CopyCat Cafe: A dinner invite

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“So how are things with you and Simon?” Sonya asked trying to divert the conversation as soon as we sat down.

We were sitting in the kitchen on stools against the bench for no other reason than that was where were when the coffee was ready.

“Nice try kiddo but we are here to talk about your love life not mine!” I replied with a smirk on my face.

“My love life? You want me to tell you all the sordid little details of what I get up to in the bedroom while I’m butt naked?”

“Not quiet, you don’t need to be naked.” I said with laughter.

“Oh so you want the stories of when I wear the Gimp suit and hang from the chandelier?”

“Actually now that you mention that one maybe we could save it for later.”

“Okay but you’re missing out on a great story!”

“Well get on with the story I want to hear and you then you can tell me all about Gimp Sonya.” I told her still laughing.

“You really have a fascination for this story don’t you?”

“Well I need something to warm me up for Gimp Sonya!”

“You need to get over that, a girl has to keep some secrets.”

“Just tell me what I want to know or we’ll need another coffee.”

Sonya finally broke, or she ran out of other silly one liners to play with, and she began to tell me about her talk with Tracy. While things had been somewhat sorted for her she was still tip toeing around things with Tracy, it was early days for the two of them and dealing with a partner that had or had depression is never easy but Sonya seemed to think she had managed to convince Tracy she was in it for the long haul and Tracy seemed to accept that there was now two people fighting the illness and not just one.

I’m not an expert psychologist, I’m not even and amateur psychologist, but after nearly an hour and another coffee I was confident that Sonya and Tracy were going to make it, or at very least it wasn’t going to be Tracy’s depression that broke them up. Depression can be a killer in any relationship but Tracy had agreed to let Sonya in and Sonya had agreed to do everything she could to help so they were well on the way to a positive outcome.

“So what’s going on between you and the married man?” Sonya asked as cheeky as ever when we finished talking about her.

“I thought once you finished your story we were moving on to you and your Gimp suit?”

“Oh lady, that’s a story you couldn’t handle without going into cardiac arrest.” We both laughed at Sonya’s comment, she might have been telling the truth.

My cell phone began to ring and vibrate on the bench next to my empty coffee cup, caller ID told me it was Simon, I ignored it. By the third ring when it was obvious that I wasn’t going to answer it Sonya leaned over and looked at the caller ID.

“Ignoring him are we?”

“Nope, I’m sitting here talking to my best friend and having coffee.”

“My coffee is empty and your best friend wants to know what’s going on so either you answer that and I listen in or you go and make me another coffee.”

Of course I took the easy option and even before my phone had stopped ringing I was preparing to make coffee. Almost as soon as my cell phone stopped ringing the land line at the cafe started ringing, caller ID on the new phone hanging on the wall showed Simon’s number and again I ignored it and looked at the clock.

“He must know the place is shut, why is he ringing here?” I asked to no one in particular.

“He’s obviously desperate for a nice piece of Pussy Kat.” The pun was obviously intended and any other time I might have laughed at Sonya’s joke but not that time.

“That’s the problem, he’s desperate for sex not a solution.” I replied.

“So fuck his brains out and look for the solution.” Sonya replied as the phone stopped ringing. “Do you reckon he knows you’re here since he’s ringing at this hour?”

“I suppose he could have rang home first.” I said hopefully.

“So what are you going to do, ring him back and talk to him, or make me that coffee and talk to me?” Sonya asked with a concerned look on her face.

“Do have to talk to either of you?” I asked knowing it was pointless.

I went through my situation with Sonya, explained how Simon had thought everything through within hours, then after twelve hours he’d worked out a solution to all our issues which still kept him at home with the ex and me on the outer. I told her how I’d ignored his calls, but sent him a message telling him I needed to concentration on work and the situation between her and Tracey, she wasn’t overly happy with that excuse but accepted it because she had no choice.

“So have you actually talked to him?” She asked me when I finished telling her my story.

“What do you think?”

“Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it you, yes I think it was you, yes I’m really sure it was you, who told me to go and talk my problem out, yet here you are ignoring the same advice.”

“My situation is different to yours Miss Smartybum,” I threw back at her.


“Because you needed guidance, I need a…”

“…another good root!” Sonya replied finishing my sentence. “Would you like to borrow my gimp suit?”

I ignored the bit about the gimp suit. “Well maybe that’s true but geez Son, I still feel like a twenty year old. Old enough to have sex but doing their best not to get caught doing it in their parents house. That’s what she make feel like.”

Despite her smart and sometimes rude comments Sonya was really a great listener and quiet often her advice was worth considering. Sometimes it required explaining so that I saw it from her point of view but the one thing that she always did was listen to my point of view and once the jokes settled she would often offer up a reasonable counter argument. But the one thing she never did was get offended if I didn’t take her advice.

“As I have said before Kat, I understand why you feel that way but going by what you’ve said you are beating yourself up a bit too much for it. They are divorced, they are separated, you aren’t sleeping with a married man.”

“The why the hell does it feel like that? Why the hell does she have to be a pest and rear her goddamn head every time Simon and I do actually get close? Why the hell can’t he move out of that fucking house!!” I shut down for a few moments before apologizing, “Oh shit, I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.”

“It’s okay, I’ve heard dirty words before, I’ve even heard you use them.” she replied sweetly.

“Yeah but I shouldn’t be taking this out on you. You came here to request a day off and I was letting you cry on my shoulder. After all the times I have cried on your shoulder it was my turn to return the favour and now I’ve doubled down.” I wasn’t sure my gambling metaphor was right but spoke it anyway.

Although I had a lot more I could tell her Sonya interrupted me by shaking her empty cup in my direction and pointing out the time.

“What are you plans for tonight?” she asked.

“Same as usual, home, relax, TV, shower, bed, probably in that order.”

“No you’re not, you’re coming to our place. I’m cooking for Tracy and now I’m cooking for you. We’ll grab some wine, and make a girls night out of it.”

Thinking about the problems Sonya was having and the idea of waking up under the weather for work the next morning I politely declined.

“Not taking no for an answer Kat. If it wasn’t for you Tracy and I could have split up, we might not have solved everything but what we did solve was because of you and dinner is my thank you. Now lock this place up and lets go, don’t make me drag you kicking and screaming because you know I’ll do it.”

How could I decline such a warm and heartfelt offer?


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