CopyCat Cafe: p17 Chatting to Sonya

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I honestly didn’t want to know how the conversation between Simon and his kids went, partly because it was none of my business but also because I felt I had warned him that something like this was going to happen. Even my mind didn’t picture it this way but it did at some point decide that SHE was going to use those kids and put them in a position where Simon would look bad in their eyes. I seriously thought he could see it too but it appears he was just not seeing how dirty his ex-wife wanted to fight.

So where did that leave me? I honestly didn’t know. I wanted to see Simon, I wanted to spend more time with him, as much as it was painful I was even prepared to cross paths with the evil ex if it meant I could do both of those things. What I didn’t want was to effect his kids or his relationship with those kids. Simon had told me that he’d spoken with the kids and they accepted that their parents were separated and there was a possibility that either one of them could start seeing other people and that the kids accepted it. The only reason I had to disbelieve him was that my daughter said the same thing when her parents separated and ‘accepting things’ was said only to make us feel better, in solitary she took the separation quite hard and she was a good ten years older than Simon’s kids were.

Perhaps the biggest unknown factor in the whole situation was what the kids mother had told them. Given the way she drove them past my house just in time to see their father leaving I didn’t think it was a far stretch to think that she’d have had private words with the kids about what their father was doing, words which may not be entirely truthful. There was obviously nothing I could do about that part of the situation and if I was being fair to myself the damage was not mine to repair but I still didn’t like to think of the kids being a pawn in her little game.

It took me until Wednesday morning to open up to Sonya about what had happened, up until then she’d seemed satisfied with the basics of what had happened up until we stepped up to my front door on Monday morning. Several times she pushed for intimate details but I had no intentions of telling her every little thing. I didn’t actually have any intention of telling her about what happened on Monday morning but after I’d ignored Simon’s calls three times and I was getting a little moody when the topic came up Sonya knew something was going on. She’s a real pain like that, she knows me better than my own daughter does, sometimes I think she knows me better than I know myself.

When I finally did break my silence and chat to Sonya we were preparing meals in the kitchen and the other staff waited tables which meant she pretty much had me cornered, well caged, I had no where to go and remaining silent was not going to cut it.

“What a fucking bitch!” Sonya replied as I told her what happened. “First the fake divorce papers then the drive by. Maybe I need to have another little discussion with the stupid cow!”

“What good would that do? It’s not like you could use the same leverage now.” I said as if Sonya needed reminding of her last conversation with the evil ex.

“When I said little discussion I meant there would be little talking and a lot of me making sure she didn’t try such shit again.”

“And what bloody good would that do, fucking hell Sonya you’re as bad as she is!” Even I was a little surprised but the sound of the ‘f’ word and the reaction wasn’t deliberate but I did mean what I said.

“Settle Gretel, I was only kidding, sure it was not the best joke but I wouldn’t do that too you.”

“Yeah. I know and don’t for a second think I don’t want to do it as well, but the whole situation is just bullshit. Simon thinks he’s doing the right thing, thinks he’s some how protecting his kids but he can’t see just how screwed up things are. He thinks that staying with the woman is some how making it easier on the kids. Honestly he’d be better off staying with the woman than living in the same house as if they are living separate lives. Why the hell can’t he see that?”

Although I’d stopped making the meals I was suppose to be preparing Sonya let me vent without interrupting, she even took over the meals I was preparing and let me jab the knife aimlessly into the chopping board. When I’d finally finished Sonya spoke up.

“So what is it that you want?”

“I want to see if Simon and I go anywhere.” I was positive about that what I wasn’t so positive about was how I was going to achieve it.

“So do that.”

“But I don’t want the kids to hate me for stealing their dad.”

“You can’t control that!” Sonya said being the voice of reason.

“I’m still the ‘other’ woman.” I used air quotes to make a point, “and I will be until such time as one of them leaves that house.”

“Girl, you are in a no win situation. You know what I’d do if it was me. I’d screw the good looking guy until my legs tuned to jelly and make sure his ex stayed the fuck away. But I can see it from your position.” Then with a laugh she added, “You have too many morals.”

“As if you’d screw any guy until there legs turned to jelly!” I said with a smirk. Sonya’s sexual orientation pretty much disproved her own statement.

When Sonya left to deliver the meals I was feeling slightly better about things but I still had no answers at all, then Simon rang on the cafe phone and I couldn’t ignore it because I answered it. He started off with an apology and continued on to tell me how none of the problems where my fault but he still wanted to see me. By the time the conversation was over all I knew for certain was that again I had spent too much time thinking about Simon and his bloody ex instead of my own business and that had to stop.

When I got home that night Simon was sitting on my front door step. As soon as I realized he was sitting there it was like a magnet I couldn’t help myself I just turned around and looked for her car in the street.


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