Rock Hard: Time For Coffee

Continues from here.

I was so tired from the road trip and the exhaustive effort on stage that sleeping wasn’t an issue. I slept a solid six hours and thanks to leaving the cool down gathering early I was able to fit that six hours in and still wake up just after 8am. I woke up under a sheet, which I didn’t remember pulling over me. The towel I had wrapped around my head when it hit the pillow had come unraveled a little bit but my hair was still contained within it, I would definitely have to put some work in with the brush and hair dryer before I went outside and scared people. And the towel I had wrapped around my body when I went to bed appeared to be missing altogether, I guess I threw it aside about the time I pulled the sheet up.

I don’t know how other women feel but to me waking up naked under a sheet feels exhilarating, it feels even better with someone else in the bed, but alone it’s still something that is hard to beat. I rolled around gently in the sheets feeling them against my body and getting the blood circulating again after such a restful sleep.

Our travels for the day were not going to be rushed we only had a few hours travel to our next stop in New Orleans. The crew would be on the road early in order to get the show set up and have the maximum rest time they could, but the band bus would be taking it’s time and wouldn’t be leaving the motel until lunch time. Thanks to my early wake up I had plenty of time to get myself ready and it was just as I was about to kick the sheet off and get out of bed that I decided I would go and find myself a nice coffee shop for breakfast and coffee.

With such a good idea I wasted no time, I threw the sheets back, kicked my feet off the bed and twisted myself into a sitting position. I let the towel from my head fall back onto the pillow, stood up and padded over to my overnight bags. Just as I stepped up to the table and could see over the bag, I saw Jason’s cell phone and remembered the note that it had been slipped under my door with.

My first thought upon seeing the phone was, ‘thank god that didn’t ring and wake me during the night or I’d have to kill Jason for leaving it.’ After the initial thought I began to think a bit more logically. Thoughts about what the video might contain, thoughts about what I needed to see to change my mind and thoughts about whether I really did want to see anything. Jason obviously thought whatever was on the phone was important enough to leave his cell with me not knowing when he’d get it back but obviously reasonably sure he’d get it back in one piece.

There was also the thought floating around that my last words with Dean was him telling me I had to speak to Adam, but was he telling me such things because Adam was our business partner or did he know something else, something that would maybe revealed with Jason’s phone. I suddenly found myself wishing I hadn’t pushed Dean out of my room before going to bed.

I was just about to reach forward and pick up Jason’s cell phone when I decided I was better off getting myself dressed and ready for breakfast rather than standing around the motel room stark naked looking at videos. I must admit getting dressed was a bit of procrastination on my behalf, I was avoiding looking at the video, but I also needed to get some clothes on, it wasn’t that cold but standing around naked I could feel a cool breeze in areas that didn’t necessarily need to feel it.

As I suspected when I realized I had gone to sleep with my wet hair in a towel it took me a bit of work to get my hair in a reasonable state to be seen in public. The rest of me however didn’t take as much time and I was dressed and ready to be seen within forty five minutes. As I packed my bags the cell phone looked up at me from the table begging me to do what was expected. I knew I was going to have to do something with it sooner or later and just as I was deciding which it was there was a knock at the door. I wanted to ignore it, wanted to act like there was no one in the room but when I heard Dean’s voice I decided I should open it for him.

“Hey Sis,” he said as he walked into the room. “Shit! You must have got up early to be dressed and ready this early.” he joked.

“Didn’t go to bed, been working on my make up since you left!”

“Maybe you should have tried a bit harder!”

“And maybe you should quit the smart remarks before I remove your need for further breaths.” I replied smiling but trying to kill the silly conversation. It worked.

“What are you doing for breakfast? There’s a spread on in the dinning room but the crew have already preformed their pigs in a trough routine so I’m not sure what’s left.” He said.

“What the hell are they doing up so early? It’s only just nine.”

“Someone told Vern,” he’s the driver of the gear truck, “ that we were headed all the way to Huston today and the silly bugger got everyone up early for the long trip.”

I laughed, “Serves themselves right. I was actually considering going to a coffee shop for breakfast since we had a little time to kill. Do you want to join me instead?”

“I dunno, I guess I could, seems like a better idea that fighting for what the crew left behind. Maybe we could invite Adam too? I don’t think he’s eaten.” The look on my face obviously gave Dean his answer and with that he continued. “You know you have to talk to him?”

“Why Dean? Why do I have to talk to him after what happened? Shit, I get that he’s our business partner and I get that without him this tour doesn’t happen but I also know that keeping the two of us separated has worked for the last day and a half so it can continue to work.”

“It’s not working Christie and you know it!”

“Well it’s fucking working for me!” I hit back, louder and a bit more aggressive than I intended but not sorry I did it.

“Okay, I can see it’s still a sore point with you Christie and for that reason I am going to leave it alone with one final thing and that is that you really do need to talk to Adam because you really will want to hear what he has to say.”

“Fine and now you have said that kindly drop it or leave. Oh and here take Jason’s phone with you!” I said as I scooped up the cell phone from the table and flung it at Dean.

Dean’s reflexes were pretty good and he caught the phone without fumbling. “This is Jason’s?” he said holding the phone out. I didn’t need to nod but I did anyway. “In that case I am putting my foot down.” I looked at him without saying anything and he continued.

He went on to tell me that he was taking me out for breakfast, we’d find a nice quiet place to eat and drink and once that was finished we were going to sit down and watch the video on Jason’s phone together and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Although I agreed to Dean’s terms, partly because he was offering me a free Snack and partly because he was my brother I went along with his plan thinking that I would be able to avoid the video screening when the time came. But of course I was wrong and when we sat down on a park bench in a nice quiet tree lined park I actually sat next to Dean and watched as he began scrolling through the phone looking for the video I just had to see.

He pushed play and I watched on.


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