Rock Hard: Christie On The Warpath

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“Christie I went in there…..”

Adam and I were walking back to my motel room and he was about to tell me why he was in the girls toilets while one of our road crew offered sexual favors for free tickets. I was giving him until we got to my room, less than thirty seconds, to come up with something believable. Apart from going into my room I wasn’t sure what else was going to happen after Adam finished talking but I was prepared to give him that much. However he only got five words out before he was pausing, was that really a good sign of someone telling the truth?

“.…I went there because Jason tricked me.”

“Come on Adam you need to come up with something better than that.” I said as I wondered if he was buying time to come up with a story.

“It’s true.” we were in the car park and less than thirty steps from the my door and he still hadn’t come up with anything to stop me from ending our conversation. “Jason came to me and told me there was some guy selling bootlegs of our stuff in the guys toilets.”

“You were in the women’s toilets Adam.”

“Yes so I found out once I got there and realize there was no piss walls,” slightly crass but descriptively accurate. We stepped up onto the low concrete path under the awing at the door to my room. “So he tells me this guy is bootlegging all our stuff, live shows and all, so I follow him to the toilets and there’s these three girls standing outside the toilet door. Jason tells me they are keeping the guy from getting out.”

I thought the story was sounding unrealistic and stupid and as I begun to unlock my door I told him so.

“Please Chris, it’s true. I didn’t see the sign on the door because the girls opened it and let us in. I walked in following Jason and that’s when I noticed no walls,” a slightly less crass description of the men’s urinals. “I also noticed no bootlegger. So we get in there and Jason leans up against the basin and tells me to do the same, it’s then I notice one of the girls getting on her knees in front of him and Jason getting his phone out of his pocket. I asked Jason what the fuck he thought he was doing dragging me in there ”

“Why didn’t you just leave?”

“You saw the video didn’t you?” I nodded, “I couldn’t get past Jason without shoving the girls. Those two girls had no idea I was tricked there, they didn’t know I was going to turn on Jason. By the time Jason started filming and I had resisted and told them I had a girl friend I think they realized something wasn’t as they’d been led to believe because they backed off. Then you walked in”

I’d had enough of standing outside the room so I opened the door and entered. Leaving the door open was the only invite I offered and Adam took it. I sat on the bed and looked at him. “Why did Jason choose you and not one of the other desperado’s that he spends his day with?”

“I honestly don’t know the answer to that question Christie. I’ve since asked him and he keeps avoiding the question but I can only assume that because he didn’t know we were together he assumed I’d be happy to participate. You heard him on the video he didn’t believe me when I told him I had a girl friend, the girls seemed to but he didn’t.”

I sat there and stared at him, was I ready to believe the story he’d just fed me? I honestly did not know.

“Okay Adam, I guess I believe you, I don’t particularly like it but for the moment I believe you.”

“So we are good?”

What the fuck is it with men, a few words and suddenly everything is ok? “No Adam we are not ‘all good’, I believe you but I’m still pissed off at you for what I walked in on.” I could see he was about to say something, possibly in disagreement, but I didn’t let him. “I need time to think, I need time to figure out whether I want to accept your excuse and I need time to think about what I want to do from here.”

Adam took me seriously and immediately told me that he loved me and bid me farewell. Once the door was shut I flopped back on to the bed and looked at the ceiling.

The more I thought about things the more I figured I was going to forgive Adam, sure it was a lame excuse but he was as far as all accounts went innocent. I was still unhappy with why he went in there in the first place but after the one hundredth time of letting it circle through my mind I decided one thing I had to do was talk to Jason. He may not have been willing to tell Adam why he tricked him into going into the female toilets but the guy would tell me or I’d make his life a living hell.

I looked at the clock on the bedside table, it was 7:30pm, I had about 2 hours until I was required back at the venue, I decided to ring reception and get some food delivered while I watched TV. I hadn’t fully decided what I was going to do about the Adam situation but I’d had enough thinking about it and the best way to take my mind off it was watching anything on TV.

I was finished dinner, dressed and over my TV watching by 9pm so I went outside the room and got one of the security team to drive me down to the venue, it was only a short trip but I was better off getting driven than walking.

I was let in the back door of the venue by security and I made my way through the back stage area and headed toward the band room. The support act where on stage and blasting away as I made my way through and I promised myself that I would start catching more of the support acts we played with and give them the support very few bands offered us when we were a support band trying to break the scene.

I was not far from the band room when I ran into Jason, he was rushing somewhere and I was probably still a little annoyed with him and as he passed instead trying to get his attention to stop and chat I simply dropped my shoulder and ran in to him. We were both moving at a fast walking pace which given the laws of psychics means double speed when we collided. The difference was that because I dropped my shoulder, pushed and knew what was happening Jason got the brunt of the collision.

“What the fuck Christie?” he said as he stumbled back against the wall.

I stepped up to him and put my face just inches from his. “You and I need to talk. Adam tells me you lured him to the toilets but says you wouldn’t tell him why you chose him and not some other desperate prick around here.” Jason nodded. “So if you’re not going to tell him why the hell he was the chosen one then tell me.”

“Christie, what difference does it make why he was there. I didn’t know you two were an item, I didn’t know you two were fucking.” I slapped him across the face and reminded him that speaking in such a way was not something I appreciated.”Nothing happened, why do you care why I did it?”

“Lets just say I do care! Let’s say it matters to me and that means it should matter to you.”

“But Christie it doesn’t matter.”

“Okay Jason I didn’t want to play it this way but I’m sick of playing games. Either you tell me what I want to know or you’ll be looking for a new job tomorrow.”

I was a bit annoyed with myself for speaking to anyone like that, even Jason who at the time was giving me the shits, but I wanted answers. I wasn’t sure if those answers would give me the closure I wanted or not but I wanted them and he had them.

“You can’t..”

“I can Jason, you don’t think Adam and Dean would agree with me on sacking you? Is that a risk worth taking for a little bit of information?”

Jason thought about his situation for a few seconds and must have realized he’d lost all his grit. “Okay Christie, Okay, I’ll tell you!”


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