CopyCat Cafe: Oh What A Night

Continues from here.

I felt a bit weird lobbing in on Sonya and her partner Tracy’s dinner, it was after all suppose to be a dinner between the two of them to help work through the issues they had but Sonya assured me that it would be fine.

“It’s because of you I can do this Kat. You kicked me into gear and made me talk to Trace, if you hadn’t done that I’d have remained silent and possibly lost her. Look, if it makes you feel better I’ll ring her and confirm she’s ok with it, but I guarantee she wont mind.”

Sonya made the call before we left the cafe and of course the answer was yes so I had officially run out of options. If I didn’t want Sonya to drag me kicking and screaming, something I’m sure she would have done if I refused, I was going out for dinner. When we arrived at Sonya’s place there was music blaring from inside. We could hear it clearly from the front yard, I couldn’t pick what band or song was playing but that was not surprising given my knowledge of current music trends. Obviously Tracy didn’t care what the neighbors thoughts of her music either.

“Guess Tracy beat us here!” Sonya said.

“Either that your cat has learnt to use the stereo.”

“My pussy is pretty darn clever but it doesn’t…”

I’m not sure how that sentence was going to end, I’m also not sure if it was cut short for the benefit of my ‘timid’ mind, as Sonya sometimes called it, but the sentence ended leaving me wondering what she would have said.

We were barely in the door when Tracy bounded up to Sonya and gave her a huge hug and a big kiss on the cheek. “Welcome home babe!” I was admiring how good the two of them looked together in a warm embrace when Tracy broke the hug and did exactly the same thing to me but with slightly different words. “Thank you so, so much Katrina.”

I knew what she was thanking me for and as she planted a huge kiss on my cheek I told her she was welcome.

“Careful kissing her babe, she’s horny and desperate she might attack you!” Sonya said with a huge laugh forming in her voice.

“It’s ok I kiss everyone who comes to our door like that, I’m used to a few clingers!” Tracy relied also laughing.

Cooking dinner was a shared affair between the two girls and I couldn’t help but be a little bit jealous by the way the two of them connected. Even after a bit of a rocky patch, one that wouldn’t be fixed over night, the two of them showed the kind of affection and appreciation for each other that just could not be faked. I found myself wondering why I couldn’t have the same thing but I must have been looking a bit glum because the thoughts had hardly had time for fester before Sonya was on my case and trying to cheer me up.

“Have another glass of wine.”

I did try to refuse knowing that after dinner I had to walk home but refusing anything from Sonya when she has her heart set on something is difficult so another glass was poured. By the time we sat down for dinner the three of us had managed to drain two bottles of wine, my assistance didn’t total three full glasses but I had still helped.

“So how are things between you and Simon?” Tracy asked half way through dinner.

We’d been having such a good time I had nearly forgotten about my stupid relationship and the question caused me to think for a second before attempting to answer. I was just about to answer when Sonya stepped in and diverted the conversation.

“Sorry my bad, I forgot to tell Tracy.” I wondered what Sonya had forgotten to tell her, Sonya continued. “Simon’s a no go zone tonight, Kat is here to get drunk and forget about him for a night!”

I had to laugh, I hadn’t been drunk in more than ten years and had no such intention but Sonya’s suggestion amused me none the less. Of course even with the best intentions in place things have a way of changing and with three girls all drinking and chatting, topics get changed and topics get revived and was less than an hour after we finished dinner that the topic of Simon came up again.

“I thought you told me that was a no go zone.” Tracy said placing her empty glass on the table with a clang and nearly missing the edge.

“Oops, sorry, my bad.” Sonya said, the signs of being drunk becoming obvious.

“No honestly it’s ok, I don’t mind. My screwed up relationship can be the topic of conversation, it’s not like we are going to fix it, we may as well tear it apart.” I replied.

Of course the term, “just use him for sex” or derivatives of it were thrown around more than once and with the effects of alcohol taking over my mind I couldn’t help but agree. Although when the conversation started I wasn’t overly interested in talking about Simon I must admit by the time we got over the comments about using him for sex we did actually have a reasonable conversation. We didn’t resolve anything, and I didn’t expect to but at one point Tracy did actually come up with something worth considering.

“If he fails to understand why you feel like the other woman, make him feel like the other man. Make him feel what you feel.”

“In case you haven’t noticed I’m not married and there isn’t too many other guys chasing me” Although I didn’t notice it at the time alcohol was obviously effecting me a little bit given that a sober Kat would have just said no straight out.

“Are you suggesting we set Kat up with someone else to make Simon jealous?” Sonya asked. “She wont go for that, at least not when she’s sober!”

I said nothing, I just laughed.

“We don’t need to set her up, we just need to make it appear like she’s got something else interested.”

Tracy appeared to be the soberest among us and she went on to explain a plan where Sonya could intercept calls asking if the person calling was someone named Tom. If Simon came in to the cafe she could say that I was off visiting Tom and several other scenarios which she’s obviously given some thought to. She even suggested a friend of hers who could step in and be seen with me a few times to enhance the story.

As much as I laughed at the story I really don’t think I agreed to it, but Sonya and Tracy didn’t see it the same way. To try and douse the fire a little and in the hope they would forget about such a plan I decided I would bid them farewell and go home for some sleep.

“You can’t leave Kat, you’ve drunk too much.” Tracy said as I went to get up

”It’s ok I’m not driving!” I said with a slight slur.

“Driving or not you’re staying the night, I insist.”

“But I wouldn’t want to interrupt the two of you making up.” I replied

“We’ve got out whole lives to make up, besides I’m too drunk to screw her brains out tonight.” As Tracy spoke Sonya nodded in agreement.

“Unless of course you want to get in between us,” Sonya said with a drunken smile. We all laughed.

“You just want to show off that bloody gimp suit.” Sonya and I laughed, before explaining the gimp suit comment to Tracy, then I continued . “Honestly I can’t stay, I have to be up for work in the morning.”

“Yeah well since we are the ones that got you drunk Sonya’s going to work with you tomorrow anyway.” I looked on surprised by Tracy’s words. “C’mon babe, we can’t let you struggle through work by yourself after spending the night getting you drunk!”

“I’m not drunk.”

“You are drunker than I have ever seen you, Kat.” Sonya added. “But Tracy’s right, it’s our fault I’m coming to work with you in the morning, I’ll take my day off one day next week.”

“Good It’s settled, the spare room is made up and it’s yours.” Tracy said and I gave up arguing.

Before heading off the bed I looked Sonya in the eye and spoke trying my hardest not to slur. “So even though we weren’t suppose to be talking about Simon, did we actually resolve anything tonight?”

“Ask me in the morning!” she said.


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