Rock Hard: Why Jason?

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So there I was standing face to face with Jason, backstage at our New Orleans gig, the support act was on stage and although it was loud we were sheltered from the majority of the sound which was going into the venue for the punters. I was waiting for Jason to give me a reason why he’d lured Adam into the women’s toilets to trade sexual favors for free tickets and not one of the other crew.

“Christie you have to believe me I didn’t know you and Adam were going out.” At least he’d learned his lesson about the terms accepted in front of me, “None us knew, you had kept it a secret.”

“That doesn’t explain why you specifically chose Adam.” I said, I was in a bad mood but I wasn’t letting it show in my voice.

“I don’t know I guess it was just a silly macho thing. He’d been wandering around during load-in with a huge smile on his face, he was cheery and he wouldn’t tell anyone why. I’ve known Bambi, “ the girls names just kept getting better, “since our last tour and she told me her friend Candy was useless at giving head.”

He looked at me wondering if the last statement was going to get him another slap I didn’t bother. Like I’ve said you get used to boys being boys, especially on the road, it doesn’t mean you let them get away with it but you give them a few chances.

“Sounds like a nice group of girls you are friends with.” I replied.

“I’m not friends with them, they just…you know…” he pointed down at his groin. “Anyway Bambi tells me Candy’s not good at it and I figured if she’s as bad as Bambi says it might wipe the smug look from Adam’s face. Sherri was suppose to be there to help Candy get Adam off.

Weirdly enough I was not surprised by Jason’s story, the stories of what the road crew do when it comes to giving away free tickets would shock many people. I swear every tour I’ve seen the worst of what a road crew can do, or what guys and girls are willing to try for free tickets but every tour someone lowers the bar just a little bit more. It was something I was planning to put a stop to but it would wait a little longer because I didn’t want it to appear like a reaction to the particular incident that upset me.

“So this was all just an effort to stop someone from being happy?” Jason nodded. “Talk about pathetic Jason, even for you. So why keep pushing after Adam told you no?”

“I didn’t know you were dating, none of us did. Sure it looks bad now and it doesn’t really matter if you believe me or not but I thought Jason was single and he was just being a prat because he is the boss.”

I thought briefly about Jason’s statement, it was believable enough, stupid but believable. I wasn’t sure it completely excused Adam but I was satisfied he wasn’t in the bathroom with the same intention that Jason was.

“So why didn’t you tell Adam this?”

“Would you have believed him if he gave that excuse?” He had a point but that still wasn’t the answer I wanted. “Besides if I had told Adam that, he’d have ripped my balls off. I set him up because he was acting too fucking happy.”

Stepping back and giving Jason some breathing room I then said. “Get the fuck out of my sight Jason.”

As Jason darted off to resume whatever it was I had stopped him from doing I headed towards the band room and ran straight into Dean.

“Feel better?” he asked.

“Not really. Did you hear what he just said?”

Dean hadn’t heard anything he’d come along towards the end of Jason’s speech and decided to just hang back and make sure nothing got out of hand. I filled him in on what Jason had said, told him again that we needed to review who was able to give away free tickets to the shows and promised him I was ready for the show we were about to do. We then separated and went off to do our own pre-show rituals, mine consisting of a few vocal warm ups and singing, Dean a small place of his own to think about the show ahead.

Although I put in 100% for the show it was not the same 100% that I might have put into other shows, I hated myself for not giving the punters more but sometimes these things can’t be helped and they didn’t seem to mind much given the three encores we gave them.

After the gig the crew did their usual load out, Jason avoided me like I had the plague and I was not at all bothered by that. We had a night off the following night which meant no one was in a hurry and there was no rushing back to the motel so drinks after the show were a more relaxing affair than any other for weeks. Adam again sat at the opposite end of the table to me but I did catch him looking at me a few times.

At 2am when I got up to get what I was thinking would be my last drink Adam stepped up to the bar next to me and ordered another drink as well.

“Another one? Not heading off to bed to catch the early ride out of here like you did yesterday?” I asked more out of nervous but polite conversation than anything else.

“Nah riding with those ferals is like riding with a circus. Why do you think I’m drinking!” Adam joked.

We spoke for a few minutes at the bar, I told him Jason’s pathetic reasoning for dragging him into the toilets, he told me he was sorry and I believed him. Given that Adam was an equal partner in our business and I hadn’t really been talking to him for a few days whilst I had been considering the topic I told him the same thing I told Adam about who had access to free tickets.

“I agree Chris, we’ll never stop that kind of behavior but we can make guest tickets harder to get for those we know are only doing to for their own pleasure.”

“I just don’t want to make a scene about it now and have them think it’s because of some vendetta against Jason or some misguided bullshit about us.” I replied with genuine concern.

“Fuck them Christie,” Adam didn’t often swear in front of me like that so when he did I knew he was annoyed. “I don’t really care what any of them think, it’s only a few that abuse the system and everyone is replaceable. It’s our business, our livelihood, if they don’t want to play by our rules they can play elsewhere. I’m pissed off with the way Jason handled things and he’s lucky I haven’t fired his ass for it. I agree, we.” he was referring to Adam, myself and him, “need to talk about the situation and we can do it tomorrow since we don’t have to be rushing anywhere.”

I agreed with what he said and told him before downing the dregs of my drink. After I placed my empty glass on the bar I turned toward the rest of the band at the table. Dean was drinking and chatting but almost like there was some invisible brother sister bond between us he looked up at me, I waved for him to join us. By the time Dean got to the bar and stood between Adam and I another drink had taken place of the empty glass I had placed there.

“Someone’s trying to get me drunk.” I said jokingly as Adam turned away sheepishly. I knew that wasn’t his intention but joking was my natural reaction to some situations.

“So you two have talked?” Dean asked. “Do you want a lollipop?

“Yeah but that’s not why I called you up here.” I said as Dean ordered another drink. “Adam and I want to have a sit down and discuss the on going issues of these free tickets. We were thinking tomorrow since we have the night off. That okay with you?”

Dean agreed, we didn’t set a time, an agreement was enough we’d find each other and after a few more minutes of small talk Dean left and headed back to the table.

“Where does this leave us Christie?” Adam asked before taking a sip of his drink.


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