A Night At The Rockbox

I don’t really know why I let him talk me into it but I suppose it’s just one of those things that you do when you’re dating, especially when you think the guy you’re dating has the potential to be Mr. Right and not just Mr. Right-Now. What am I talking about? Let him take you to a club for to see a band you’re not really into.

I guess in Ralph’s defense he didn’t have to talk me into it too much I may not have been a fan of the latest girlie band he was raving about but I do like a night at the club, some music and a few drinks and I can put up with just about any music. It probably wasn’t entirely fair to call the band She-Wulf a girlie band either, they were a four piece post rock (according to Ralph) band fronted by a female singer. The way Ralph ragged on about Nancy you could be excused for thinking she was the only member in the band.

I guess I was going along as much to check out this girl as I was to have a good time with my boy friend. Even though they were a local band, they hadn’t broken through with too many gigs outside our home town, I wasn’t threatened by Nancy but I figured I’d check her out in case there was ever a day Ralph actually met her and I did have to stake my claim.

The Rockbox was a pretty dingy place, it was good for about fifteen hundred people on a good night, although it didn’t see that many people often these days. There was a bar on either side wall which served over priced drinks all night, a V.I.P. area at the back no one seemed to use any more and a stage at the front. Other such redeeming features where the black painted walls, a few standing height bar tables and carpet that stuck to your shoes if you stood in the one spot too long.

The only other distinguishing feature of the place and something which probably showed it’s age was that there was a tiled dance floor, it was directly in front of the stage, sunken from the rest of the floor by about two foot and sunken from the stage by about seven foot. I guess it was a remnant of the 90’s dance clubs where patrons listened and danced to top 40 sprinkler music by a single DJ on the small stage. All in all it wasn’t a great place but there was few other choices for bands, especially unsigned bands, to play in town.

By the time She-Wulf hit the stage I’d managed to down a couple of Vodkas and even if the band wasn’t great I was at least trying to have a good time. The crowd was nowhere near capacity and we didn’t have any major problems getting onto the dance floor, by the third song we were front row, standing seven foot below Nancy. It was a pretty average spot to see the band from really, but again it was our local and it’s what we had so we made do.

I can’t say I was overly taken by the music, it was okay, but definitely no Michael Bolton, although I suppose they never claimed to be. Anyway something which they had recently installed at the Rockbox was permanent smoke machines, you know the things I mean, those stupid friggen boxes that pump artificial smoke onto the stage, only at the Rock box they spewed the sticky shit out into the crowd on the dance floor. In less than a minute they could leave the dance floor covered in smoke with only the heads of patrons standing about the clouds of dispersing smoke. From back near the bars it looked kind of strange but even if She-Wulf weren’t my cup of tea I was of the impression that to enjoy a band I had to be close to the noise, so covered in smoke we got. Ralph was really getting into the show, I could feel him bouncing up and down behind me and occasionally felt his arm hit my head accidentally as he did so.

I don’t know if it was the drinks, I usually take more than a few drinks to get tipsy, or the smell the burning stinky oil, or what it was but for some strange reason when Nancy started singing,

I want to feel you inside me
I want to feel your love

From the song Love Me Like A Reptile I just couldn’t help myself.

Reaching behind me I grabbed Ralph on the crotch and gently rubbed his dick through his tight jeans. Such a simple gesture and I’m sure you can guess what happened from there.

Under the cover of the artificial smoke I lifted my skirt, pulled my underwear to one side and offered myself to Ralph. As I leaned on the wall in front of me and stopped concentrating on the band above Ralph entered me from behind.

I’d heard about couples having sex in the smoke at the Rockbox there was even stories of people who had been caught in the act as the smoke dissipated but it wasn’t until the moment Ralph entered me from behind and began thrusting that I started to actually believe they’d happened.

Without needing to speak the words we both knew that what we were doing had to be quick but when I felt his fingers lift the front of my skirt and gently touch my clit time suddenly didn’t matter, the feeling of that lovely hard cock thrusting into me while he rolled my tingling clit was driving me wild.

Thankfully for us when the song finished the band went straight into another song, no break, no quiet lull just the banging of drums and screeching of guitars. Ralph changed rhythm as the beat of the song changed but it wasn’t until his speed picked up and I felt both of his hands on my hips, whilst still feeling his fingers rolling my clit that I realized something else and it wasn’t that my boy friend had three hands!

As soon as the realization that there was someone else playing with my clit hit me I was suddenly more turned on than ever. Did Ralph know there was someone else? Had the two of them crossed paths down there so to speak? While I could still feel both of Ralph’s hands I wasn’t answering any of those questions.

By the end of the song Ralph had finished, I had finished and the mysterious hand was no longer touching me. Although I looked down into the dark smoke I could not see anyone and something in my mind told me not to reach out feeling for the stranger.

That night at home as Ralph tried to get amorous in bed, and I told him I was too tired, not because I didn’t want to have sex but because I was genuinely tired he actually tried to talk my into by saying.

“Babe I’ll let you replicate what we did before.”

I was obviously thinking slightly different thoughts to him but when I asked him exactly what it was that he wanted me to replicate even I was floored.

“I don’t know how you did it. I didn’t think your arms were that long. But when you reached underneath before and rubbed my balls while we fucked it got me going so bad I thought I was going to explode instantly!”

Even though I didn’t have all the answers I didn’t have the heart to give him the few answers I did have, some secrets best remain hidden.


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