Ride Hard: At Home Again

Continues from here.

Jack kicked his pants off leaving them on the living room floor and we walked hand in hand towards the bedroom, he didn’t need to be led there but I think he wanted to be. Once in the bedroom I quickly, maybe even too quickly, stripped down to only my underwear and bra while Jack took off the only piece of clothing he had left on, his shirt.

“Let me help.” he whispered as he reached behind me and began undoing my bra with one hand.

“That’s a skill you need to practice to master.” I said.

“I’ve been practicing with my mother’s bra on a chair since I was thirteen!”

I kind of hoped he was joking, if he was it was cute and funny, if he wasn’t it could be why he didn’t talk about his mother very often. Looking directly in his eyes I thought I could tell from the look that he was joking. As my bra came undone and he gently slipped it over my shoulders I kissed him. The next thing I felt was my underwear being pushed slowly downward until they came free and dropped to the floor, but we didn’t break the kiss.

The deeper we kissed the more his hands roamed up and down my back. It was the gentle touch of his rough calloused working hands as they lightly scratched against my sensitive skin that had me on edge before we’d even made it to the bed. I could feel his growing member nudging into my waist, it was only a few minutes since he’d last been erect yet he was sparing no time becoming aroused again. I put my arms around his waist, placed both hands on his butt and pulled him closer, feeling him pushed harder against me. I moved my hips slowly as we kissed just feeling his hardening dick move against my skin.

Breaking the kiss I dropped back onto the bed and pulled Jack with me, he was slightly off balance as he fell but did his best not to squash or hurt me. He shuffled his warm naked and well toned body against me. My erect nipples rubbed against his and another shock wave of electric jolts spasmed through me.

“Fuck me!” I groaned wanting more than ever to feel him buried inside me.

At the exact time his tongue pushed it’s way into my mouth his rigid cock pushed it’s way into my wet and waiting pussy. We quickly got into a rhythm of thrusting and moving together, grinding our hips, Jack driving himself into me hard and fast, then slow and deep, holding himself inside me then slowly dragging himself out until all that was left was the tip. By the time I wrapped my legs around his waist to hold him inside me as my body took over we were even moaning together.

Jack might have already had one go on the sofa in the living room but he was still able to completely rock my world in the bedroom and as we writhed and came together our bodies felt like one. Even when we finished I held my legs around him for several moments not wanting to let him go.

One question I’ve never been able to find an answer for is how long is the after sex cuddle or embrace suppose to last before it’s allowed to be broken. For me it wasn’t long, sure I’d be offended if a guy climbed off, got dressed and was headed out the door even before I realized he’d moved but at the opposite end of the scale I didn’t want to lay uncomfortable with my arms twisted or awkward just through some misguided idea of connection. Another reason for not getting caught in a long embrace was because sometimes one has other business to take care of. It was that business which I broke our cuddle for, but when I returned from the bathroom Jack was still laying on the bed waiting for me.

No sooner had I lay on the bed than he was pushing his arm under my neck and gently bringing us closer together. I lay on the bed with his arm hooked around me tracing light lines on his bare chest with my finger tips. Neither of us appeared tired and we began talking, it felt a little strange not to just fall asleep worn out of sex but it was a nice strange.

The other thing that was strange is where the after sex conversation started. I don’t know if there is a code for where after sex conversation should start but Jack obviously hadn’t read it if there was because he went directly for the friends and family conversation.

“So now that I have passed the friend test, I did pass didn’t I?, when do I get to pass the parent test?” he asked quietly.

It was kind of weird to hear him ask about meeting the family given what we’d just being doing but I guess it had to come up again at some time. I decided my input into the discussion would start of with something silly.

“Maybe I need to pass the same test, I can thank your Mom for letting you play with her bras.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have said that.” he replied with a grin.

“Oh so you’re denying it happened now are you?”

“Until the day I die!”

“What if I promised not to mention the bras?”

Jack remained silent for a few moments, it wasn’t quite an uncomfortable moment but it was long enough to make me wonder if maybe I’d pushed him too far. Then just as I was about apologize he spoke up.

“You know it’s not a case of being embarrassed or scared to introduce you to my parents don’t you?”

I nodded, my head rubbing against his chest. I didn’t believe it was those reasons but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought it once or maybe twice. I wanted Jack to explain his reasons, not because I was curious but because I wanted him to be comfortable to share with me. He was one of the most caring and sharing people in the world when it came to belongings but feelings were a different matter.

“Honestly it’s not you.”

“You don’t have to defend yourself Jack, I’m not judging you. I’d be more than happy to set up a dinner with my parents,” it wasn’t a lie either, “you don’t have to do the same.”

It was at that moment I realized two things, the comment about his Mom’s bras was definitely not true and for all his perfectness (is that a word?) Jack Richards was a flawed human like the rest of us, his flaws were just hidden a little deeper.

“I love my parents, and things have improved in the last 10 years but it wasn’t always like that.”

I tried to tell him again that he didn’t need to share what he wasn’t comfortable with but he told me he wanted me to know the full story, the story he’d stepped around up until that point.

Jack grew up as an only child, not through choice but through fate. His mother had three miscarriages before he arrived happy and healthy, but the biggest change in his life didn’t occur because he was the first child after such hard times it happened when his younger brother died 4 days after he was born. Jack wasn’t entirely sure what happened, his parents rarely talked about it and by the time he was old enough to be able to understand things he had decided that gate had been shut and the reasons didn’t really matter.

Growing up he was pretty much left to his own devices, his parents never fought, never stopped loving each other but just never connected with him the way many parents do. Jack didn’t grow up thinking such behavior was wrong, sure he had mates whose parents treated them differently, but he also had mates whose parents didn’t seem to know their kids existed so Jack really didn’t associate his parents with wrong, just different. Jack didn’t miss out on things as a kid and his parents provided a loving home. It wasn’t until he turned twenty one and moved out to experience more of the world that he realized how differently he’d grown up.

He didn’t dislike or disrespect his parents it was just that their relationship was strained. When Jack realized how this brother’s death had effected them and continued to effect them he tried to reach out to them. At first they were reluctant, they wanted things to keep going as they were but after several years Jack was finally able to see some of the walls breaking down.

“We are definitely getting better and I really want you to meet them, I’ve just been a little reluctant because of the history.” Jack said ending the story.

“I’m so sorry Jack, I had no idea. I wouldn’t have made jokes if I did.” I replied lifting my head and looking up at him.

“No need to be sorry, it’s not your fault,” he patted my back gently, “ I really should have told you this sooner but it’s one of those things I rarely share with anyone.”

“I honestly don’t blame you but I feel happy that you decided you could share it with me.” I craned my neck, stretched upwards and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you Jack!”

After such a heartfelt talk we were both worn out and by midnight we were both asleep, me in his arms and my head against his chest.


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  1. I have been greatly enjoying reading this story! My favorite part from this one…there is seriously nothing better than a man who can maintain a long kiss, while removing your panties… very hot 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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