Ride Hard: The accident.

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“I think you should marry him!” Bill said to me as he came out of his office for his morning coffee just after 10am.

“Oh shut up Bill!” I mocked, “You’re only saying that because he brought you pancakes.”

“Well you’ve gotta admit that’s a damn good reason. Cheryl wouldn’t bring me breakfast to work.”

“She doesn’t need too, she practically does everything but feed you your breakfast anyway!” My comment wasn’t entirely right Bill put Corn Flakes in the bowl and poured the milk on them all by himself but Cheryl laid everything else out of the table for him and made his morning coffee each and every morning when he got up.

“But I never get pancakes delivered!”

“Well maybe you should marry him as well as Cheryl. Best of both worlds and every day you can have two breakfasts and be a third wheel!”

“Yeah and then you’d get all whinny because I stole your motorcycle beefcake!”

After that comment he disappeared into the little kitchen to make his coffee and the conversation ended, well at least it did everywhere but in my mind.

I’m not sure how a typical woman’s mind works, I don’t have that many women who I’d consider typical in my life. But for me because things where going so well with Jack I was thinking of my future, our future. I’ve joked a few times with thoughts about my married life to Jack but the truth was those thoughts had entered my mind on more than a few occasions.

Did I want marriage? Yes of course I did. Did I want to be married to Jack? I didn’t know for sure. Jack was perfect in so many ways, in fact he was so perfect I actually spent time looking for flaws that would make him less than perfect. It’s not that I wanted to break up with him but part of my mind wanted excuses, wanted something to blame if it did happen. The problem for that part of my mind was that the worse thing I could come up with about Jack Richards was he hadn’t invited me to his place or spoken much about his own family. Pretty minor things really, even if his he came from a family of homicidal axe wielding maniacs not mentioning much about his family after only a few weeks wasn’t much.

“Do I have to set aside a time for day dreaming so that it doesn’t eat into your work time?” I heard Bill ask as he walked back into my part of the office with his coffee and interrupted my little visit to my mind.

“Huh?” I’d been caught day dreaming a few times since I met Jack and I was getting used to the recovery. “Nope more time to day dream would just give me more time to consider how I can kill you and take over your empire.” I joked.

“Oh so that’s why your boyfriend brought pancakes, trying to give me a heart attack so you can take over?”

“Damn, foiled again!” I said with a smile. Then as he disappeared back into his office I called out. “You know you didn’t have to eat those pancakes, don’t you.”

To which he replied, “He offered and I didn’t want to appear rude so I forced them down. It was for your sake, I didn’t want him upset when you got here!”

“You are a kind hearted soul Bill Campbell, the whole world should be as nice as you.” I replied sarcastically as I got up to make my own coffee. Looking into his office I could see the big grin on his face as he sat behind his computer and I quickly decided to wipe it from his face. “I’d have put a good word in for you with Jack to make sure that niceness is known far and wide, but since you didn’t make me coffee don’t expect pancakes again tomorrow.”

“Oh shit sorry, I completely forgot.” The look on his face changed almost instantly as he realized he hadn’t even asked if I wanted coffee.

“Just remember that sorry when pancakes arrive!” I said and walked off to the kitchen.

Given that when Jack left after our wonderful breakfast he said he’d call me and I hadn’t heard from him when I left work at 5:30pm I was in two minds as to whether I should drop past the shop on my way home. Again my mind couldn’t agree with itself, one part told me I should just go straight home and wait for his call there, because dropping in to his work might look needy, while the other part kept reminding me that Jack dropped into my place of work when he wanted to see me.

I wasn’t exactly sure which part of my mind was the rational part and even as I got in my car to leave work I was unsure what I was going to do. In fact I was unsure what I was going to do right up to the moment I was driving past the front of RichCraft Custom Cycles. Call it fate, a higher power, I don’t know what it was but my blinker was flashing showing my intent to turn so I turned into the car park at Richcraft and pulled in next to the front door.

The car park was nearly empty which I expected at such a late hour of the day and as I nosed my Chevy up to the front wall of the building just under the Craft in RichCraft I told myself for about the hundredth time that what I was doing was ok.

Stepping inside the front door things were as quiet as the nearly empty car park suggested, there was not a single person in sight, even reception as empty. So I made my way casually toward the offices where I expected to see Jack sitting at his desk lost in paperwork or stuck on the phone but even the offices were empty. I wasn’t concerned by what I saw but I was really starting to wonder why the place appeared deserted when the lady that did the accounts for the business, she was also Jack’s cousin, walked in from the workshop.

“Oh hey, Cindy!” I said before she had a chance to speak.

“Oh Dianne hi! I’m so sorry I was suppose to ring you this afternoon,” I was about to interrupt, a bad habit I know, and tell her that it was ok but she continued. “Things just got so hectic I completely forgot.”

“Honestly Cindy, it’s ok. I just thought since I hadn’t heard from him I’d drop in on my way home, no harm done! I wasn’t even sure he’d be here.” I said trying to make her feel better because she obviously looked stressed, way more stressed than a missed call should have her.

“Ok, I’ve just been run off my feet since the accident and I’ve been meaning to call you since Jack went to the hospital.”

Now it was my turn to look shocked. “Accident? Hospital? Jack? What happened?” I asked desperate for an answer.


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