Rock Hard: Be My Slave

Continues from here.

After our morning quickie and conversation I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I swear I could feel Adam’s eyes on my butt as I padded my way across the room towards the bathroom door and I didn’t mind at all. Inside the bathroom I opened the shower and turned the hot water on. In some of these motels it takes forever to get the water temperature right and I always turned the water on while I got undressed in an effort to regulate the temperature before I got in.

Given that I was only wearing underwear getting undressed wasn’t a long task and in a matter of seconds I found myself standing naked before the shower with my right hand under the water to test the temperature. Of course it was cold, where the hot water was coming from to get my room I did not know but with the lack of heat I was wondering if I should have pre-ordered it. I was just feeling the first traces of heat in the water when I also felt a pair of hands on my hips followed by the warm gentle breeze of someone trying to blow the hair away from my neck.

“Want someone to wash your back?” I heard Adam say quietly next to my right ear.

“If the water ever gets warm enough to wash anything.” I replied.

I felt his hands gently slide around my waist and tighten into a hug. As he pulled our bodies closer together I felt something stiff push against my buttocks. “We can make our own heat.”

“I want warm water,” I said meaning every word of it, I was not getting in that shower without warm water.

Several moments later the water was at a temperature I considered reasonable so I stepped in feeling the gentle pull of Adam’s hands around my waist as he followed me under the water. As the warmish water began to cascade down my body I felt Adam’s hands move to my breasts. Unlike some women my breasts aren’t an automatic turn on for me, I don’t mind my breasts and nipples being played with or kissed but if a guy wants to get me excited quickly there is other spots he can aim for.

“That’s not my back you are trying to wash there slave!” I said as he rolled my now erect nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

Taking note of my comment Adam released his grip, dropped his hands to my hips and gently turned me around. Although I posed slight resistance it was very little and in moment I had turned 180 degrees and was staring Adam directly in those gorgeous green eyes. His hands immediately moved to my back and gently slid up and down moving water with them.

“Is that better Dom?” The Dom was of course referring to Dominatrix.

“Careful slave, you might not be able to handle the demands of a real dominatrix.”

“And maybe I can if that dominatrix is you!” he said in a low voice before planting his lips on mine and kissing me.

For a second time that morning I felt his stiff member push against me, this time it was pushing into my groin, only inches from my anxious pussy. As our kiss got deeper and our tongues began to mingle in my mouth I pushed my right hand between our wet bodies and slid it downward until I felt the rigid tool that was pushing against me. I wrapped my fingers around his dick and pushed it down further. I wanted to feel him rubbing against my excited clit, I was desperate for it as his hands continued to slide up and down my back.

As soon as I felt his dick touch my clitoris I moaned into his mouth then broke the kiss and said, “Take me. Take me now!”

When Adam gently pushed me back against the tiled wall of the shower I thought he was obeying me, but he had a different idea. Despite the shower finally warming up the tiles on the wall were still cold on my back and I felt a slight shiver as my skin got used to it. I then felt two fingers slide to the same spot I’d only seconds before felt his rigid tool.

Adam’s fingers gently and expertly rubbed my swollen clit, gently rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. His lips went straight to my neck and he began gently nibbling under my left ear. Then I felt his fingers push lower, parting my wet lips and rubbing small circles as they made their way further south. I was once again struggling to stop my moans from being too loud, his fingers were driving me wild but his little nibbles were driving me insane.

I placed my hand on the back of Adam’s neck and held him against my neck. “Oh god, keep going.” I moaned.

When the tips of his fingers gently pushed inside me I flinched, but in a good way, I so wanted him inside me. I tried to push my hips onto his fingers but he moved them too quickly, teasing me, teasing my waiting pussy.

“Oh please!’ my moans nearly begging for him to be inside me.

Again he ignored me, so much for my slave, he seemed to be following his own orders not mine. His fingers continued to rub my moist crotch, his lips moved to mine and my lust, my want and my desire was growing by the second. When his fingers again circled my entrance I pushed my hips, this time I felt his fingers enter me. I moaned into his mouth.

His fingers slid deeper inside me, wriggling together, wriggling independently, pushing against my inner pussy walls, driving me wild with every spot they touched. I held his fingers inside me, moving and twitching my muscles savoring the feeling they were giving me. When he started to explore the area close to my g-spot I began to feel those sensual electrical shock waves jolting up my body.

I broke the kiss and encouraged his movement, telling him to keep going, keep driving those fingers into me and touching me where I wanted him too. Finally he was obeying my orders and within a minute I was orgasming with his fingers inside me.

I lifted my leg against his and through panted breaths told him to take me. Again he obeyed me and within seconds I had my legs wrapped around his waist, his hands under my backside and he was thrusting his cock into me pushing me against the wall with every thrust.

With my arms and legs wrapped around him I clamped myself to him, riding him while pinned against the wall. His lips were again concentrating on my neck and I could feel his tongue tracing small circles around the sensitive area under my ear.

I’d already been there once, twice if I counted the morning quickie in the bed less than an hour before and getting there again was not going to be a big effort for anyone, but especially not someone who drove me as insanely wild as Adam did. Every deep thrust, every twitch, every movement of him inside me was driving me wild.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long, he’d driven me so wild with just his fingers, but the want and lust I had for more had been too intense and as he held me against the wall and pounded into me he got me so close to crossing the line so quickly I just hoped he was riding with me.

“Cum with me!” I moaned into his ear. “Please!”

Then only seconds later like two intimately tuned engines matching each other rev for rev we exploded together, exploded as one and moaned as one. I felt his hot cum shoot inside me, I felt his cock twitch inside me and I felt his teeth bite me all at the same time as my own orgasm rocked me to the core.

When he pulled himself out of me and let my feet down the feeling of loss could not be explained. Thankfully he still held me both against the wall and in his arms because my legs were shaky after such a core rocking orgasm.

Adam did eventually wash my back like he promised and we did eventually come out of the shower clean, but we also came out exhausted. Being the nice man he is Adam offer to dry me but given that the first spot he offered to dry was between my legs I quickly decided I would dry myself.

“Keep your hands to yourself mister! I’m too worn out for another round so soon.”

I was barely dressed when we heard a knock at the door, when I didn’t answer it immediately I heard Dean’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Chris, are you there? Chris?,” then silence for a few moments and another rap on the door. “Chris I know you’re there, you haven’t been out for breakfast. Remember we are are suppose to be having a meeting with Adam.”

It only took a jiffy by the time Dean was finished talking I was dressed, as was Adam, so I made my way towards the door, swung it open and invited Dean in. Walking inside he started to say something, then saw Adam sitting on the bed.


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  1. Good sex! There’s is something so sexy about a shower scene. Soo hot.
    I got a giggle out of, “two intimately tuned engines matching each other rev for rev we exploded together, “. Funny line.
    Great chapter and a relief to see them back together. They’re good together. : )

    Liked by 1 person

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