Ride Hard: Meet My New Boyfriend

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When I rang Jack to come and meet us, my friend Katie and I, at Murphy’s Irish Bar I figured he’d drop whatever he was doing and come down, he was that keen to meet Katie. What I didn’t expect was for the waitress to appear with another round of drinks as soon as he answered the phone.

“Compliments of the gentleman at the bar!” the waitress said pointing over towards the bar.

I looked around and saw Jack sitting at the bar with a beer in his right hand and his left hand up in a waving gesture.

“Some cute guy just bought us a round of drinks, I have to go, he’s coming over to talk to us.” I said into the phone as I turned back to Katie.

Several moments later Jack was standing at the table. “Good evening ladies.” Then putting his hand out to Katie he said, “You must be Katie, I’m Jack Richards and I’m pleased to meet you.”

Jack sat down next to me and the three of us began talking. Not that I thought any different but Jack and Katie got along great, we all talked like we’d been friends forever. I’m not sure how guys feel about introducing their girlfriend to their mates for the first time, I’ve heard some people suggest the guy mentality is mostly about looks and whether their mates are jealous, I don’t know if that’s true but some women have that mentality as well, I wasn’t one of them. Jack and Katie getting along was much more important to me and as easy going as Jack was I was still nervous they wouldn’t gel.

Jack and Katie were from different worlds, Jack was confident, he was a leader and had a can do attitude. Katie was a bit of an introvert, especially with people she didn’t know and she didn’t share the same interests with many people, including me, which made her awkward and quiet around people. But none of that appeared to be happening with Jack thankfully.

When Jack offered to buy us all dinner it seemed to me like he and Katie had been friends forever they way they were talking. I might not see Katie that often but I was so happy at the connection and Jack obviously was too because when the conversation turned for a second time towards Danny, Katie’s husband, Jack was all positivity.

“When Danny does get out on his own, tell him to come and see me. I’ll be more than happy to pass any work I have his way having seen the way he works on the job.”

“Are you sure? That’s great news, I’m sure he’ll be overjoyed.”

I knew Jack wouldn’t have made the offer if he didn’t believe Danny was worthy of it, he doesn’t do sympathy when it comes to business deals, but I understood Katie’s surprise. When Jack confirmed his offer and explained further why he was happy to make such a thing I could tell Katie was impressed and that she had realised it wasn’t just a ‘friends’ offer.

Jack and I arrived home just after 8pm, he’d been dropped off at Murphys with the intent that he would drive me home if I’d had too much to drink, I hadn’t but it was nice of him to think of me that way.

“That was really nice of you to offer Danny some work.” I said as we sat down in the living room with coffee.

“I meant it.”

“I know, I didn’t think any different, I just thought it was a really nice gesture and wanted to thank you for it.”

We’d already been through the conversation of how well we all go along and what Jack thought of Katie in the car so there was no point rehashing that even if I was quietly happy about it. I was just happy the two of them got along so well and I was on a natural high, perhaps that’s why when he put his empty coffee mug on the table and sat back down I climbed over the top of him, sat in his lap and gave him a big kiss.

As polite as ever Jack’s hands lightly wandered up and down my back as we kissed, barely touching me. My hand however was not as polite. I unbuttoned his jeans and pushed my hand downwards until I had him firmly in my hand. I could feel him growing in my grip and gently moved my hand up and down the stiffening shaft.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening and dinner,” I said after breaking the kiss. Jack said nothing in reply but he had a huge smile on his face.

Gently climbing off his waist I knelt on the floor before him and tugged his jeans and underpants down past his knees. He sat bare from the waist down, me on my knees between his legs and his growing dick in front of me.

Although I’d done it a few times usually me going down on a guy was something I did only whilst he was doing the same to me, I’d never actually initiated it. While I’d never had any complaints, I think most guys are scared to complain in case they don’t get it again, I was never sure if I was doing it right. I felt awkward and inexperienced but something in me at the time told me I really wanted to do it.

Putting my right hand around his thick rigid shaft I began moving it up and down, slowly and with a loose grip. The skin sliding under my grip felt smooth and soft, when I got to the circumcized head and rubbed against his foreskin onto the purple tip I felt him flinch, I knew it was a flinch of pleasure and continued to rub him gently.

Leaning forward I opened my mouth and was just about to wrap my lips around the very tip of his cock when I felt his hands gently grasp my face and lift me upward.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

I said nothing, I broke his grip, lowered my head and wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick. I let my tongue roll across the sensitive purple skin flicking the eye gently as I circled it. His quiet little moans telling me I was doing the right thing. I kept my hand moving, gently caressing his shaft up and down. With my left hand I cupped his balls and rubbed them letting my fingernails gently scratch against his skin.

The first time I followed the downward stroke of my hand with my lips and took his length all the way into my mouth I wasn’t quiet ready for it and when the tip of his dick touched the back of my mouth I nearly gagged. It was only a little hiccup and instead of letting it spoil the experience I started working him harder and faster.

Both my hand and my lips slid up and down Jack’s shaft, the grip of my hand tighter the the saliva from my mouth providing lubrication for the quick movement. Jack’s moans had turned into groans and I could feel his hand gently rubbing through my hair.

“Oh baby! That feels so good!” It might have been a cliched response but it was enough to encourage me to keep doing what I was doing.

Every few strokes I would pull my mouth away and trace my tongue down his shaft, around his balls, back up and then around the bulbous wet tip. Each time I moved my head into a position to see he face I could see his head was back, his eyes closed and his breathing laboured.

It seemed like an eternity, of which I enjoyed every minute, before I tasted the first few dribbles of pre-cum. That sweet sticky taste that gave warning to tell me he wasn’t far from finishing the job. I’d never before in my life let a man shoot his juices into my mouth, I usually finished off by hand claiming I wanted to see it happen and guys usually accepted that, but with Jack’s beautiful hard on in my mouth letting him go all the way was all that I wanted.

I sucked and rubbed until I could sense he was about to explode at which time I opened my mouth over the top of his shaft, tightened my grip and began jerking harder and faster. It only took a few more rubs and he was shooting his cum into the back of my mouth and moaning loudly.

“Oh my god! Oh jeez.”

When his white salty cum stopped shooting into my mouth I wrapped my lips around him and sucked hard still jerking him up and down. I sucked, rubbed and savored until I was out of breath.

The weird thing for me about going down on a man was what happened when I was finished. I’d just spent anything from a minute, even I’ve had a ‘Quickdraw McGraw’, to god know how long with my mouth wrapped around his private parts yet I didn’t know whether to thank him, wait for a thank you, or just get up and go along as if nothing happened.

With Jack I didn’t have to worry about that because as his dick began to shrink in my hands he placed his hands either side of my face and gently lifted my head to his then kissed me the deepest, most passionate kiss I’d ever had. His tongue roamed around my mouth, I knew he could taste his own seed in my mouth, because I still could, be it didn’t stop him. At least not immediately.

When he eventually broke the kiss he whispered, “Take me to the bedroom!”


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