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Okay I know what you’re thinking, such a fun game can’t happen three days in a row in a city office block without someone busting us…yes I’m sure that’s why you’re thinking. 🙂 But it did.

I still hadn’t seen the face of my elevator stranger, we’d both deliberately avoided facial contact and I’d also managed not to look at him in the mirrored walls of the office foyer. He obviously knew who I was, well he knew where my office was so I assumed he knew who I was, but not knowing who he was was weirdly what kept me hoping for more.

On day three I admit I was a little disappointed when I ambled into the lift and there was two people in there, my stranger, with his face down and looking at a newspaper, and a woman. I didn’t know who the woman was but I did wonder if maybe I was interrupting something else. That thought however faded as the woman got off on the sixth floor.

Not wanting to show any connection between my elevator stranger and me I was standing closer to the number panel than I had the previous two days. As the doors closed and our passenger got off the lift I was about to step backwards and show the stranger I was not ignoring him when he stepped forward.

It wasn’t a forceful move but I felt the stranger push me up against the number panel, I felt my breasts push against the cool steel surface, then I felt his hand gently ride up my inner thigh towards my crotch. However it was the feel of his lips on the back of my neck, even through my hair which was tied up in a pony tail that had me gasping instantly. In two days my stranger had not been so forward yet here I was having my moistening pussy rubbed through my underwear while the lips of a stranger moved against the skin of my neck.

I’m not sure how he knew when to pull away but mere seconds before the door opened for the seventeenth floor he stepped away removing all contact and leaving me wanting more. Again it was lucky no one else in the office was an early riser because they’d have seen me nearly running through the office seemingly being chased by someone.

In my office I wanted to feel those fingers so badly that I wasted no time at all in removing my underwear and assuming the position of the previous days. There was no let down either for as soon as I braced myself on my desk with my two hands and presented myself to the stranger I felt his fingers gently caressing my naked wet crotch.

His fingers explored me, rubbed me, parted my lips and circled my throbbing clit, up and down, slow, fast every possibly movement but the one I really wanted. Penetration! When his fingers again circled my entrance I pushed my hips against him and begged him to finger me. Well I nearly got my wish. Instead of his fingers my elevator stranger went where he hadn’t gone before.

A thick, rigid cock gently parted my lips and pushed its way inside my warm wet hole. I moaned almost instantly and the moan continued as he slid his entire length slowly inside me. His thrusts began slowly, dragging that wonderfully thick cock out until only the tip was penetrating me then slowly pushing it back in. I don’t know how many times he repeated the move before I was begging him to go faster but a soon as my plea was voiced he obeyed.

Harder thrusts, faster thrusts and I could feel him pounding into me, driving me wild, turning me on and sending me closer and closer to orgasm. When I eventually felt him slow down I knew he hadn’t finished and neither had I. Keeping him inside me I pushed myself upright wanting again to feel his breath and his lips on my neck. Thankfully he knew exactly what I needed and with the two of us upright, in a position that I’d never been able to pull off with anyone else, I let my pussy gently work his cock while he kissed my neck.

To stifle my moaning I felt the strangers wet fingers gently push into my mouth as he kissed my neck and my pussy held onto his throbbing member. I knew I was tasting myself on his fingers and it turned me on even more I wanted him to finish me off, I wanted release, but most of all I wanted to feel him release.

“Fuck me hard, make me cum!” I said through his wet fingers, then leaned forward and grasped the my desk.

A few moments later my elevator stranger’s hands were on my hips and he was thrusting into me. Again he started slowly driving deep but his pace quickly increased and before I knew what was happening I was gripping the edge of my desk feeling, and enjoying, every forward thrust.

He rode me like that for what must have been three minutes, in and out hard and fast, I was moaning and trying my hardest not to make any loud noises in case there was other people in the office. Then with a quiet warning of “I’m going to cum!” I begged him to hold off until I was there with him. He did and several seconds and several more hard thrusts later the two of us came together.

Less than a minute later I was again alone in my office, spent, moist between the legs and well and truly sated. The big difference this time was that there was no mention of meeting me at the same time the following morning.


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  1. Not knowing his identity is part of what makes this exciting to me. Probably not very realistic, but erotically hot, so who cares! : ). Yummy!

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