shocked as I was that my phone was ringing at such an early hour it was one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve ever had. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. How was your evening?”

As I lay in bed wishing Jack was beside me I told him about having dinner with my parents, the conversation about me seeing someone, Mom’s reaction and Dad’s and my silliness that gave Mom that reaction. Jack laughed and was genuinely interested in the conversation even when I told him the part about my parents wanting to met him.

“We should organize that for sometime soon.” he told me, referring to dinner with my parents.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah why not, they sound like fun.”

“But they are my parents, they could ask you all sorts of embarrassing questions. If Mom can get over the Hell’s Angels ideas she’ll probably be asking you when you plan to marry me and give her grand kids.” I said knowing that I was pulling his leg a little bit.

“I think I can handle it Dianne, and getting to know them is getting to know you better.”

Again I was shocked by Jack’s words but instead of saying something I changed the conversation and asked about his evening. He told me that it was an evening of shop talk which resulted in an extension of a business contract, some new work and that there was even the possibility of some new contacts that could see even more work coming his way.

“Wow, with all this new work I’ll never see you.” Thinking back the comment sounded a little more self centered than I wanted it to sound but Jack either didn’t think the same or he didn’t comment.

“That’s what I have staff for and if I need more staff so I can see you I’ll hire an entire army of people!”

We spoke for a few minutes more before I told Jack I really did need to get myself moving if I was going to make work on time. As it was I was going to have to go without breakfast, which wasn’t a huge concern given that I could find something when I got there but I didn’t want to be late.

“No worries Dianne, I don’t want to make you late, I just rang up to hear your sweet voice to start my day.I shall talk to you later.”

We both said goodbye and rang off and which time my mind went into over drive as I got off the bed and started to organize my clothes for the day.

“Dammit Jack Richards, what the hell is wrong with you that I can’t see? There is no one this bloody perfect!”

I arrived at work only five minutes late, as I am the only one who uses the front car park I wasn’t surprised to see no other cars when I arrived. I was sure Bill wouldn’t be too concerned about my five minute tardiness but I was kind of hoping he hadn’t beaten me to the office on the one day I was late. I unlocked and walked in the front door, a door that we don’t use for customers because it leads them past Bill’s office and not straight to reception, and made my way to my desk.

Walking down the hallway I could smell something, something out of place but I wasn’t exactly sure what it was because it seemed to be multiple smells melded together. As I exited the hallway I got my answer. Sitting on my desk in front of my computer was a stack of pancakes and syrup. Sitting next to my desk was Jack, in front of him was another stack of pancakes and standing near the window leaning on the bench that ran the length of the wall, with his own pancakes, was Bill.

“I bought you pancakes!” Bill called from his perch.

“And this bloke sitting at my desk is the delivery boy right?” I replied as I put my bag down on the floor next to my desk.

“No idea who he is, as soon as the smell of pancakes filled the room he just appeared there and demanded I feed him, maybe he’s an illusion.”

Jack sat silently in his seat smiling and enjoying the game. I looked directly at him and spoke. “It’s so nice of you to bring breakfast, but you shouldn’t feed the animals, it just encourages them.”

We all laughed, I thought Bill was going to try for a come back but he didn’t.

After a minute or so of conversation I told both men I was going to eat my pancakes before they got cold, they both agreed. Bill excused himself and ate in his office leaving both Jack and I to eat breakfast together, if it wasn’t for the noise of the plant, the dirt and dust and the office environment it would have been romantic.


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