At first I didn’t realize it happened, I thought it was just an innocent collision of bodies on a escalator as I was headed towards my office so I ignored it, but apparently I shouldn’t have.

I work on the seventeenth floor of a thirty floor office building in the city. It’s kind of a weirdly set up building I guess because where you enter from the foyer you need to take two levels of escalators to get to the lifts which take you to the upper levels. I’m not sure if the top twenty eight floors were an after thought on a two story building or what it was but it’s always seemed strange to me.

The fact that it was before 6am and the building was relatively empty except for a few early risers and the building security guards probably should have alerted me to the fact that my collision was not entirely innocent but for some reason it didn’t, I just turned around an apologized to the man then turned back. I guess had the same thing happened on the second level of escalators I might have thought something was wrong but since it didn’t my mind was definitely elsewhere.

I wasn’t thinking about anything but work when I pushed the call button for the elevator, I still wasn’t thinking anything else as I stepped into the elevator and the same man stepped in with me, in fact I didn’t even know it was the same person. To be fair I’m not sure I would have done anything even if I did realize it was him and I was going to be alone with him in an elevator for a few minutes.

I pushed the button for the seventeenth floor and stepped back a step for my fellow traveler to select his own floor while the doors were shutting. Without looking at him I felt him gently slide against me as he reached forward and pushed the button for the twenty fourth floor.

“I’m sorry, please excuse me.” the man said as he stepped back to where he was behind me.

“That’s alright.” I said a bit absent minded.

Now I know that response was not an invite and should never have been taken as an invite. I also know that I probably should have done something when I felt the man’s hand gently grasp my left butt cheek, something other than smile of course. But I didn’t! Instead I stood there looking up at the display above the doors showing which floor we were passing.

We weren’t even at the third floor and I could feel his hand moving downward slowly past the hem of my tight fitting black skirt, yet I still wasn’t stopping him. When I felt his hand touch the nylon of my stockings I also felt him move closer to me.

What was I doing? Suddenly I’d gone from thinking about work to thinking about a stranger’s hand caressing my inner thigh and I wasn’t stopping him.

As we passed the sixth floor I felt the hand moving up my thigh, inch by slow inch barely touching me but sending tiny shock waves up my legs. My legs are not that long, I’m only five foot ten, but it felt like they went on forever with the speed his hand moved compared to the tiny shock waves.

At the precise second the display above the doors changed from nine to ten his fingers touched my crotch, there was stockings and underwear between his fingers and what he was searching for but that didn’t stop me from feeling that familiar moistening feeling down there. Whether my stranger could feel it as well I wasn’t sure. What I was sure about was that the elevator ride was going to end all too soon.

Taking my eyes off the display above the doors I looked for the emergency stop button then immediately reached forward and hit it. As the elevator came to a stop with a small jolt I felt the stranger’s hand push up into my crotch, if he wasn’t feeling the wetness before that point he definitely was then.

There was no words spoken as I leaned forward and both my hands touched the cool steel surface on either side of the numbered floor buttons. I pushed my hips backwards feeling the strangers hand push against me and giving him better access to what he was searching for. My skirt was tight and I could feel it pulling around my hips and over my backside but it wasn’t hampering what was happening behind me.

I hadn’t even taken a good look at my elevator stranger, I didn’t know if he was yummy or not, but there I was in a stopped elevator leaning against the wall with his hand rubbing my wet lips through my underwear and stockings. When his fingers pushed against my clitoris I panted involuntarily then gasped. His fingers gently pushed my clit and moved in small circles before they dragged slowly towards my entrance.

Things were getting out of hand quickly and I knew if we didn’t do something soon there would be questions about why the elevator had stopped, even at such an early hour. Pushing myself off the wall I pushed the button to restart the lift and stood up clamping the strangers hand between my legs. I then reached behind myself, grabbed his hand and as the elevator made it’s way upwards I pulled him towards me.

“Hold that thought.” I said surprised at myself.

It was only about ten seconds but the wait as the elevator rose to the seventeenth floor felt like a month I deliberately didn’t turn to look at the stranger and deliberately said nothing. Stepping out of the elevator I knew there was mirrors on the wall and again I made a deliberate effort not to look at them as I led the stranger by the hand through my department’s office. Thankfully it was too early for any of my co-workers to be at their desks and when we stepped inside my office the stranger shut the door without asking. I don’t know what he thought was going to happen but I was in control.

I still hadn’t seen his face when I lifted my tight skirt up my hips and bent over placing my hands on my desk in a similar position to that of the elevator.

“Finish the job.” I said hoping he knew what to do.

Sure enough my new best friend knew what I wanted and proceeded to slip my stocking and underwear down my legs. I felt his hand gently push between my legs and explore the same spot it started with a few minutes before only this time there was no fabric between them. I moaned quietly as those fingers parted my lips and gently slid up and down. When those same fingers pushed against my clit and began to circle I could feel my a throbbing sensation.

Expertly those fingers moved up and down my wet crotch, rolling my clit, parting my lips and teasing my entrance.

“Oh please.” I moaned at one point as those fingers gently pushed into me.

His slow and deep movements in and out as I leaned over my desk were driving me wild. When he picked up the pace I moved my hips against him, each outward movement was followed by me driving myself onto those fingers. Thrust after thrust the stranger drove me closer and closer to orgasm but it wasn’t until he began stroking my g-spot that I really started to lose myself.

Fingers deep, fingers thrusting, muscles working against fingers, hips pounding onto fingers and my moaning was all I could think of as my stranger brought me to orgasm. It was all I could do to stop myself from screaming as I did so.

Within seconds of feeling those fingers leave my warm wet crotch I heard my officer door open and a voice.

“Same time tomorrow.”

I don’t think it was a question but I was surely going to take it as a suggestion.


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