Ride Hard: Good Morning Dear!

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We fell asleep naked and with just the sheet covering us. I’m not sure how many times Jack woke during the night but I didn’t wake at all, however when I did wake I was laying on my back and not in Jack’s arm.

There was a reason for Jack not being there and as I came out of my slumber I realized why, that feeling I had between my legs was not part of a pleasurable dream it was Jack’s head between my legs.

Although his tongue was gently lapping my clit it was the stubble on his cheeks rubbing against my inner thighs that I was really waking me up. I shifted on my back and opened my legs wider for him, my eyes were still sticky and my mind a bit foggy from sleep but I was waking up quickly. As I rubbed my eyes Jack’s fingers began to caress my moistening lips.

When he wrapped both his arms around my legs and moved his fingers onto my lips I felt a little surge rush through me. I felt him moving my wet lips with his fingers allowing a path for his tongue to slid through my wetness. The attention he paid to spreading my lips and licking every part of me while not ignoring my throbbing swollen clit was beyond anything I’d even read in romance books. I could feel my breathing increasing, I wasn’t panting but I knew if he kept it up I would be.

Again I felt his lips and tongue move to my clitoris, when his lips enclosed my love button and his tongue began to flick across it I lifted my hips against him and moaned.

“Oh Jack!”

His gently nibbles around my most sensitive spot was driving me wild, it was not something I’d experienced much with the men I had been with given that most of them spent as little time down there as possible but I think I’ve mentioned before just how good Jack was. When he finally released his lips I let out another moan wishing it hadn’t happened, but thankfully there was more to come.

He slipped his tongue slowly, pleasurably slowly, downward in little circles moving through my wetness all the way to my entrance. His tongue teased it way around my entrance, flicking and lapping but never entering, it was driving me insane. When he finally pushed his tongue inside me I did more than moan I actually screamed.


Something many guys forget when they go down on a woman is to concentrate on everything, don’t ignore one piece of the puzzle for the sake of another, it was something Jack didn’t need to learn. As he let his tongue move inside me, his noses rubbed my wet lips and his fingers rubbed my clitoris. The guy was definitely a triple threat!

I lifted my legs, put my hand on his head and began thrust my hips gently towards him feeling his tongue, riding his tongue and moaning pleasurably. My breathing had increased and was boarding on the edge of rapid, I wasn’t gasping for breath but I was getting close. When he slid his tongue out and began moving it slowly upwards I was so close to orgasm I gently pushed his head down but he had other ideas.

As he licked upwards, again making little circles with his tongue on the way up, I felt two fingers gently slide inside me. When his tongue stopped at my clit and began flicking it I felt his fingers moving inside me. Between his fingers and his tongue I was again being sent towards orgasm.

Yet again I was moaning and breathing hard as my body writhed. I lifted my hips against his thrust, moved side to side as his touch sent me into uncontrollable movements. His fingers moved in and out of me with varying speeds, just as I thought he was slowing down he’d speed up and just when I was getting used to the pace he’s slow down. Then he’d change again and thrust harder making me scream.

When I felt his fingers push against my g-spot I begged for more, pleaded for more and thrust my hips toward him trying to encourage those fingers exactly where I wanted them. Jack met every one of my thrust and continued to lick and suck on my clit as he did so. I was actually losing my self the longer he went on. Then it happened, something I’d only ever read about and dreamed about.

With his fingers keeping the pressure on my g-spot and his tongue working I became so excited I exploded. I’d never actually cum with a man before, never felt the release of ejaculation while having sex, let alone while having a man go down on me but Jack managed to do it. For near on twenty seconds (I wasn’t actually counting) I exploded in Jack’s face then as soon as that experience was over I orgasmed.

While I had never experienced my own ejaculation it happened exactly as I’d read about in some of my romance novels, a release of liquid that felt amazing followed by a body rattling orgasm that rocked to the core.

I was so turned on and so driven after being rocked that far that I didn’t wait to catch my breath, didn’t even wait for Jack to catch his breath I simple put my hands on either side of his face and gently pulled him up to me.

“Come here and fuck me!” I said as he rose towards me.

Without wasting any time Jack was inside me. I was still so turned on that I knew it wasn’t going to take me much to keep me on edge but I wanted Jack, I wanted him inside me and I wanted him thrusting into me.

“Fuck me hard and quick,” I said between kisses, “cum with me please!”

As much as I was the one who’d been receiving all the attention for the majority of the time Jack was obviously getting turned on doing what he was doing and the quick thrusting was helping him reach the same point as me because our sex didn’t last long but oh god it was good.

“Good morning honey!” Jack said to me after we’d both orgasmed.

I could feel him shrinking inside me and feel his seed dribbling from me but I did not care I held him tight against me. “Good morning alright, goddamn Jack Richards if I woke up to that every morning I think I’d be dead before I’m 40!”

“I think I’d be dead with you! But hey what a way to go!”

Eventually we did get up for breakfast and tea and made our way to work!

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