Ride Hard: Meet The Parents

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You wouldn’t read about it! There I was parked in Jack’s driveway, Jack was in the passenger seat and we were about to leave his place and head to my parents place for dinner so they could meet Jack for the very first time and my car refused to start. Was my car trying to tell me something? Or was it just being a pain the the butt?

“This better not be a sign of things for the rest of the night.” I said slightly annoyed at my usually reliable car refusing to start.

“I’m sure it’s nothing like that, we are going to have a great evening!”

Okay I knew my parents weren’t that bad but Jack being that nice was unheard of, pretty much every other boyfriend I ever had would have made a joke about it being a sign from above or some such other lame statement, whether they meant it or not.

“That’s nice of you to say so Jack, but it doesn’t change the fact my car is not usually this unreliable.”

“Sounds like the battery to me,” Jack said, being as technically minded as I am I nodded and agreed. “Steer it onto the grass while I push, we’ll take the Mustang.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. I knew he was but it’s just the way my brain controlled me sometimes.

“Of course, you can even drive it, we’ll tell your parents it’s your new car and see what they say.”

“Dad will think I’ve finally come to my senses and Mom will think I’ve lost my mind!”

Driving the Mustang was nearly as good as riding the bike for the first time. The rumble of the large engine, the feeling that you were sitting in a piece of history and the feeling that if you sunk the boot into it you could nearly take off like a plane were just some of the things that raced through my mind as we drove away from the setting sun.

My comment about what Mom and Dad would say when I rocked up in the Mustang wasn’t far off. When we pulled up in their driveway Dad came out of the garage to see what the rumbling noise was and when he saw me getting out of the driver’s seat I could see the shock on his face.

“I approve of him already if he’s able to convince you into buying one of these.” Dad said as he walked towards Jack and offered his hand to shake. “Nick Stanson, I’m pleased to meet you.”

“Jack Richards, I’m pleased to meet you too Mr Stanson, you’ve raised a lovely daughter.” Jack replied saying all the right things as usual when they shook hands.

“Please call me Nick, and thank you.” After releasing Jack’s hand Dad began looking over the Mustang, “She’s definitely a beauty.”

“Thanks, Dad! It’s great to see you too,” I said mockingly to my father who had seemingly forgotten his own daughter was present as well a shimmering mint condition Mustang.

Dad came over and gave me a kiss and said hello, but I could tell his attention was more on the car than it was on me. Although I don’t think he believed the car was mine he even looked a little disappointed when he had it confirmed to him.

As I have suggested I was a fan of the Mustang as well but after nearly five minutes of Dad only wanting to talk about the car I decided it was time to go inside and introduce Jack to Mom. To my surprise Mom made no comments about the car, she’d probably seen Dad rush to it and forget his own daughter existed through the kitchen window and decided against another discussion about it. Or she wanted to grill, I mean meet, Jack and not his car.

“Good evening Ma’am, I’m Jack, Jack Richards and I’m pleased to meet you and thank you for the dinner invite, it smells truly wonderful I can’t wait to taste it!” Jack said leading the conversation

“Hello Jack!” Mom said then turned to me and said, “Hell’s Angel or not he’s a keeper!”

“Mom!” I said with a smile. We all knew she was joking but given her comments about the motorcycle side of Jack when I’d first told her I was dating him I knew the ideas had been sitting uncomfortably with her for a while. I just hoped dinner would ease those fears and worries.

To say Mom was organised was an understatement, she was so organised that she was even able to take half an hour to sit down and have a pre dinner drink with us, even then she was not rushed in doing her final preparations for dinner. I don’t think it took Mom the full half an hour to warm to Jack, she was even talking about motorcycles and what it was he actually did in his business before she finished her drink and excused herself to prepare dinner. I already knew Dad and Jack were getting along and had no qualms excusing myself to help Mom in the kitchen, she didn’t really need the help and would usually not allow others to help much anyway but I decided I wanted to talk to her as much as I wanted to help.

“So what do you think of him Mom?” I asked as soon as we were out of earshot.

“He’s extremely well mannered and knows how to talk to people!” Mom replied.

“Is that all, it’s not an act Mom, he really is that nice.” I was a little defensive. I knew Mom was only being cautious and protecting her daughter, I also knew she still had some reservations about the motorcycle lifestyle, especially after Jack told her I was a natural on the bike. But I really thought that answer was unwarranted.

We continued to talk while Mom carved meat and dished out vegetables and Mom did drop her defences a little bit. She admitted she liked Jack, she admitted she was happy for me and she admitted that she was still concerned. I did my best at easing her fears by telling her how much Jack meant to me and some of the dates we’d been on, I even mentioned how well he got along with Cindy. By the time dinner was on the table I don’t think I have completely alleviate all of Mom’s concerns, she was just looking out for me after all, but she wasn’t going to let those fears control her.

When Jack offered to do the dishes after dinner Mom was thrown completely off guard, it had taken her fifteen years to train Dad to do the dishes and here Jack was offering on the first visit. Mom of course refused telling him that her and Dad would do them when we left, Dad protested and invited Jack to do them but Mom insisted and told Dad to be quiet. After that we retired to the living room where we drank coffee and chatted more. I don’t think Mom was on exactly the same level of acceptance as Dad when it came time to leave but she was darn close, and I was darn happy.

On the way home, I let Jack drive, he looked over to me whilst we were stopped at a set of traffic lights and said. “Well that went well I think. I really like you’re parents, they are very nice people.”

I looked over at Jack, in the glow of the street lights and the red traffic light, he looked cuter than ever, or perhaps that was just my mind telling me things because I was so hyper-aware of his presence after such a good night.

“They are nice, and they really liked you too. I’m so glad you got along.” I nearly made a comment about it being his turn to introduce his parents to me but I decided against it, after our recent chat I wanted him to do that on his time not push him into it.

I know it sounds a bit silly but whilst driving around in the Mustang I did actually forget about my car sitting stranded on the grass in front of Jack’s house until we pulled into the driveway.

“Oh darn, I forgot about the car.” I said to Jack.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll have the boys pick it up tomorrow morning and take it to the workshop.”

“That doesn’t get me home tonight.” I said figuring I knew exactly what Jack’s answer would be, especially since he was pulling the Mustang into the garage.

“You can stay in my spare bedroom.” Jack said with a smile.

“That’s so nice of you Mr. Richards.” I replied.


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