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Having spent the first few hours of my previous work day sitting at my desk slightly foggy and thinking about the wonderful fingering I’d received from my elevator stranger there was no way I wasn’t going to turn up to work early the next morning.

Riding both escalators up to the second floor and not seeing, or feeling, my new best friend I was feeling like I’d wasted my early morning rise but those feelings were eased when I stepped into the lift. I honestly don’t know how he did it but as I stepped into the lift there he was standing in the back corner with his head down so I couldn’t see his face. I wasn’t entirely sure it was the same man, he had the right build and the fact he was hiding his face gave me some reason to believe it was him. That was until I pushed the button for the seventeenth floor, followed by the close button.

This time he didn’t even bother pushing his own floor button he just stepped up behind me and without a sound pushed his hand up my skirt until it touched my underwear. I opened my legs slightly and pushed against his hand. Like the previous day I was wearing both stockings and underwear, I did have a corporate image to uphold, and like the previous day I could feel myself enjoying the situation very quickly. Unlike the previous day where I stopped the lift and let the stranger work his fingers around my crotch this time we rode the life directly to the seventeenth floor where I again led him to my office trying hard not to see his reflection in the mirrored walls.

Stepping into my office I didn’t even bother turning the light on I just walked up to my desk and resumed the position I had been in the previous day. I know that sounds kind of slutish and probably isn’t the sort of thing empowering women should do but my mind wasn’t thinking about women power at that point in time.

Just like the previous day my elevator stranger lowered both my underwear and stocking slowly and gently, there seemed to be no rush in what he was doing. The same slowness was employed as his fingers began to explore my wetness. Pushing downwards towards my waiting clit his fingers parted my lips, I was moist before he started but things were getting wet quickly as those fingers rubbed. When those slow moving fingers eventually touched my clit it was throbbing, when they started rubbing little circles I began to move my hips and when his thumb gently pushed against my entrance I moaned.

The only place he was touching me was between my legs, not that I was complaining. I leaned on my desk with my backside in the air and I moaned as his fingers worked at my wetness. His gentle circles up and down my wet lips were driving me insane, I desperately wanted those fingers back inside me. I desperately wanted to feel those fingers thrusting into me. I desperately wanted to drive myself onto those fingers until I was cumming. But apparently my elevator stranger had different ideas.

The first I realized there had been any different movements behind me was when I felt his tongue ever so gently touch my entrance. I moaned in pleasure.

”Oh god yes. Oh god please. Yes!” I said.

The next thing I felt was the fingers of both his hands parting my wet lips. I adjusted my stance and opened my legs a bit more to accommodate what I hoped was coming. Sure enough I got what I wanted. With my lips parted I felt the strangers tongue flick its way delicately up and down my crotch. I pushed my hips towards the stranger as that wonderfully sensual tongue got closer to my throbbing clit but it was to no avail as the stranger changed directing before I got what I wanted.

Although I wasn’t exactly counting the seconds my elevator stranger spent what must have been two minutes letting his tongue roam up and down my wetness, each time he stopped before touching my clit or my entrance, tempting me but not sating me. His tongue was driving me so wild that when he finally did give into my pleas wrap his lips around my clit and flick his tongue backwards and forwards I had to use all my strength not to scream out in ecstasy.

From my clit that tongue traced a wet path to my entrance and before I even had a chance to beg him to slid it inside me he was fulfilling my wish. At the same time as his tongue penetrated me his fingers returned to my clit and rubbed in gently circles. I thrust my hips, pushing against the outward stroke of his tongue and the harder I thrust the more he seemed to reward me.

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer with the tongue lashing he was giving me and when I moaned louder, telling him that I was going to cum he took matters into his own hand literally. A moment after I moaned, “I’m going to cum.” his fingers squeezed my throbbing clit, it wasn’t a hard squeeze but it was enough that it sent a massive shock wave through my entire body, so much so that I felt my legs shake all the way down to my ankles.

I put my left hand over my mouth and stifled the scream as I orgasmed and came on the strangers tongue, I didn’t think there would be anyone in the office but I wasn’t taking any risks of being caught in such a compromising position.

The stranger’s tongue and fingers continued working my pussy for several moments as my breaths became less stained and it wasn’t until me breaths were normal that my stranger’s touch vacated me.

Just like the previous day when my stranger finished what he was doing he quietly stood up and left my office, but not without telling me he’d see me the following morning. Of course there was no question as to whether I wanted to see, or not see, him again, the question was whether I could actually survive meeting him for a third time!


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