Ride Hard: Good Morning Beautiful

Continues from here.

I didn’t even bother
plucking something out of the wardrobe to cover myself, I flew out of bed and out of the bedroom wearing the Garfield singlet and panties I’d put on after getting out of the shower. In my haste I also didn’t consider that the panties I was wearing were a pair of holey old cotton panties, you know the sort that you wouldn’t ANYONE to know you even own, let alone wear.

I opened the front door even before Jack knocked. “Hello Sexy!” I said, wondering if maybe I wasn’t acting just a little bit too desperate.

“Good Morning beautiful!” He greeted me from the step. Maybe I hadn’t gone too far. “I was hoping I wouldn’t wake you but it didn’t occur to me until I got here that I had no where to put your keys.”

He stood on my door step, black leather motorcycle boots, blue denim jeans that hugged his legs and a black leather jacket open and revealing a black Harley Davidson T-shirt. His hair was a bit ruffled as if he had only pushed a brush through it a few times, and he looked tired.

“Thanks for returning my car. It’s both unexpected and appreciated and you can wake me any day! Are you just going to stand there or do I have to drag you in here?” I asked.

In a teasing manner because of my attire, or lack there of, he took one step backwards and said, “Go on!”

I think he was as surprised as I was that I actually stepped out the door not worried (well not a the time) about my underwear, grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket and dragged him back inside the house. Inside I didn’t even shut the door I just pushed him up against the wall and kissed him deeply on the lips. The kiss was not long but it was passionate, almost like we hadn’t seen each other for a month!

“Wow! I have to say I was not expecting you to grab me like that.” He said once the kiss was broken.

“To tell you the truth I didn’t either! Fancy showing this get up to the morning world” I said with a smile pointing to my inadequate attire..

“I’m glad you did and you look stunning.”

“Compliments like that will get you everywhere, even if they are lies! You must have been up early, want something for breakfast?” I asked.

“Are you on the menu?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t think either of us have the time for what I want to do to you Jack Richards.”

He pulled me towards him slid his hands down to my butt, held me against his groin and kissed me, when he broke the kiss he said, “I can make time!”

“As good as that sounds I’m going to have to take a rain check. Breakfast or not?”

Jack agreed to some egg and bacon which he helped me cook. Despite my extremely unfashionable and holed underwear I decided not to bother changing or covering myself, since Jack had already lied and complimented me on them I saw no need. Several times as we wandered around the kitchen and bumped into each other he would try anything from cuddle to a pat on the backside. It was a struggle for me not to let him take me there and then on the bench but neither of us really had the time, and nothing interferes with my egg and bacon when I get the energy too cook it.

As I was transferring the bacon from the pan to the plates I realized my mind had been so caught up in seeing Jack that I forgot to ask him how Murray was. Apparently he was alright, they found no serious damage, no problems and no injuries. They requested a few more tests to confirm but they were happy to send him home just after 1am.

“You wouldn’t have got home till after 2am!” It was more of a statement than a question. “And you must have arrived at work around 6.”

“5:30 actually.”

“You’ve only just had 3 hours sleep? You must be buggered, and you still brought my car around so I didn’t have to get another taxi. Jack Richards you might be the sweetest man around but you are also the craziest. How are you going to function on so little sleep?”

“I’ll be fine, well at least until lunch time!” He said as he slid the plates across the bench to the stools where we would sit to eat.

As I added water to the coffee cups I asked if he was as kind to his cousin as he was to me by delivering her car to her house.

“Nope, I don’t want to sleep with her!” he said as he sat down.

“Well that’s some what of a relief!”

“She doesn’t deserve a chauffeur to drive her to work after the mess she left in the board room last night.”

I could feel my cheeks blush and turn red. Jack knew I was at the workshop with Cindy and we were both partially responsible for the mess but he was only blaming Cindy for it. “Awe you big meanie, I helped her make that mess.”

“Yeah but again, I don’t want to sleep with her!” I laughed at the comment. “Besides she’s got her own credit card that charges back to the business.”

I felt a little better that I wasn’t being completely singled out but I felt the need to remind Jack again that Cindy wasn’t entirely responsible for the mess in the board room. After the second time he assured me that the mess definitely wasn’t an issue. While they didn’t make a habit of leaving such a mess they did have a cleaner who would clean it up if it was still there when they arrived.

“Chances are Cindy will get the guilts up and clean it up this morning, she’s done it other times there has been a mess left. Even if she doesn’t I’m not overly concerned, after the day we had yesterday I’m fine with the mess, if I have to I’ll throw some extra cash to the cleaner for it. The biggest pain is how much re-stocking I need to do, boy can you two drink!”

I nearly apologized before realizing he was joking at which point I change tact. “We poured most of it on the pot plants.”

“No wonder the plants were all droopy and lethargic when I got there!” He replied.

“Shut up and eat your breakfast.” I laughed.

After breakfast I managed to get dressed without being accosted, in a nice way, by Jack, he actually remained in the kitchen and did the dishes. I truly had found myself a gentleman!

Although he’d already suggested that Cindy would cab it to work I offered to make a detour and pick her up but Jack told me not to bother so I took him directly to work. At the same time as we pulled into the car park a cab stopped out the front and Cindy climbed out of the back seat. Jack was kissing me goodbye when Cindy walked up beside my open window.

“Morning Dianne, how goes it?” she asked happily.

“Yeah good, really good, how’s yourself?” I answered.

“Great, although I didn’t get my car delivered to me this morning.” There was a smile on her face and I knew she was joking.

“No, just like the mess in the boardroom you left it here!” Jack said quickly.

“That was the fairies!” Cindy replied.

“Those drunk fairies have been visiting again have they?”

When Cindy responded with a yes I began to wonder how long they could banter for, they could have been worse than Bill and myself, so I put and end to it and told Jack to get out of my car. He did and with another good bye kiss through my open window I watched him and Cindy disappear inside. With them gone I reversed out of the car park, drove onto the street and headed to work.


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