CopyCat Cafe: What are you doing here?

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Although Simon laughed at my reaction, the one where I saw him sitting on my door step when I got home and immediately turned around to see if his ex wife was parked somewhere near by, I could tell he wasn’t overly happy with it.

“I’m sorry.” I said, “I didn’t mean anything by that it was just a nervous reaction.”

“And if there wasn’t such a huge amount of tension between us it would have been funny, but I’m having trouble laughing at the moment.”

I knew what he meant, any laughter between us would definitely only be nervous laughter. It was getting close to dinner time but I offered Simon coffee and a chat anyway. I had no idea what we were going to talk about but it seemed like the appropriate thing to do. Well we never did actually get to the coffee, we did get to the kitchen where I dropped my work bag on the table and then when I turned around Simon was standing right there and with his hands on my hips he kissed me.

“Simon,” I pulled away, “I’m hot and sweaty, I’ve been at work all day, slaving in a kitchen.”

“You’re beautiful.”

“But I’m still hot and sweaty.”

As I felt my slacks and underwear being pushed down my hips and when his lips touched my neck he whispered. “Lets both be hot and sweaty!”

I know I should have stopped him given just how much stress our relationship, if that’s what it was called, was causing me but with my pants hitting the floor and his stubble gently rubbing against my neck I couldn’t have stopped even if there was a gun to my head. Then when he lifted me up onto the dinning table and lowered himself down I protested slightly, but only a little bit.

I closed my eyes as he placed his lips on my left knee and began gently kissing up my inner thigh. He moved slowly, painfully slowly gently dragging those lips towards my crotch. The stubble on his face was gently tickling my leg and sending tiny shock waves through me, I could feel myself getting wetter with every approaching inch. When I finally felt his face nudge up against my moist crotch I gasped slightly. He then pulled his lips away and began to repeat the procedure down my right leg and by the time his face was again touching my wet lips I was silently begging for him not to repeat the kissing again. I wanted his tongue between my legs, moving up and down my wet lips and I wanted it immediately.

Maybe he could read my mind because I didn’t have to wait. As soon as his tongue touched my clitoris I moaned quietly and put my hand on his head but I still didn’t open my eyes, I did however help Simon by directing him exactly where I wanted him, exactly where I wanted to feel that glorious tongue do it’s magic.

He didn’t really need directions and although I was gently persuading his head in the direction I wanted it he knew exactly what to do with his teeth and lips. He also knew what to do with his fingers and when he plunged two fingers deep inside me I again gasped. While he wriggled his fingers and thrust them I let my pussy muscles hold them inside me but it wasn’t until he began gently rubbing my G-spot that I began to moan.

“Oh Simon!” I moaned. “Oh god!”

He’d obviously been taught not to speak with his mouth full because he kept doing what he was doing. He licked, sucked, nibbled and fingered me while I guided his head up and down and moaned but when I knew he was getting me to a point I couldn’t turn back from I put both hands on his head and pulled him upwards.

“Come here and fuck me I said,” again using the ‘f’ word I rarely used.

I didn’t pull his head up with much force but he knew what was going to happen when he stood up so he didn’t need much encouragement.

With one hand either side of his face I held him until he was upright then gently pulled his face towards me and began kissing him hard, deep and with lots of tongue. Immediately I dropped my hands to his waist, he still had his pants on but I wasted no time unbuckling his belt and pulling his rock hard dick out. He fumbled with his pants slightly as he pushed them down but within seconds I was rubbing his dick up and down my wetness.

As my pussy opened and he gently drove himself inside me, we both broke the kiss and moaned, I felt every inch as it slipped inside me but I didn’t remove my hand until there was no longer any room for it between our hot sweaty bodies. When I did remove my hand I lifted up both arms and wrapped them around his neck and pulled his head towards me. When his lips touched my neck I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. I didn’t need to give him instructions to finish the job he started, as he kissed my neck he began thrust his hips at me, slow and deep.

As he picked up his pace I used my hips to drag him back into me after each outward thrust. Our bodies thumped together with every thrust and our moans filled the room, I knew with such pace and such good foreplay I wasn’t going to last much longer. I begged Simon to finish with me and sure enough like clockwork the two of us reached orgasm together, his hot white spunk squirting up inside me as my pussy twitched and spasmed and my body writhed against him.

We stood, well he stood, I sat, like that for several minutes, just holding each other, no kissing, no talking, just heavy breathing that began to settle down. Several times I felt him twitch inside me and I felt a longing knowing that his dick would soon be removed from inside me but I tried not to think about it and just think about the pleasure we’d both created.

Thirty minutes later I’d agreed to coffee at the cafe the following afternoon so we could talk about things we didn’t get to talk about after I found him sitting on my step like a lost puppy dog. I did of course offer him dinner but he had to get home to the kids which I agreed was a reasonable excuse even though I didn’t want him to leave.

Did I sleep a dash that night? What do you think?


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