Rock Hard: Dean Offers Advice

Continues from here.

So there we were, Dean and myself, sitting on a public bench in a park. There was a young kid trying to sail a remote control boat on the pond and I was about to watch a video I apparently had to see. I was somewhat shocked that I was sitting there of my own free will and didn’t require a chain holding me to the seat, but Dean was my brother and we had a bond between us that I knew I could trust. If Dean thought I needed to see a video of my boyfriend, (was he my boyfriend?) in the female toilets with two women while one of our crew was getting a blow job then I trusted him, I think.

I watched the small screen in Dean’s hand, he could obviously tell I was uncomfortable because he put his hand on my leg and said, “Trust me, I have already seen this. It’s why I’ve been telling you that you need to talk to Adam. Please just keep watching.”

I opened my mouth to respond but nothing came out.

The video started out with Jason egging his girl on, telling her she needed to get down on her knees and suck his dick if she wanted to get free tickets to the gig. Even before his zipper went down it was a scene that many would think was too confronting and pathetic, for both people involved, but unfortunately I’d heard and even seen such things happen on the road many times and I wasn’t shocked. I actually felt a bit sorry for the girl who thought sucking a guys dick was actually worth the cover charge but sadly she wasn’t the only one, both males and females hung around the venues early for the same reason. I turned my head as Jason’s shaky hand filmed the girl on her knees opening his zipper, I did not need to see what was going to happen next, I’d witnessed it first hand.

“Do I really need to see this Dean? I mean, I was actually there.”

“Yes but it’s what happened before you got there that you need to see, well hear. Look I’ll turn up the volume, you don’t have to watch the screen.”

“Dean, what if someone comes past and hears it? They’ll report us for being perverts.” I said more as a protest to viewing than actually expecting such a thing to happen.

“There’s no one else around, just listen.”

He turned the volume up and I could her Jason telling his girl what to do with her mouth, I was still having a bit of trouble convincing myself why I needed to see, or hear this then I heard Jason’s voice again.

“You too baby!, If you want free tickets you have to pay the price. Both of you show my boy Adam a good time.”

Then I heard Adam’s voice and I couldn’t help it, I turned to the screen. It appeared someone was looking down on me because the shaky vision moved from Jason’s crotch to the two girls I’d seen standing in front of Adam when I walked in.

“That’s not what I am here for.” From outside the view of the camera I could see an arm, it was Adam’s, he had his hand out as if he was telling someone to stop. “I have a girlfriend, I and not here to give away free tickets.”

“Oh bullshit, Adam.” It was Jason’s voice again. “Girl’s he doesn’t have a girlfriend, get down and show him a good time.”

“Shit up Jason, I said no and I mean it.”

The girls on the screen didn’t even move, they stood upright and just watched on, they obviously weren’t sure what to do and like anyone wanting free tickets they were hesitant to annoy anyone or risk doing the wrong thing.

“Looks girls I’m sorry, I didn’t come here for this, I’m not giving away free tickets and I’m not waiting for any sexual favors. It’s nothing against you girls, you are both very attractive but I really do have a girl friend.”

“Bullshit!” Jason again. “Suck him off Candy!”

As if things couldn’t get more cliched one of them was named Candy, just like every second groupie that attended a gig. Before Jason dropped the camera back down to his crotch, at which time I turned away again, I did notice that neither girl had moved. I then heard Adam again tell Jason to shut the fuck up. The next thing I heard was a door open then silence, then Adam’s voice as he yelled my name.

I don’t remember hearing Adam yell at me from behind the closed door, I was in too much of a huff and was storming out of the venue.

Dean stopped the video. “It goes on, Adam leaves almost immediately after you, he was chasing you Christie,”

I thought about it for a few moments before saying. “It still doesn’t explain why he was there in the first place, and whose to say he didn’t go back after I wouldn’t talk to him at the motel? He didn’t hang around trying to apologize for long.”

“Christie the video goes until Jason and the three girls leave the toilets, Adam does not return. You can watch the video too see for yourself.”

”I don’t want to see it.”

“Fine, but believe the facts as I tell them, Adam did nothing in that toilet.”

“It still doesn’t explain why he was there. Why else do you go into to a toilet where sex acts are being preformed if it’s not to participate?”

“I agree that it looks suss. I agree that going in there knowing what was going to happen appears like he was going to be involved but the video shows different.” Dean answered as he pocketed the cell phone.

“Ok, you’re a man, you tell me what possible reason he could have for going in there when in his words he ‘has a girlfriend’? Just give me one believable reason, one, only one!”

“Talk to Adam!” Was all Dean said.

“Why can’t you tell me? You obviously know a lot more about what went on there than I do. Why can’t you jut tell me what happened?”

“Because Christie, it’s not my story to tell, it’s Adam’s!”

“So what now I have to rush to him and have him give me some piss poor excuse explaining why he was in the female toilets not getting a blow job?”

“Christie, I hate to see you like this.”

“Then tell me why I shouldn’t be ‘like this’.” I was getting a bit sick of using air quotes.

“Talk to Adam.”

It was getting close to the time our tour bus was due to leave and with our conversation not really headed in any direction we both decided to leave it there and head back to the motel. The walk back was relatively quiet as Dean and I barely spoke but it did give me of time to think and I decided I would talk to Adam, if only to give my own mind some peace and quiet.

When we got back to the bus I was all prepared for a tense ride, a ride which at some point I would approach Adam and let him explain to me what he was doing in the toilets. But of course as with all well laid plans something has to happen to change things and instead of waiting for the tour bus Adam had taken a ride with one of the crew trucks meaning there was no chance of me talking to him.


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