Ride Hard: After the accident

Continues from here.

So having not heard from Jack all afternoon when he said he would call me I decided to drop into the workshop on my way home from work to see if he was there. I didn’t think I was acting too desperate, we were a couple after all, well I thought we were. So instead of lobbing in to see Jack when I got there his cousin and bookkeeper Cindy tells me he hasn’t called because he had gone to the hospital after an accident. To say I was shocked was an understatement.

“Accident? Hospital? Jack? What happened?” I asked desperate for an answer.

Realizing her mistake by not giving me all the information Cindy quickly explained. “Oh shit, sorry Dianne. That’s not what I meant. Sorry it’s been a hell of a day. Jack’s fine, he wasn’t involved in any accident..”

“So what happened?” I asked still looking for answers as to why my boyfriend was at the hospital and I hadn’t heard.

“I’m still trying to get the full details myself but apparently Murry, he’s the paint guy, was working in the booth and there was some sort of accident that saw him collapse. As near as we can tell he was out cold for nearly twenty minutes before he was discovered. From what the paramedics say he should be okay but Jack went with him to the hospital, as a passenger in he ambulance. They’ve been there since about 2:30. I’ve had a few calls from Jack and he did ask me to call you but I simply forgot.”

“Geez Cindy that’s terrible. There’s no need to apologize I understand you’ve been busy and honestly I just called in because I was driving past.” I never really knew the right words to say in accident type situations.

“I can give Jack a call and tell him you are here if you like?” Cindy asked.

“Honestly you don’t have to, you obviously have a lot on your plate I’m sure Jack will ring me when he can.”

“I’ve pretty much done all I can here. I was probably going to give Jack a call before I leave just too see how things are. He’s got his cell phone with him. Do you want to talk to him?”

I told Cindy I’d be happy to talk to Jack as long as I wasn’t interrupting anything and she told me that he could decide that. Sure enough Jack was happy to talk to me and although I was sitting in Cindy’s office when she handed the phone over to me she also left the room to give me some privacy which was both unexpected and unnecessary.

I spent just under ten minutes talking to Jack, he apologized for not calling, I told him to stop being silly and that he had more to worry about than whether he called me or not. He gave me a bit of a run down of the accident and Murry’s condition and although I didn’t know Murry any more than in passing I did hope he was going to get better quickly. Because hospitals are the sorts of places where you can go in for five minutes and be there all night Jack and I made no plans for the night and I promised to call him the following morning to see how things were going.

After the call Cindy and I spoke for a little while and even though we didn’t know each other that well we spoke like friends and she appeared to be happy to have someone to relax with. That thought was confirmed when she told me exactly that.

“It’s been a hell of a day,” Cindy started. “Do you feel like a drink?”

I was a bit surprised by the question, I didn’t have that many close friends and ‘drinks’ wasn’t something I did that often. I was just about to answer in the affirmative when Cindy spoke again.

“Sorry, you’ve probably got other plans, I..”

I interrupted. “Don’t be sorry, it’s fine. I’d love a drink. Where did you have in mind?”

“Here.” Cindy replied. “Jack’s got a decent stash in the boardroom I’m sure we’ll find something we like.”

“He wont mind?” I asked.

“Nah, he’s a generous guy and chances are if he was here right now the drinks would already be flowing.”

I accepted Cindy’s thoughts and followed her to the boardroom where I took an offered beer and sat down in one of the large leather chairs pushed into the table.

Cindy and I spoke like friends, it took very little for me to relax with her, something that doesn’t happen often. Of course we spoke about Jack and I tried my best not to probe her for personal questions that could have made either of us feel uncomfortable. Being Jack’s cousin she did offer up a few stories from their childhood and his family growing up but I didn’t push for them or ask too many questions.

It didn’t take long at all before we were talking like old friends, complaining about work, talking about TV shows, talking about music and anything else. By 7pm Cindy had even talked me into letting RichCraft pay for our dinner, it was only pizza but she insisted that if we were sitting at RichCraft drinking RichCraft’s beer then it was only fair RichCraft paid for our dinner. We joked about Cindy still being on the clock and writing everything off as a business dinner but even after the joke died down Cindy was adamant that Jack wouldn’t mind what we were doing.

During our conversations we actually found out that we had a mutual friend, a girl Cindy grew up with and I went to college with. Probably not a huge revelation for many people to discover but none the less it allowed our easy talking to carry on for longer.

When Jack rang at 9pm I couldn’t believe how long Cindy and I had been chatting, or how much we’d drunk. Given that neither of us had anything or anyone to go home to talking after Cindy’s stressful day was obviously just what the doctor ordered. Because Jack didn’t know where I was, and he no doubt expected Cindy to be at her own home he was surprised to hear we were still at the workshop.

I put Jack on speaker so he could tell us both what was going on with Murry and what his plans were at the same time. Murry was doing alright and would be released sometime during the evening but Jack was unsure exactly when that would be, he would however stay with Murray and his family until that time. During the conversation Cindy accidentally clanged two empty bottles together loudly and then laughed.

“How many have you two had to drink?” He asked from the other end of the phone. Both Cindy and I remained silent to which Jack replied, “Obviously it’s too many to count!”

We both laughed again.

Cindy was right Jack had no issues with what we were doing, in fact his generosity went even further before he hung up the phone when he insisted that we both get a cab home and pick up our cars in the morning.

“He does this,” Cindy said after we’d hung up and were finishing our drinks. “He’s the nicest guy and he really does look after the ones he cares about.”

I couldn’t help but agree. “Will our cars be okay out there?” I asked thinking I’d get a cab back the following morning before work to pick it up.

“Yeah probably but we’ll move them around the back and park them in the workshop. We just need to leave the keys in them so the boys can move them if they need too.”

I felt guilty about not cleaning up after ourselves before we left but again followed Cindy’s lead and by 10pm the cab had dropped me off at home and was heading home with Cindy in it. I hadn’t drunk so much in a long time and although I wasn’t staggering drunk I could feel the effects of the alcohol and decided the best place for me was in bed. I was showered, in bed and asleep by 10:30pm.

The following morning as I was lying in bed, stretching, moving and generally just waking up I heard a noise outside the house. At 6:30am noises weren’t uncommon but this one sounded close so I got up and peaked through a crack in the curtains and saw my car sitting in the driveway and Jack getting out of the drivers seat.

I couldn’t get out of bed quick enough!


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