Rock Hard: I’ll Do Anything

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I didn’t ignore the knock at the door for too long. Because I’d already pranked Adam and was only mildly successful given the way he came back at me so quick I figured I needed to end the game before he managed to prank me again. I honestly didn’t think he’d walk away a second time but I wasn’t going to give him the chance.

I walked up to the door with the idea of opening it quickly and calling boo at the same time as he was standing there wondering if I was going to open it. It was meant to be one final small hit to remind him he didn’t win easily. I padded up to the door quietly and gently twisted the handle hoping he wouldn’t notice it moving, then when I felt the door latch release I pulled the door open and called out BOO, but no one was there.

I stepped through the open doorway and immediately turned to my left to look along the undercover walk way back towards Adam’s room to try and stop him and got the fright of my life. Leaning against the brick wall with one foot resting against the wall and his right knee jutting out as if he was trying to pull off some movie star pose stood Adam.

“Looking for someone?” He said in a quiet and smug voice.

“Bastard!” I said and turned around and walked back into my room I wasn’t upset and being beaten again but I knew I was going to have to ramp things up a bit. I actually thought about shutting the door on him and seeing what his next move was but even I knew the game was getting old so I just walked back into the room leaving the door open. By the time I was back at the bed and sitting down Adam was standing in the door.

“Someone here order a hunk?” I looked at him, smiled but said nothing and he continued. “They didn’t have any so they sent me!”

“Well come in and shut the door you’re letting the bugs in!” I replied.

Adam shut the door, walked over to the bed, sat next me and apologized. Without really looking at him, because I was genuinely tired and I would soon be looking to put my head on the pillow I told him there was no need to keep tell me he was sorry.

“I’m over it Adam, I really am.”

“Dare I ask if we can go back to what we had before this shit flared up?”

“I just don’t know Adam, I honestly don’t know.”

I don’t know what compelled me to do it but as soon as those words came out of my mouth I turned and look at Adam. The look on his face was one of complete and utter sadness. The annoying thing is that I kind of knew why. What had happened wasn’t of his doing, the shit storm that followed was also not his doing, most of it was mine, but for some reason my mind as much as it still loved him didn’t know what it wanted from him.

“I’ll do anything Christie, just name it! I love you.”

My mind wasn’t even in a state to react with a ridiculous stunt I just spoke from the heart. “You don’t have to do anything Adam. I know how you feel about me and trust me I love you too, I just don’t know what to think right now and my tired brain wont let me think.”

I felt his hand rest on my leg through my leather stage pants. Given how softly he was touching me I couldn’t help but think he was expecting me to remove his hand, or worse move away from him. I did neither, I actually rested my hand on his and pushed my fingers between his clamping our hands together.

We sat that way for several minutes, neither of us talking and neither of us moving. What I had told Adam was the truth, I did love him but my brain just kept putting up barriers when I tried to think of us together. The problem was that the barrier it was creating was invisible, I couldn’t see it or figure out how to remove it. But for reasons I couldn’t figure out the barriers were not stopping me from sitting on the bed holding hands with him, just like they didn’t stop me walking back to the room with him hand in hand.

When I felt the urge to go to the bathroom I let go of his hand, stood up, excused myself and went into the bathroom and closed the door. Whilst I was in the toilet I decided to remove the remnants of Hella. As well as removing the make up removing Hella also meant removing the tight leather pants, the boots and the leather corset that covered my top half. During the process I also decided that it was time for me to get some sleep, it had been a long day and a long night and the rock goddess needed sleep.

The process of removing Hella took nearly ten minutes but it also meant that because I hadn’t prepared for it before entering the bathroom I would be walking into the main part of my room wearing either my underwear or a towel. Despite my silly brain and because of my feelings I opted for the underwear choice. I had no intention of going out and seducing Adam or even encouraging him to seduce me but I did have every intention of going to bed once I’d dropped my stage gear with my other belongings.

I could tell Adam was looking at me as I walked out of the bathroom wearing a matching set of black lace bra and panties. Where other guys might have been silly enough to make a comment Adam remained silent, he even tried to make it appear like he wasn’t watching my every move, but I knew he was.

I dropped my stage gear over the unopened bag of clothes that lay on the spare sofa in front of the TV and padded my way across to the bed.

“Adam, I’m tired, I’m worn out and I can’t keep my eyes open any more so I’m going to bed.”

I saw the look on Adam’s face as he took in the words, it was one of sad confusion as he wondered what he was suppose to do. I stepped behind him, around the end of the bed, pulled the covers back and sat down on the side opposite to him. He craned his neck and turned around to look at me. I thought he was going to say something but when he didn’t I decided to speak.

“I’m going to sleep, you are welcome to stay but I’m serious about sleep, if you try anything you’ll be sleeping on the floor.”

Adam nodded in agreement. “I’ll be back in a second I am going to the bathroom.”

“Use my toothbrush if you need too” I said wondering where the voice had come from. It definitely wasn’t a usual type of statement I would tell anyone but for some reason my tired brain had no issues making the offer. I know some people get weirded out by such dental hygiene but I didn’t worry me, what worried me more was where the statement had come from.

Adam wasn’t very long in the bathroom at all and when he emerged I was still awake and laying on my side facing the wall. He too must have gotten undressed in the bathroom because he turned he lights off and came straight to bed and seconds later I felt him sit first then lay down on the other side of the bed.

“I love you Christie.”I heard him say as he placed his left hand on my waist.

I grabbed his hand and gave it a little yank, he obviously knew what I wanted because he immediately rolled over and nestled his body into my back. We both fell asleep with Adam spooning me and keeping out lust at bay.


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