Rock Hard: Not Enough Sleep

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I wasn’t kidding when I told Adam I wanted to sleep, and although I heard him tell me he loved me and encouraged him to spoon me, sleep was exactly what we did. Well I did and I assumed that because I woke up at 7:45am and his arm was still around me he did too. 4-5 hours sleep is not really enough for me, I can manage on that little but not for too many days. But since we had a day off I wasn’t in a hurry to do anything.

As I stirred under the weight of Adam’s arm he stirred as well and I was slightly disheartened when his stirring saw him roll over onto his his back. Because it was a warmish night we’d gone to bed with only a sheet covering us but when Adam rolled onto his back that sheet didn’t entirely go with him and I felt it tug but not give way as he rolled. Even though I was sure he didn’t need it I decided I too would roll over and cover him in the sheet, laying on his chest was just going to be a happy extra.

It wasn’t until I rolled over, slowly and gently so as not to rock him awake I realized Adam had spent the night sleeping naked. Obviously I had felt him pushed up against me as we spooned but because we were both so tired and the thought of sex was not present his attire was not something that I had thought about. But I was now!

There was no thoughts about whether I had forgiven Adam and there was no thoughts about whether he deserved to be forgiven. The only thought that went through my mind as I rolled over and saw him laying naked and asleep, and I admit it may not have been the purest of thoughts, was to remind him that a public toilet is not the place for some activities.

I moved slowly into position took his limp cock in my hand and started to rub it gently up and down. With my other hand I cupped his balls and rubbed. When he stirred and let out a little groan I was sure he was just on the verge of waking so I did my best to fix that. I opened my mouth bent down over the top of him and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock which was waking up slightly faster than he was.As he grew hard and thick in my hand I began sucking, my lips wrapped around the head and my tongue slowly circling the bulbous tip while my hand slid gently up and down. I could hear quiet moans of pleasure from Adam indicating he was awake and enjoying what was happening but not saying anything.

When I pushed his entire length inside my mouth and sucked I heard him moan, “Oh Chris!” Given the encouragement I began to slide my lips up and down his shaft swallowing his full length each time I went down.

Every few strokes I would remove him from my mouth and trace a line down the sensitive underside of his dick and down onto his balls with my tongue. The way he was moaning I could tell he liked his balls being licked, sucked and played with, he liked it even more when I combined it with tight hand movements up and down his saliva wet shaft.

When I felt his glistening precum dribbling onto my thumb and touch the tip of my tongue I knew it was time to do something else with his aroused member. Keeping my hand wrapped around him I moved up his body letting my tongue lead my way upward. When we got face to face I looked him in the eye, said nothing and started kissing him. At the same time I climbed over him and guided him inside me.

As I slowly slid down his stiff shaft feeling his dick push against my inner pussy I moaned into his mouth and it wasn’t until our groins met that my moan stopped. I held him there, pinned and twitching inside me as we kissed hard, hot and passionate. I moved my hips backwards and forwards, riding his rock hard dick as it twitched inside me. When I moved my lips to his neck and began to nibble on his left ear lobe his moans filled the room.

“Oh Christie. Fuck me!” I heard him moan as I changed direction and began lifting my hips and sliding up and down him.

Using my hips to drive him to orgasm I lifted them until just the tip of his cock was there, then pushed them back down until he was buried deep inside me. I repeated the process again and again, each movement getting harder and faster as we went. Neither of us lasted long after the pace picked up and within minutes we were both panting and gasping having climaxed together.

As I lay on Adam’s chest regaining my breath neither of us talked we just lay there catching our breath. I could feel his hand gently caressing and tracing it’s way up and down my back. His touch was sensual and still able to send tiny shock waves up and down my spine despite have rocked me to orgasm only moments before.

“Well good morning to you too.” Adam said with a huge grin on his face.

“If it was any better it would be a wet dream!” I said which made Adam giggle and I could feel the remnants on his stiff shaft wriggle at my wet entrance me as he did so. “I’m so glad you stayed last night.”

“I’m glad I stayed too!” he replied before adding, “If that’s how I’m going to get woken up a every morning I’ll stay every night!”

“And you can keep dreaming sunshine!”

He looked at me with an odd look on his face then said. “You mean this was a dream? So we can wake up and do it all again? Woohoo!!”

“Dream or not as long as you remember there is only one person that is allowed to do that you’ll be fine.”

I wasn’t sure what he was about to say in response to that statement and to be honest I felt a little bitchy saying it to him but I stopped him from saying anything with a kiss. I didn’t totally regret saying what I said but as soon as the words were out of my mouth I realized I didn’t really want or need Adam responding. As far as I was concerned I wanted the episodes of the public bathroom put behind us and I’m sure Adam did too. The kiss wasn’t a long one but when we did stop Adam had decided not to say whatever it is he was thinking and I was glad.

We lay together, well I lay on top of him and he just accepted it, for nearly twenty minutes. At some point his fingers stopped sliding up and down my spine but I didn’t mind, just having him touch me was pleasure enough.

“If I don’t get up soon I’m going to fall back to sleep.” I said in a quiet voice.

“I already got up once this morning!”

I slapped him, lightly, on the chest for that comment. “I’m serious, I’m about to nod off.”

“Well we don’t have to be up for anything today.”

“Dean will be looking for us at some stage.”

“Yeah but he’ll wait, it’s 2 against 1!”

“Problem is if I do nod off now I’ll wake up feeling like crap and missing breakfast.”

“Sounds to me you are making excuses not to go back to sleep.” Adam said with a dead pan look on his face.

I wanted to reply with something rude but I’d already done that to him so I figured it wasn’t worth saying, instead I told him I was going to have a shower.

“Is that an invite?” He asked casually.

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