Take Me There

Push your hands through my hair
Go on tell me that you care

Trace your fingers down my cheek
Sensual touch, creates mystique

Brush your mouth across my lips
Just once more, my heart skips

Invisible lines traced down my neck
Prove to me you are my lech

Don’t back down, give me a kiss
I want to feel it, arousal bliss

Tongues are dancing, lips are pressed
Don’t be rough, just cup my breast

I’m sure that I don’t have to mention
My nipples want extra attention

Kiss me more it’s all the fashion
I want more, I want your passion

Come on now there’s no time to ponder
Move your hands, please make them wander

Lower, lower, towards my waist
Keep it going, I’m ready and braced

Legs are open, waiting and spread
Anticipation hanging like a thread

Drive me crazy, going lower
Make me shudder, please go slower

Touch me there, I go to pieces
Do it more, heart rate increases

Slide those fingers up and down
It’s nearly time to go to town

You know by now I just can’t wait
Don’t stop now just penetrate

Breathing hard exhale is gusts
In and out I’ll meet your thrusts

There ain’t no need for chains and leather
Babe you got me at the end of my tether



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