CopyCat Cafe: Dinner For Two

Continues from here.

The rest of my Sunday was spent relaxing, only a few times I thought about my silly mistake of letting HER get to me. It was obvious to me that Simon wasn’t holding it against me given that he’d accepted the dinner invite so quickly, but that was hardly surprising, he’d lived with the crazy woman for more than enough years to know she was capable of playing silly games.

A number of times I thought about the previous night, they were of course pleasant thoughts, thoughts that brought a smile to my face and made my mind feel all mushy. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling was love but it was definitely lust and the psychical attraction was definitely there. I had no idea what was going to happen after dinner but I certainly wasn’t going to stop anything.

At 3pm I got up with the thought of preparing dinner, I really didn’t know what Simon liked and disliked but I felt safe going with chicken and vegetables. I wasn’t going to try anything fancy for the first meal, I’d add a few herbs and spices for taste but I wouldn’t show of my true skill in the kitchen until I knew where Simon’s tastes fell.

At 5pm with dinner prepared and ready to be cooked I ducked into the bedroom to get dressed, I hadn’t given Simon a dress code but I wasn’t going to have him turn up for a dinner date with me in my Sunday frumpies that I’d changed into when I got home. Checking the clock on my bedside table I knew I had time for a shower before Simon was due to arrive so I did exactly that.

Washed, clean and dry I stepped out of the bathroom naked and in search of clothes. My first stop was the underwear drawer to retrieve my red lace knickers and matching red bra. Both were extremely skimpy and left little to the imagination, but if Simon got a chance to see me in so little he wasn’t going to need his imagination anyway! After the underwear I picked a tight fitting, but easy wearing blue dress, I know red and blue don’t necessarily make for a good pairing but I figured Simon wasn’t going to see the two of them together anyway.

Next I did the usual make-up and hair routine, I wasn’t a glamour puss or anything like that but I did make a little effort with eye liner, blush and a nice perfume. Before I left the bedroom I checked the clock and saw it was 5:45pm, I knew Simon wouldn’t be late and the extra 15 minutes gave me enough time to do one last check of dinner.

Sure enough Simon wasn’t late, he was seven minutes early, but I didn’t mind I was ready. We did the usual greeting of a dating couple, a strong and deep kiss in the open doorway before the break to allow him to enter. I offered Simon a drink, I wasn’t entirely sure about his tastes but I was prepared with a few options on hand, he choose the beer, so I did too.

Cooking started almost immediately and within half an hour we were sitting down at the table eating what I thought, and Simon agreed, was a nice meal of seasoned chicken and vegetables. During the meal I probed Simon for his likes and dislikes when it came to food, he mentioned a few things and I put them on a mental list for future reference.

Although I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the discussion I let Simon continue when he began to talk about how his ex didn’t want to spend dinner alone with the kids, didn’t want to have to cook for them and didn’t want to have to get them ready for bed. I was amazed at how little the woman wanted to do for her own kids, but at the same time I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a plea to stop Simon having a life away from the house. The kids had obviously survived this far with Simon at work the majority of the day so she wasn’t incompetent and didn’t hate her kids, but whether she was using them as a bargaining tool to keep Simon close was still a mystery to me.

Other than the slightly uncomfortable conversation dinner went great. I tried to convince myself that if I wanted to spend time with Simon I was going to have to put up with the occasional conversation about his ex and that the conversation was probably going to be negative, it didn’t help much but it go me through. Even though I insisted it was ok Simon didn’t rest until we were doing the dishes and cleaning up after ourselves, I admired him for that, but I didn’t really want to be doing the dishes, I wanted to be snuggled on the couch in his arms talking about nothing in particular.

Eventually I did get that wish and we were arm in arm on the couch. Although the conversation traveled towards his ex a few times the conversation was mostly cheerful and easy going and it at 9:17, yes I was watching the clock, when he leaned over and kissed me, I didn’t stop him.

The first time we didn’t even make the bed, we didn’t even make it undressed he took me on the couch with my dress pushed up to my waist and my underwear pushed to one side. It wasn’t a case of slam bam thank you ma’am, we kissed deeply and passionately, our hands crept over each others bodies, his lips caressed my neck, my hand gripped his shaft, his fingers gently rubbed and probed and then lust just took over the both of us and then it was slam bam thank you ma’am. Hard, deep thrusts, my hips meeting every one, our lips locked, our tongues dancing and our bodies entangled together in orgasmic pleasure.

The second time was not only in the bed but it was a little more sedate, a lot slower, a lot more passionate and a lot hotter. When Simon went down on me the feeling of his tongue probing my clit and rubbing gently against me wetness was like I’d never felt before, if this was pure lust I didn’t want love again! When I took him in my mouth I worked my lips up and down his shaft letting his moans and groans guide me. At the same time I caressed his balls with one hand and stroked him with the other, tasting his dribbling pre-cum as I brought him closer to orgasm.

By the time both of us had reached orgasm, both at the same time none the less, I’d lost count of the number of positions we’d been in, either that or my mind didn’t have the capacity to think that hard.

We lay on top of the sheets, Simon’s arm was around me and I was laying with my head on his chest. I asked him if he wanted to stay the night fully expecting him to say he had to get home to the kids but to my surprise he said yes and that’s the way we lay until 5:48am when I woke to the feeling of fingers gently pushing their way between my legs.

After round three we had breakfast, Simon even cooked. After breakfast we both shared a shower which consisted more of fondling and kissing than it did washing and cleaning. Then at 7:30am a washed and clean Simon decided he needed to head home to make sure the kids were ready for school and get his stuff ready for work. I agreed because I was thinking the same thing about work.

I decided I’d walk Simon some of the way home before diverting off in the direction of the cafe and leaving him headed for home, it was a pleasant morning and a walk with Simon was only going to add to it. That thought was in my mind right up until the moment we stepped out onto the front porch and a car drove past. It was almost as if the car had been waiting for us.

“Fucking bitch,” I heard Simon mutter as he looked at the car and raised his hand. “What the hell is she doing driving them to school this early?”

Although my brain probably should have figured it out by itself it took me looking up and seeing two kids in the back seat of the car waving to their father to realize exactly what he was so miffed about. It was that moment I cringed.

So our walk together wasn’t as entirely as pleasant as I first thought it would be and thoughts of his bitch of an ex would stay with me for a while but we did make the best of it and when we parted we parted on good terms with the promise to call each other and make further plans.


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