Rock Hard: Christie has a nap

Continues from here.

I was woken by the sound of the Mustang’s engine, I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 5:10pm, I wasn’t late for soundcheck but I did need to get my butt moving. I kicked myself off the bed and put my feet on the floor, out the corner of my eye I could see a white piece of paper similar to the one that had been left on my bags.

“Fuck it!” I thought, my mind not always as clean when it talks to itself as it is when others a present. “What’s he want now?”

I got up and padded over to the door, bent with my knees like the health experts say you should, and picked up the note. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized it was from Dean.

Taking the car back to the local dealer, going straight to soundcheck from there.
Stay cool, I’ll be there for you soon if you need me.
Love Dean”

Unlike the previous note Dean’s didn’t get screwed up and thrown at the bin, instead if got dropped next to my bags, it would no doubt end up in the same place as the last note but not with the same anger. It was nice of Dean to be looking out for me like he was, he was my brother and we did do things like that but Adam was also his friend and our business partner, working as a go-between, even if he hadn’t spoken to Adam must have been hard on him.

I sifted through my bags and yanked out some clothes, usually I wouldn’t bother changing before sound check but after our car trip and a snooze in the clothes I was wearing I decided I needed to change. Besides I felt more at home on stage, even at sound check, in something that wasn’t a casual blouse and slacks like I had been wearing all day. I selected an Iron Maiden Ace’s High shirt, black jeans and my black leather boots. I had every intention of returning to my room between sound check and the show so I decided not to take my stage gear.

The walk to the venue was only short, 5 minutes at a reasonable pace and when I arrived the band, minus Adam were waiting for me on stage. Adam rocked up only a few minutes after me and we hit the stage immediately. Sound check was a massive bitch, we struggled to get the right sound, the acoustics of the place just didn’t suit and we all took turns standing in different parts of the hall with and without our instruments listening to the sound and trying to pick the right settings.

Eventually we managed to get it right, well as right as we were going to get it but the time it took us meant that heading back to my room for a short nap was out of the question. It also meant that I was going to be eating with the rest of the band and crew but given that I hadn’t heard any snide comments, laughter or cheek from them I figured that providing I stayed far enough away from Adam I would be fine.

I’m not sure if Dean had warned Adam off or if he’d taken the hint himself but apart from the conversation during sound check, conversation that we required to complete our job, Adam didn’t approach me or try to talk to me. There was the usual laughter and cheerful banter around the table and from where I sat at the end of the table it really did feel like we were a band again. Everyone was getting along so well that I’d nearly forgotten about my private situation when I went up to the bar to get myself a drink and Jason walked up behind me.

“Christie, nothing happened yesterday.”

“Jason, please. Just leave it alone. I don’t want to hear anything from either of you. I just want everyone to remain quiet.”

Jason leaned on the bar next to me. “I’ve said nothing, neither has Adam, he’s too cut up about it.”

“Well maybe he should have thought of that before he went into that fucking bathroom!” I said hitting my anger level a little quicker than I wanted too but still not raising the volume of my voice.

As soon as my drink landed on the bar I thanked the bar tender, grabbed the glass and turned tail and began walking away. Before I’d made my second step I head Jason say, “I can…” but the rest of his sentence I missed as I kept walking.

‘At least he’s got the decency to keep his voice down I thought.’ as I returned to my seat and drank my scotch.

Once my drink was finished I decided to make my way back to my room and get dressed. One of the security guards from the venue offered to escort me but with such a short walk I told him I’d be fine and went on my way.

I expected a visitor whilst I was back in my room getting changed and I wasn’t let down, however the visitor was Dean so I was happy enough to let him in. As I headed back into the bathroom to finish my make up Dean spoke.

“Have you spoken to Adam yet?” He started with.

“No, and I have no intention of doing so right now.”

“You need to talk to him.”

I was getting a bit angry with people telling me I had to talk to Adam but Dean was my brother and he copped the brunt of my anger.

I walked out of the bathroom, make up finished and not worried by the fact that Dean would see his sister wearing only tight leather pants and a bra. “What the hell? He’s got in your ear too? You’re going to be his little whipping boy just like Jason tried to be before at the bar?”

“No Chris, I’m no one’s fucking whipping boy,” Dean’s temper and ability to use curse words were a bit different to mine.

“Please Dean just leave it.” I started. “I’ve had enough of the bullshit for now. I want to get ready for the show and concentrate of killing them tonight. I don’t need this on my mind.”

I saw a look of realization on Dean’s face as he decided I was right. “Ok, you’re right. I agree. But please promise me you’ll talk to Adam after the show.”

“We’ll see,” was all I said but Dean accepted it and headed back to his room.

The show was a great one, far better than I expected having had such a terrible soundcheck, we rocked the crowd and we rocked the venue, we even managed 3 encores. I took out quite a lot of my aggression on stage, which the crowd loved, and by the end of the show I was completely wrecked and all I wanted was to go back to my room and sleep until morning.

I did manage one drink with the band after the show and as Adam rocked up to join the table I excused myself and walked away. I could see the look on Adam’s face, it was one of sadness. I could also see the look on Dean’s face, it was one of disappointment, but I didn’t care I wanted sleep and I didn’t want to be near Adam.

Back in the room I went straight to the shower and washed away Hella for another 24 hours. Although I had every intention of getting some sleep I still didn’t bother drying my hair, I simple wrapped it in one towel, wrapped myself in another and walked out of the small bathroom and into the main room.

Even a blind man could have seen the phone with a sticky note stuck to it on the inside door mat. It had obviously been slid under the gap in the door and left in the hope that I had seen it. I walked over and tentatively picked it up. I read the note, it was signed by Jason.

Please watch the video on this phone.
(and answer it if anyone rings 🙂 )

I put the phone on the table and headed to bed, not caring that I was still only wrapped in two towels, and fell asleep.


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